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AEW Dynamite tonight comes to us from the Heritage Bank
Center in Cincinatti, OH. After last week drawing 887,000 &
0.31 in the 18-49 demo.


Either they’re filming Collision tonight or they’ve made
that the permanent set for both shows? Or I’m just dumb and
thought it was different when it wasn’t. All possibilities.

Jon Moxley vs Big Bill (International Title)

Backstory: Bill & Starks beat down Moxley and his stable-
mate Danielson Saturday

Moxley out immediately in his hometown to a great reaction.
As they recapped the angle from Collision with Bill
attacking the BCC boys. He came out with Starks to Ricky’s
music as Excalibur explained how those two linked up.

Fans hot as this kicked off – loud ‘Moxley’ chants as he
circled the big man, couple kicks to the leg, backing him to
the corner and firing rights. Until being shoved away and
eating a big uppercut, Bill then mounted and punched the
champ repeatedly to boos.

Overhand chop in the corner, another, Mox fired back with a
few of his own but was caught and dumped via ‘sack of shit
drop’ as Scott Hall used to call it. The champ hit repeated
lariats, Bill shook them off then booted Moxley off the
apron. The ref was then distracted by Bill raising his arm
in the air, allowing Starks to hit a couple cheap shots.

Bill then pursued Mox, firing rights around ringside until
the champ reversed a whip into the steps, then birded
Starks. Resulting in being flung over a table at ringside
by Bill.

Break. Fine so far, nothing more. Hot crowd helps.

Moxley was covered in blood as we returned. Honestly…

As he raked the back and landed a superplex, both down,
crowd firmly behind the hometown boy. To his feet to
rapturous cheers, right into a Bossman Slam for two. Crowd
immediately quiet again. Until Moxley sat-up Undertaker-
style, only to be booted back down. Only to sit up again,
yay/boo fight in the middle, Mox blocked a boot, hit a KKL
for two, transitioning into H&A elbows until being scooped
onto Bill’s back and crushed in the corner.

Rushing back out with a cutter, Bill rolled to ringside to
avoid being pinned. Moxley headed upstairs to be pushed off
by Starks as the ref daydreamed. Bill took advantage with a
big boot, Mox kicked out at two. Danielson flew down to
smash away at Starks, dominating the youngster, Moxley
rolled up Bill for two. Starks sent BD to the stairs, Mox
got a boot up in the corner but leapt off the middle buckle
into a chokeslam for two.

Bill fired away from the mount, flipped off the crowd as
they chanted for the champ and paid for it by being snatched
into a triangle choke, Danielson preventing Starks from
getting in, Bill tapped.

Pretty good opener, got better after the break. Very
predictable winner.

The heels then overwhelmed the babyfaces. Claudio hit the
scene, dumping Bill to the apron, Starks then restrained his
big man as the heels left due to the odds being in the faces
favor. They made it very clear who the heels and babyfaces
were here which is a nice change for most of these guys.
Bill & Starks are a nice pairing.

Winner: Jon Moxley

To the back: Renee, Roderick Strong and the Kingdom. Renee
talked about Joe destroying Strong last they met. Adam Cole
interrupted to warn Strong against competing with his neck
injury. Strong said Cole should be worried about Max
because he’s a ‘wrestling legend’ and will take the title
next week.


They replayed Takeshita defeating Kenny Omega at All In and
All Out. Cut to the ring, Schiavone about to unveil Callis’
latest ‘masterpiece’. Tony struggled to say Callis’ name –
‘it’s so hard to put a coward’s name in my rap’ as Nas once

He and Takeshita out to boos. They snatched the mic from
Tony. Like everyone does, every single time, ever. Callis
said Takeshita told him that in Japan when you’re the best
in a promotion, they call you ‘Ace’. He listed a load of
Japanese legends Takeshita’s better than – Okada, Rikidozan

A bunch of streamers fell.

But when you beat Omega twice in seven days, they call you
‘The Alpha’. Which is Takeshita’s new moniker. ‘And he’s
not a fake one like Jericho was’. Callis said beating Omega
twice isn’t enough. They broke his body, now they’ll break
his heart.

