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Arena: Ball Arena
City: Denver, CO

Pat McAfee is out first. Pat says he was an hour away and
there was no way he wasn’t going to come to this beautiful
city to feel the greatest energy of the WWE Universe and is
interrupted by Austin Theory.

Theory and McAfee exchange words. McAfee said this is not
Austin Theory Live and he is disrespectful to everyone and
the business and this can never be your show this is the
people’s show, and do you know what that means? The Rock’s
music hit and with the crowd going crazy, out comes the

As the Rock gets in the ring, he hugs McAfee and stares down
Theory. Theory asked the Rock if he knew who’s ring he was
in and Rock says, “Shut your bitch ass up!” Then the Rock
did his did his “Finally…” and Theory said maybe he should
try it. Theory said he is going to be so great he is going
to be the entire Mount Rushmore and talked about Stone Cold,
and the Rock went to say something, and Theory said, “it
doesn’t matter what the Rock says”.

Rock told Theory that Stone Cold is his boy and if Stone
Cold was here, he would be asking the crowd if they wanted
him to beat this jabroni’s ass give him a Hell Yeah and the
crowd responded with a Hell Yeah. Rock went on to ask Theory
his whole name and Theory said right, and Rock asked if he
was from A-Town and Theory said you are damn right, and the
Rock said I am damn right about something else and that is
you’re an A-Hole. The Rock is going to show him because in 3
seconds this side of the arena is going to chant “You are”
and then this side of the arena is going to chant “an
a**hole” and in 3-2-1…. the crowd followed the Rock’s
command, but it was bleeped out on the broadcast.

While the crowd chants the Rock and Theory exchange words
while McAfee is in the corner laughing. The Rock then
stopped and said, hold on a minute and told the crowd that
was amazing. The Rock says he has goosebumps. It was so
amazing but here is what we need to do give this side the
chance to chant “you are” and that side to chant “an
a**hole” and in 3-2-1 and it began again.

Theory obviously furious at this point screams in the
microphone to stop that he is not. The Rock says hold on I
don’t know who you are but I know what you are and your name
is Austin Theory and the Rock has a Theory of his own,
because you come out here on the Rock’s show, the people’s
show and run down the people who ultimately make this all
happen well here is the Rock’s theory, in three seconds the
Rock is going to beat your ass all over Denver.

As the Rock held up his hand to start counting down Theory
attacked the Rock. The Rock quickly reversed as Theory was
giving him an Irish whip into the ropes and the Rock
countered and gave Theory a spinebuster and then a People’s
Elbow. Then McAfee gave Theory his version of the People’s

The Judgement Day is out next.

Finn Balor VS. AJ Styles

During the match, the referee sent Damian Priest and Dominik
Mysterio out of the arena. As AJ was about to get Balor,
Jimmy Uso hit AJ without the referee seeing him and Balor
gets the rollup victory.

Winner: Finn Balor

Pat McAfee and The Rock standing in the back talking and
John Cena walks up to the Rock, and they shake hands and

Jimmy Uso is alone in the back as Paul Heyman was standing
in the corner looking at him. Finn walks up and says he is
doing it for him, it is not about them, and they helped him
last week, so they are now even. Finn then made a pitch for
both Usos to join the Judgment Day. Finn tells Jimmy in the
Judgment Day there are no leaders and that means no Roman,
Jimmy smiles as Heyman looks in amazement and comes from
around the corner towards Jimmy.

L.W.O. are in the ring next. Rey says he is with his family
and is now the United States Champion and Escobar says it is
his dream to face Rey and Rey accepts. Bobby Lashley and The
Street Profits came out. Bobby said see guys we said we are
taking over and its going to be easier than I could have
ever imagined tag teams crumbling, Escobar asking for
opportunities and Rey granting them. Wilde yelled at them
and told them they were always ready for a fight.

The Street Profits VS. Joaquin Wilde & Cruz Del Toro

Wilde goes for a splash on Dawkins but Dawkins up and tags
in Ford and Dawkins and Ford hit the Sky-High Neck breaker.

Winners: The Street Profits

After the match Profits continued to beat down Wilde and Del
Toro and Rey and Santos get in the ring and yell at them,
they stop but Lashley takes out Santos. Rey goes after
Lashley, but Ford held his leg and Dawkins hits Rey in the
face and Lashley and the Street Profits leave the L.W.O. all
lying in the ring.

The Miz VS. LA Knight

Great match back and forth action but in the end, it was
Knight hitting the Miz with BFT for the win.

Winner: LA Knight

After the match the crowd chants LA Knight. Knight gets the
microphone and says, “Let me talk to ya” and Knight says he
said from day one, he said, he was coming for the gold, and
he said it didn’t matter who it is. He is easily the top 2
and he isn’t number 2.

In the back Paul Heyman and Solo Sikoa watching Knight. Solo
wanted to go after Knight and Heyman said the Tribal Chief
hasn’t given him that order yet and the bigger issue is your
brother Jimmy is cutting deals with the Judgment Day and you
are going to have to fight that battle and those orders come
from the Tribal Chief and Solo said, “I already know what I
need to do and I am going to finish this tonight.” Heyman
says but who gave that order and then took out his phone in
a panic and yelled call Roman Reigns.

Pretty Deadly are in Adam Pearce’s office and are whining
about getting back in the ring.

Bayley and Dakota Kai are in the back talking and Bayley
says Iyo has to beat Asuka and Kai said you’re the one that
needs to be ready for Asuka tonight.

Asuka VS. Bayley

As the action spills to the outside, Shotzi comes out of the
crowd and chases Bayley back to the ring and Asuka slides in
on the other side and rolls Bayley up for the pin.

Winner: Asuka

The Grayson Waller Effect with special guest John Cena.
After Grayson talked trash on Cena and Cena was just getting
ready to say something, Jimmy Uso comes out to interrupt.
Grayson offers Jimmy a microphone, but he refuses, and Cena
walked right up to Jimmy and Jimmy ripped the microphone out
of Cena’s hand. Jimmy told him he was giving him the
opportunity to embarrass him like he did a couple weeks ago
and if you’re not going to do it get out of my ring.

Solo Sikoa comes to the ring and gets in Cena’s face and
Jimmy starts yelling what you going to do Cena. Solo grabs
Jimmy but superkicks Cena. The brothers start hammering on
Cena and AJ Styles comes running out to help Cena. As Cena
had Jimmy up for the AA, Heyman yelled at Solo to save Jimmy
and ran up and pulled Jimmy out of the ring.

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