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Arena: Scope Arena
City: Norfolk, VA

Main Event Jey Uso opens the show, he said it feels great to
be out of the Bloodline and on his own and even better to be
on Monday Night Raw. Kevin Owens quickly comes out to
interrupt Jey.

Kevin said he knows exactly what he is going through,
because he still has people that don’t like and respect him,
but he doesn’t care, and Jey has a long way to go to prove
he is not the same scumbag he was in the Bloodline.

The Judgment Day come out and Finn says Jey you don’t need
to prove yourself to Kevin Owens and Priest says Owens
doesn’t speak for the locker room and Jey, the Judgment Day
is open for you all you have to do is walk through it.

As Dominik tried to talk the crowd booed him. Priest said
enough of this, and Kevin Owens said he came out for a fight
and Sami is not here and he will take on all three if he has
to and Jey stopped him and said he is there and if he wants
his respect and trust lets start there. Kevin agreed and Jey
immediately superkicked Dominik. The Judgment Day jumped out
of the ring.

Jey Uso & Kevin Owens VS. Finn Balor & Damian Priest

While Kevin is outside the ring Dominik takes a cheap shot
of Kevin’s bad knee. Kevin went to stun Priest, but Priest
pushes off and Jey went for a superkick which hit Owens.
Balor then hit the Coup de Grace and gets the win.

Winners: The WWE Undisputed Tag Team Champions Finn Balor &
Damian Priest.

After the match Jey tried to apologize to Kevin but Kevin
walked away.

Kevin Owens limping backstage and Jey Uso comes and tries to
apologize again, and Kevin tells him to go to his new
Bloodline they are in the Judgment Day’s locker room, and he
knows all he needs to know already about Jey.

We are shown a car arriving and its Imperium all dressed up
to celebrate Gunther’s record passing title reign

The Miz VS. Akira Tozawa

After three Skull Crushing Finales on a prone Tozawa the Miz
finally pinned Tozawa.

Winner: The Miz

Byron Saxton interviews Raquel Rodriguez who challenges Rhea
Ripley tonight for the Women’s World Championship, with
Dirty Dom banned from ringside.

Jackie Redmond interviews Shayna Baszler. As Shayna was
talking about her match last week, Chelsea Green comes in
and asks Shayna to be her partner, Shayna then challenged
her to a match. Chelsea says fine and she will find someone
and turned right into Piper Niven and Piper grabbed one of
the titles and said medically cleared.

Up next is Gunther’s championship celebration. As Gunther
talked, Chad Gable comes out and talks about their match and
congratulated Gunther. Gunther told him to come into the
ring. Gable talked to Gunther about making his little girl
cry and lit a fire under him that won’t be extinguished
until he makes it right. He says he is getting another
chance and he swears to God he is winning the championship
and his daughter walking out with a smile on her face.

Gunther tells Gable he is a great athlete, but he is a
terrible father and Gable lost his cool and attacked Gunther
and Otis comes out to help and as the fight continues,
Tommaso Ciampa comes out with a chair to help clear the ring
of Imperium.

They showed an interesting conversation with Drew McIntyre
and Xavier Woods which led to a match tonight.

Drew McIntyre VS. Xavier Woods

It was Drew with the Claymore getting the win.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes is out to the ring and
asked the crowd what they wanted to talk about. He started
by saying let’s talk about Main Event Jey Uso and he is
quickly interrupted by Dirty Dominik Mysterio who comes out
with JD McDonagh and the crowd continued to drown out Dom’s
voice with boos. Dominik said he was going to look like an
idiot and Cody couldn’t do anything about it and Cody
attacks Dom. JD comes in but gets scooped up and over the
top rope and Cody hit Dominik with Crossroads.

In the back, Drew yelled at Jey Uso and Drew said I am going
to look you in the eyes and tell you I don’t trust you. Jey
tells him to pull up next week. And Drew says you are on.

Shayna Baszler VS. Chelsea Green

Shayna hits her new move the exterminatus (Formerly known as
Ronda Rousey’s Piper’s Pit) and gets the win.

Winner: Shayna Baszler

Piper Niven attacks Shayna after the match and Zoey Stark
comes out and helps Shayna chase off the Women’s Tag Team

Out next is the WWE World Champion Seth “Freakin” Rollins.
Seth said he didn’t come here to talk, he came here to
fight. Seth calls out Shinsuke Nakamura again for a title
match, Shinsuke’s music plays but he does not come out and,
in the back, it is shown Shinsuke beating up Ricochet and
tells Seth he will take his title but not today because he
knows he is not medically cleared.

Jey Uso walks in the back and Finn Balor stops him and Finn
says they are good because they are professionals and what
happens in the ring stays in the ring.

Tommaso Ciampa & Alpha Academy VS. Imperium

Gable catches Vinci with the ankle lock and Gunther tries to
save him but Ciampa slid in and caught him in the Sicilian
stretch and Gunther had to watch Vinci tap out.

Winners: Tommaso Ciampa & Alpha Academy

The Judgment Day talking in the locker room about Jey
feeling alienated and will need them more and more.

Adam Pearce with Tiffany Straton and Becky Lynch walked in
and Adam says he has a contract for both of them to sign for
their match tomorrow night.

Rhea Ripley VS. Raquel Rodriguez for the WWE Women’s World
Championship with Dirty Dom banned from ringside.

While Raquel had things going her way on the outside of the
ring, Nia Jax made her return and Samoan-dropped Raquel on
the floor and as Raquel got in the ring, Rhea hit Riptide
and retained her title.

Winner and Still WWE World Women’s Champion: Rhea Ripley

After the match Nia attacked Rhea and left the champion
laying in the ring.

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