Then unveiled their next target – Kota Ibushi (the painting
had Takeshita holding a sword over Ibushi, basically about
to execute him). Callis said they’re going to butcher him,
skin him, burn him. And Callis’ll love the fact that Omega
will be home helpless while they do it. He then stabbed the
screwdriver into Ibushi on the painting.

Erm, why’s Omega home? There was no injury angle best I
recall. Could you at least tell us? His shoulder’s messed
up? Something. Otherwise, pretty good angle. Different.
I like different.


Excalibur called Marvez ‘Al Scoops’ again. Eugh.

He was with the BCC sans Yuta. A fired-up Danielson
challenged Starks and Bill to face him and Claudio on
Collision. An irate Rey Fenix stormed in with Penta to rant
at Moxley. Eddie Kingston stoically walked up to Claudio,
the two simply stared at each other. The others were
dragged away, leaving those two. Kingston said ‘one more
week’ then laughed, as the crowd chanted his name.


Renee with Hook. She congratulated him on retaining his
belt at All In. Orange Cassidy interrupted to say Hook
looked mad. He can’t understand why, since Hook has a
championship and he doesn’t anymore. He looked all sad.
The crowd ‘aawwed’. They said each other were/are great
champions, Hook left, Renee asked Orange if he was doing
okay. He said he was very tired.

Toni Storm vs Britt Baker vs Nyla Rose vs Hikaru Shida

Backstory: Winner faces Saraya for women’s title next week

For viewers’ sakes let’s hope Storm or Shida wins here.
Storm came out to the Outcasts’ theme but by herself, in
old-fashioned-lingerie style ring gear – in keeping with her
new character. Britt was out last. None got much of a pop.
Though there’s only Moxley to compare to thus far which
probably isn’t fair.

Storm left the ring, the other three went at it. Nyla
smashed through the other two, Storm then ran in and posed
to cheers. Rose was irritated, Shida struck both from
behind. Then worked with Baker to bridge Rose outside.
Those two argued about this for some reason, Storm shoved
Shida into Baker, knocking her outside.

Shida then sent Storm out and dove onto the other three.
Break. This is gonna be another short one unless they’re
getting time afterward.

All four fighting, split into Rose/Baker & Storm/Shida
pairs. Until Toni hit a German on Baker, hip attack on
Nyla, Shida brainbustered her, Britt was about to superkick
Shida but hesitated, Rose struck from behind and hit a Beast
bomb to Storm for two. Shida broke it up.

Nyla planted Britt via chokeslam. Shida blocked a Beast
Bomb, hooked the leg for two, running knee strike, weak
Katana, lax cover, Baker superkicked Shida to break it up,
Curb Stomp, Storm rolled Baker up for the win.

Crowd happy at the outcome but otherwise didn’t care a lick
about this match. And why would they? It was an awful
advert for the women’s division. Not a critique of the
action, but the way it was booked, presented and the time it
was given. This was basically a match-long finishing
sequence. Right lady won at least.

Winner: Toni Storm

Backstage, babyface Renee was with her bestie, uber-heel
Saraya. Saraya congratulated Storm sarcastically. Of
course calling her ‘babygirl’. Saraya said when she arrived
in AEW a year ago, Storm was the champion and has lost
everything since then including her mind. And that’ll
continue in their match next week.

Decent promo, nicely linking the theme together of Storm
losing everything. But hate, hate, hated the way Renee and
Saraya smiled and interacted as the segment ended.


Jericho and Sammy Guevara came out together to Jericho’s
music to talk about facing each other next week. This whole
angle makes no sense.

Jericho pushed that it was the first time they’ve ever faced
off. After being together since the first episode of
Dynamite. Jericho introduced a package of their highlights
over that time. Of them laughing and singing etc., set to
sappy music. With a few disagreements in there. But ending
showing them hugging.

Jericho talked about watching an NWA show and seeing ‘a kid
named Sammy Guevara’. And was blown away to the point he
told Tony Khan to sign him. He wanted Guevara with him to
help him out as much as Jericho possibly could. He’s
watched Sammy grow into a man, win titles and now about to
be a father. He told Sammy he was really proud of him.

