Champagne Singh on IMPACT doing more International Tours, who he goes to tor advice, Jinder Mahal

Posted on 5/25/123 by Phil Johnson

IMPACT Wrestling star Champagne Singh
(Raj Singh) recently joined
for an exclusive in-depth interview.
During the conversation, Singh commented
on IMPACT possibly doing more
international tours including India, who
he approaches for advice in IMPACT, his
cousin; WWE’s Jinder Mahal, and much
more. You can read the entire interview
by clicking here.

You can watch the complete interview

Here are some highlights:

IMPACT Wrestling doing more
international tours including possibly

"My thoughts on that initially are, I do
feel that is going to happen. And I
think it’s more like that positive
reinforcement, you know, thinking it
into existence, manifesting this. But
yeah, I do feel that IMPACT’s gonna be
making the move to do international
stuff. Like in the UK, maybe other parts
of Europe, I have my fingers crossed.
I’m praying that we get to go to India.
So we can take everybody to the
motherland and just take some time to
enjoy it over there. Because it’s such a
special place in the world that is
foreign to the Americans. And I mean,
it’s definitely something that would be
special to be able to represent in front
of our people. And then they can see why
the wrestling fans in India just love it
so much. I’m just getting excited
talking about it because the roof would
be blown off with the excitement in

Who he approaches for advice in IMPACT

"Shera and I, we communicate quite a
bit, and we feed off each other.
Honestly, you can go to anybody in that
locker room, whether it be somebody new
and it’s a cliche answer, and I don’t
want to make it sound like a cop-out.
But there’s not one person more than the
other than to say, ‘Hey, I want advice
from him’ or ‘ I want advice from that
person.’ And you know, I might be in a
storyline with somebody, for example,
Ryan or Heath. So why would I go for
advice from them in a moment when I’m in
a storyline with them? It makes no
sense. We kind of want to have that
element of realism while we’re out there
too. But I 100% go to people like Tommy
Dreamer and Scott D’Amore. We have some
people in the production team that we’ll
just keep silent for now because it’s
pro wrestling and magicians don’t ever
want to give away their tricks either. I
have a lot of respect for everybody in
the locker room. I go to Gail Kim a lot,
actually. She is not actively in the
ring, and she has so much upstairs that
she can share. She’s probably forgotten
more than a lot of us in the locker room
have even learned. So it’s great, it’s a
great source to use. And definitely
being on TV, she can give us those tips
and tricks to even elevate our own

Keeping in touch with his cousin, WWE's
Jinder Mahal:

"Yeah, we talk every day. And like I’ve
said before... a few times, he’s calling
me for advice (laughs), one of the
secrets to his success is calling me for
advice. And, you know, [Jinder asks]
‘Hey, what should I do to party? Where
do I take the girls’ and I give him that
advice and say, ‘Yo you’re in this city,
go over here bro.’"

Singh also teased what to expect from
him in the future, IMPACT Wrestling's
progress in 2023, shares advice to up-
and-coming wrestlers, and much more. You
can check out the complete interview at
this link.

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