Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal hint at new members to their faction coming, Jarrett weighs in on Tony Khan and AEW ALL IN

Posted on 5/26/123 by Phil Johnson

AEW stars Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal recently joined for an exclusive interview. During the
conversation, Jarrett and Lethal teased potential new
members to their faction, Jarrett weighed in on Tony Khan
and much more. You can read the entire interview by clicking

Here are some highlights:

Weighing in on AEW President Tony Khan:

Jeff Jarrett: "It goes without saying Tony, at the end of
the day, has a passion for wrestling. Certainly, like
myself. I'm not gonna speak for Jay. I don't know that I've
seen a man with more passion for the business. Obviously,
he's somewhat new to the promotion game. And so even folks
that have been around for years and years, it's not the
easiest thing. But I can tell you this. Nobody in the entire
history of this business, to my knowledge, has put together
a company and under five years have five hours of broadcast
television globally. So I think that alone speaks for

What to expect at Double or Nothing and a potential new
member to their faction:

Jay Lethal: "Double or Nothing, I think Jeff and I have said
it plenty of times on national television, or any time
anybody will ever listen to what we're saying, we're going
to become the next AEW Tag Team Champions and you ask will
we get a new member, and I hope that you're not hinting at
that being Mark Briscoe because Mark Briscoe, one of my best
friends in the whole world and you know, Jeff's warming up
to him. And he's known Sanjay forever. I would say that he's
already an honorary member of the Lethal Connection. If I
can use that name that you've dawned us with."

Jeff Jarrett: "I'll clear that up. A friend of Jay's, is a
friend of mine. It just goes without saying so. It just goes
without saying, but Briscoe, he has a job to do this
weekend. And we keep kind of using the same kind of
mentality, he's going to do the right thing when the time
comes. I'll leave it at that. But the Trio's Title, I'll say
this, I think Satnam Singh has the most potential of anybody
on the AEW roster, candidly, bar none. But when we win those
Tag Titles, me and Jay, don't plan on losing them anytime
soon. With the addition of Karen, you kind of look at our
unit. A lot of names are bannering around; Lethal
Connection, Triple J, I hear a name here and there. At the
end of the day, we want to be called winners. And that's
what we plan on doing when we win the Tag Team Titles."

AEW All In at Wembley Stadium and new faction members at the

Jeff Jarrett: "I'll get a little sentimental here, but if
you would have told me six months ago that I have the
opportunity to be heading to the ring with Jay Lethal,
Sanjay Dutt, my wife, and Satnam Singh, which is truly a one
in a billion, and maybe another member or two, I'm gonna
throw that little clickbait out there for you. But no, it
really is a dream come true. For this opportunity to come,
at this stage of my career. It is a chapter that I never
ever thought that I'd see happen. And I'll say this, 60,000
tickets sold and we're three months out. That's amazing and
says a lot. So yeah, to say I'm pumped for that, that's an

Jarrett and Lethal also commented on the future of AEW house
shows and its progress, potentially becoming AEW Tag Team
Champions at Double or Nothing, more on All In at Wembley
Stadium, and much more. You can check out the complete
interview at the link below.

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