SABU: ECW legend Sabu makes surprise appearance on Dynamite

Posted on 5/25/123 by Colin Vassallo

Double or Nothing will get a little
“extreme” this Sunday as ECW legend Sabu
was revealed to be in Adam Cole’s corner
for the unsanctioned match against Chris

The 58-year-old former ECW champion made
a surprise appearance on Dynamite last
night after he was introduced by Cole

While Jericho had the JAS as his backup,
Cole only had one person, Roderick
Strong, and after Jericho correctly
pointed out that they’re pretty much
outnumbered, Cole said he called someone
who lives in Las Vegas, a guy who he
idolized when he was growing up, and a
guy who is crazier than all of JAS.

Enter the homicidal, suicidal,
genocidal, Sabu.

“No way,” said Taz on commentary, Sabu’s
old rival. “I got goosebumps!”

Sabu quickly got in action after Cole
threw him a chair and clocked Matt
Menard with it as the rest of the JAS
scrambled out of the ring.

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