NIGHT OF CHAMPIONS: Saudi fans welcome Sami Zayn with open arms at Night of Champions

Posted on 5/26/123 by Colin Vassallo

After visiting Mecca for the first time,
Sami Zayn said that being with WWE has
taken him to places he never dreamed
he’d get to see and do things he never
thought he’d get to do.

“It has provided me a life filled with
incredible experiences that I will
cherish forever,” Zayn wrote, adding two
photos from the visit to the holiest
city in Islam. “This one is at the top
of the list.

The tag team champion then got a welcome
worthy of a champion at the press
conference, with Saudi fans signing his
theme and chants of “Sami” and “We love
you.” It was Kevin Owens who introduced
him to the crowd, standing across Solo
Sikoa and Roman Reigns, with Owens
saying it was time to bring out the man
these people have been waiting to see
for the past five years.

Zayn said that this is personal between
him and Reigns and said he took
something away from him in front of his
friends, family, and his people in
Montreal at Elimination Chamber.

“There’s no way I’m gonna let him take
this in front of my people, again,” a
fired-up Zayn said while pointing to his
Undisputed Tag Team titles.

This trip is the first one that Sami has
done to Saudi Arabia as being of Syrian
descent prevented him from entering the
country before. As luck would have it,
the two countries resumed diplomatic
relations just a few weeks ago, ensuring
his safety to enter Saudi Arabia.

Kevin Owens did not return to Saudi ever
since the first event, titled The
Greatest Royal Rumble, in solidarity
with Zayn, so this is also just his
second trip to the country.

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