The crowd were fairly quiet for all of this. Maybe waiting
for the other shoe to drop or perhaps just as confused as I

Sammy said everyone expected them to talk trash but instead
he wants to thank Jericho before their match. He thanked
him on behalf of everyone backstage since without Jericho
there is no AEW. They paused for a ‘thank you’ chant that
never really started.

Guevara said he hadn’t come to AEW to be in Jericho’s
shadow. He wants to be on the level of Mox, Danielson,
Jericho. So he ‘need(s)’ to beat Jericho next week.
Jericho continued his recent insider stuff by talking about
Sammy becoming a ‘money-drawing main eventer’. And next
week he has the opportunity to do that.

‘You have to beat me to get to the next level’, agreed
Jericho. But to do that Sammy’ll have to be the best ever
version of himself. ‘But I don’t think you’re ready to beat
me… yet’. Sammy got irritated and said Jericho never
respected him like he does Jericho. Firing up, he vowed to
beat Jericho, earn his respect, shake hands, hug and then
win tag team titles.

They shook but Sammy pulled him in to go face-to-face.
Jericho then said next week he’s not going easy on him, he’s
going to beat the living hell out of him. Punch him harder
than he’s ever punched anyone. And wants the same in
return. Sammy said he wouldn’t want it any other way.

Well, it wasn’t a bad segment. But I’m not remotely
interested in this. I’m sick of these uneven characters.
Not to mention we already have a match next week that’s
about ‘respect’ and a handshake.


They showed MJF last week after Dynamite, his neck being
examined. The doctor said Max won’t be able to be on
Dynamite this week but will be available for Grand Slam.
Max assumed Roderick Strong and Samoa Joe would win and that
was who he wanted to face so that’s who he talked about. He
called Strong manipulative and accused him of faking a neck

Then said when it comes to Joe, it’s about the size of the
fight in the dog. He ‘promise(d)’ to ‘choke you out’. Then
spoofed Scott Steiner’s infamous ‘math/percentage’ promo.
Just what we need, more ‘comedic’ world title build.

Why don’t the three of them just do stand-up next week and
whoever draws most laughs wins the belt?

Hangman Page vs Brian Cage

Backstory: Cage attacked Page last week after Swerve
questioned his drive & desire

III apparently. Cage beat Page out of nowhere then lost to
him at a ppv about 2 ½ years ago. AEW only bothered to
mention any of this as Cage made his way to the ring.

Page rushed the heel, was driven to the corner, Cage
overwhelmed him as a minority chanted ‘cowboy shit’. Page
got a boot up but another was blocked, he slipped behind out
of a back suplex, big boot to Cage, another, the Machine
came back with a shoulder block. Page responded by bridging
the big man to the apron, Cage avoided the springboard
lariat but not a second, sending him crashing to ringside.

Page vaulted over the ropes but was caught, smacked against
the ringpost but blocked a powerbomb by rana-ing Cage into
the post. Then landed the vaulting cross body. As they re-
entered, the big man hit back with a boot then choked Page
in the ropes, ducked a right, Page again blocked a powerbomb
into a rana then hit a 619 (you read correctly) (‘Never done
that before!’ – he yelled into the camera).

Buckshot on the way, Page got a bad case of DBS as Swerve’s
music hit. Allowing Cage to muscle him in off the apron
right into a German suplex. Impressive. Ads.

Whoever first suggested a babyface be distracted by music, a
plague on your house.

Back to Swerve watching from the top of the ramp as Hangman
booted Cage in the mush but was snatched into a full nelson
slam for two. Crowd quiet again here as they exchanged
forearms in the middle. Yay/boo. Page slid through Cage’s
legs, landed a boot but was caught in a snap powerslam.
Though avoided a springboard moonsault from the big man.

Damn this crowd’s quiet.

Back to shots in the middle, Page getting annoyed by each
blow, firing a flurry, Cactus Clothesline leaving both
outside. Page readied an Ourihara, Cage came back in,
caught Page into a bicep-curl fallaway, Page countered into
a crucifix bomb in a really nice sequence, a few ‘cowboy
shit’ chants as some of the crowd woke.

