ALL ELITE WRESTLING: Further issues between CM Punk and AEW create problems on Collision launch day

Posted on 5/18/123 by Colin Vassallo

There is trouble in paradise again between CM Punk and AEW
as Mike Johnson of is reporting that the word
going around is that both sides are once again locking horns
over the return of Punk’s friend Ace Steel to AEW.

Punk was omitted from the Collision announcement which was
made this morning and not featured on the press release
either. When reached out to WBD to ask why
Punk was removed from the original announcement, a brief
statement from them read, “CM Punk is not affiliated with
TNT’s AEW Collision.”

CM Punk is pushing for Ace Steel, who no longer works for
AEW, to return and work the Collision show but apparently,
according to Johnson, the decision was taken for Steel not
to return. Steel was the only one who lost his job following
the All Out backstage brawl.

Meanwhile, Punk himself vented his frustration in an
Instagram story, targeting Bryan Alvarez from F4WOnline.

“Look everyone, Bryan Alvarez doesn’t like it when
misinformed internet trolls make up rumors about him so
please stop making up rumors and stories for clicks while
Bryan makes up rumors and stories for clicks okay?” Punk

Punk added that he hasn’t been on TV in nine months and
people still can’t stop talking about him.

“Maybe stop, you’ll feel better. Love, hate, it’s all the
same. I don’t enjoy being the sole person that props up
entire misinformed clickbait industry based on toxic gossip
from lying sources, but what can you do? When you’re the
king, it comes with the crown,” he wrote.

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