WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN/FOX: The Rock makes surprise return on Friday Night Smackdown

Posted on 9/16/123 by Colin Vassallo

The Ball Arena in Denver is looking for a new roof as the
WWE Universe blew it off after The Rock made his surprise
appearance on Smackdown last night.

The show started with another surprise as former Smackdown
commentator Pat McAfee returned but he was rudely
interrupted by an old nemesis, Austin Theory.

Theory ran down the people of Denver, McAfee, and everyone
and said this was not Smackdown, but it’s Austin Theory Live
and he doesn’t care about the people. McAfee said this is
the people’s show…and asked Theory if he knows what that

Cue in The Rock’s theme song and the Denver crowd lost all
their marbles as the People’s Champion slowly came out and
absorbed the atmosphere.

Theory quickly tried to take over but Rock told him to “shut
your bitch ass up” to a big pop. He then proceeded to do the
“Finally” line and fans ate it all up.

Theory said it’s great finally there’s Rock and Austin in
the ring one more time, but this is a different Austin and
an Austin who will be the entire Mount Rushmore. As soon as
Rock tried to reply, Theory cut him off with “It doesn’t
matter what The Rock says!”

Rock then proceeded to split the crowd, with one half
chanting “You are” and another half chanting “an asshole”
and if he didn’t stop them after a few minutes, it would
have went all night long. Impressive!

Rock told Theory that he was going the whoop his ass in
three seconds but Theory jumped The Rock first but Rock
quickly turned that into a spinebuster and of course The
People’s Elbow. Rock then invited McAfee to do his People’s
Elbow too, which he did as well.


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