Hangman back upstairs, Ourihara moonsault landed, diving
cross body back inside for two. So impressive how well
these two move for their size. Cage nailed a German, Page
ended up on the apron, Cage looked for his out-to-in suplex,
Page blocked it in a weird see-saw sequence, Buckshot
coming, countered, Page ending up on Cage’s back but cradled
him for two, popping up to hit Dead Eye for the win.

Am I right in thinking that’s a call back to their previous
matches? It rings a bell anyway.

Page and Swerve locked eyes briefly as the announcers tried
to put across that Swerve had poked the bear. Hangman took
a mic and made fun of Strickland for staying at the top of
the ramp while he beat one of his ‘oaf(s)’. Page said he
thought that last week Swerve had some balls but now knows
they’re stowed away in ‘Nana’s Burger King-ass crown’.

Crowd oohed. Strickland said Page msut be stupider than the
Cincinatti education system. He said they’ll fight when he
says. And he chooses his ‘house’: Seattle, October 1st,
WrestleDream. But he doesn’t want Page comfortable when he
gets there so called on Cage to attack from behind again.
Nana did his stupid dance that’s earned him a new multi-year
deal apparently. The Young Bucks came through the crowd,
took out Cage, then waited for Nana to turn and nailed him

Excalibur called this ‘an unexpected development’. Someone
should explain to him that the Elite got back together. A
few months ago in fact.

Good match. Perhaps Page should even perform more
regularly? It’d be an idea to show him gaining momentum
each week by winning since the story is that Swerve’s ‘lit a
fire’. They are at least announcing ppv matches well ahead
of time for WrestleDream and it was good that the Bucks had
Page’s back instead of being absent while he got his ass
beat again.

More should be done with Cage. Especially with Swerve as
his mouthpiece.

Winner: Hangman Page

Renee with Daniel Garcia. Who now has cool-guy dark shades.
He cut Renee off from talking about Jericho and Sammy to say
they should be talking about him, how he ‘went viral’ four
times last month and had NFL players doing his dance.
Callis interrupted to say he’d love to hear more about
Garcia. Talking about a ‘utopian meritocracy’ (popped me,
Callis’ BS is second-to-none) in his Family. Garcia shushed
him then did his dance before leaving. Callis said ‘That’s

Guess that was left deliberately vague. AEW are certainly
into their will he/won’t he stories lately.


They replayed Jade Cargill’s return Saturday. Portraying
her as total babyface between the music, commentary and the
clips chosen. Then announced she’ll face Statlander on
Rampage for the title. WTF? Tony really meant what he said
about ‘build’.

Darby Allin & Nick Wayne vs 2.0

Backstory: Zip Zilch Zero

Anna Jay & Jake Hager accompanied 2.0. Menard got one of
the loudest chants since Mox – ‘Daddy Magic!’. Until
Christian Cage’s music interrupted as the match got going.
He joined on comms. And for the second time in two matches,
the babyfaces were totally flummoxed by this new means of
playing musical notes through a speaker system, allowing 2.0
to take over.

Menard in to stomp Wayne down in the heels’ corner. A
backbreaker followed. Parker back in, Wayne hit an
enziguri, Anna took the ref, Hager pulled Allin off the
apron to block the tag.

Break. Once again weak opponents are compensated for with
waves of distractions and interference. In fact, this match
is damn near identical to the last in almost every facet of

Wayne was being beaten up like he usually is; Cage wondered
if a better mentor would lead to better results. As he
finally got the tag to Allin, who ran wild with corner
splashes and a running shotgun, his flurry, rollaway and
code red to Parker, two only. More outside interference
allowed Parker back on top, Wayne got a blind tag then hit
Wayne’s World, Menard dragged Wayne out to block the pin.

Darby hit him with a senton off the apron, he and Wayne hit
simultaneous dives, Allin landing a Coffin Splash to win
(I’m certain he wasn’t legal). Christian Cage (the best
face in the company – he banned open challenges after all!)
told the crowd to shutup. Then complained that Wayne’s mom
doesn’t post enough bikini pics on Instagram. Before
complaining about all the talk of Allin & Sting’s victory at
All In.

