ALL ELITE WRESTLING DYNAMITE/TBS: Karen Jarrett debuts on Dynamite

Posted on 5/18/123 by Colin Vassallo

Another Jarrett has joined the ranks of
AEW as Karen, the wife of Jeff Jarrett,
made her debut last night on Dynamite.

After FTR attacked Satnam Singh, Sanjay
Dutt, and Jay Lethal, Jeff Jarrett was
on the receiving end of some chair shots
from Cash Wheeler and set him up for the
Shatter Machine.

But before the champs managed to hit
their finisher on JJ, Karen got in the
ring from behind FTR and hit a low blow
on Wheeler. That allowed Jarrett to
recover and with Harwood confronting
Karen, Jeff hit The Stroke to lay
Harwood out.

Singh, who just minutes before was
pushed off the stage and through a
table, came for his revenge and hit a
double choke slam on FTR while Lethal
and Jarrett followed with two guitar

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