Posted on 11/09/123 by Bob Magee

Sarah Stock made her AEW debut in her hometown of Winnipeg,
Canada, and explains why that was so special. She talks
about reconnecting with everyone from Dustin Rhodes to Dean
Malenko to Chris Jericho, and being excited to work with
Kris Statlander! She recalls some of her favorite moments in
TNA and CMLL, the Dark Angel gimmick, her friendship with
Taya Valkyrie, her coaching style and philosophy, and her
return to wrestling after a 7-year absence.

Sarah Stock on her AEW debut in her hometown of Winnipeg:

“Just from that first moment of walking in, it honestly felt
like home, you know I knew I would be comfortable. I knew I
would be ok.”

Sarah Stock on Kris Statlander:

“That’s one person I specifically remember thinking, ‘I’m
pumped to meet her. Wish I could have wrestled her.’ And
never say never, right?”

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