He stressed that not only did he not take the losing fall,
he didn’t have his regular partner with him. So challenged
Allin & Sting to face him and Luchasaurus at Grand Slam.

A nothing match put-on to be a backdrop for the angle.

Winner: Allin & Wayne

They showed both finalists’ path to this match.

Roderick Strong vs Samoe Joe (Eliminator Final)

Backstory: Winner faces MJF next week for AEW title

We’re only about two months removed from Joe destroying
Strong (which is the whole reason he’s in a neck brace).
Did not think we’d see him main event both main shows in
that span.

Schiavone called Joe going after Strong’s neck – ‘I would
too’. Crowd did not seem to think Strong had much of a
chance, Joe’s immediately smothering him to the ropes didn’t
dissuade them of this. He then swatted Strong backward, the
heel landing outside among the Kingdom. Finally back in,
Joe sent him right back out, again with ease. Strong kicked
the barricade in frustration then lingered outside for a
long time.

Drawing Joe out to chase him then attacking him as they got
back inside. Briefly. The Monster smashed through him with
his shoulder, roared, then jabbed him down into a pile of
goo in the corner. And was ignoring Strong’s chops as the
ads arrived.

Have to believe Strong’s winning here since he’s been
totally dominated. Maybe they’ll do Joe vs Max at

Joe still dominant after-ads, Strong fired a knee to the
gut, blows to the back, knee to the head, running kick, Joe
flung him off before even getting one on a cover. Strong
went to a face lock, Joe sent him to the corner, Strong got
a boot up and flew via missile dropkick. Count of two.

Strong went back to the face lock, Joe fought free,
Manhattan drop, big boot, senton, two. A snap powerslam the
same. Powerbomb coming, Strong slipped behind, enziguri,
running knees and lariats, step-up knee in the corner, Joe
shook it off but was knocked down via flying lariat as
Strong got two.

Then looked for the Stronghold. Joe shook free, STJoe out
of the corner, Muscle Buster coming, the Kingdom hit the
apron. Groan. So predictable. Strong hit a running knee
strike for nearly three.

And readied another, Joe clotheslined him out of the air in
a great-looking spot then smothered him into the Kokina
Clutch for the tap. Wow, Joe was really made to look strong
there. Pun (sort-of) intended. Good match telling an
effective story of Joe being a monster.

‘OHHH MAXXXXX’ – Joe took the mic. His prophecy has come
true and now he’s ‘coming for you’. He’s gonna ‘beat you up
and take everything you have kid… everything’.

This was everything Max’s silliness wasn’t. That’s how you
build a match.

Strong and the Kingdom were talking in the ring when Adam
Cole came out to a big pop, sans music. Strong simply
crumpled to the mat out of nowhere, holding his neck, so
obviously faking. Yet Cole totally bought it and was all
concerned. They stretchered Strong out again. Basically
replaying the whole angle they did last time Roddy faced
Joe. Strong was yelling ‘Adaaaam’ and asking why he hadn’t
been there sooner.

This was weird. And made Cole look a total moron for buying
such obvious BS. The Kingdom and Cole barked back and forth
as they blamed Cole for what’d happened. They wouldn’t let
him go with Strong. What a strange way to go off the air.
Except it wasn’t the end.

Joe reappeared, wrapping Cole in the Clutch from behind,
reiterating that he was taking everything. The crowd
chanted Joe’s name and cheered. They pushed the Grand Slam
card again before the show ended.

Winner: Samoa Joe


Next Collision:

* FTR vs Iron Savages (Tag Titles)
* Bryan Danielson/Claudio Castagnoli vs Ricky Starks/Big

Grand Slam Dynamite:

* Chris Jericho vs Sammy Guevara (First Time Ever)
* Saraya vs Toni Storm (Women’s Title)
* MJF vs Samoa Joe (AEW Title)
* Jon Moxley vs Rey Fenix (International Title)
* Eddie Kingston vs Claudio Castagnoli (ROH Title vs Strong


* Bryan Danielson vs Zack Sabre Jr
* Hangman Page vs Swerve Strickland

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