SUPERSTAR BILLY GRAHAM: “Superstar” Billy Graham passes away at age 79

Posted on 5/18/123 by Colin Vassallo

“Superstar” Billy Graham passed away today at the age of 79.
Graham has been hospitalized for a very long time and was on
life support following a string of health issues.

The announcement was made by Ric Flair on Twitter who wrote,
“The Superstar Billy Graham Just Left Us. THANK YOU FOR ALL

Doctors wanted to remove him from life support earlier this
week but his wife Valerie refused to give them permission to
do so.

Graham’s health problems are well documented, receiving a
liver transplant in 2002 and then requiring another liver
transplant eight years later. He was later diagnosed with
third-stage liver disease and cirrhosis and had several
trips to the hospital for other issues, including heart
failure, liver complications, internal bleeding, and ear and
skull infection.

Graham made his pro wrestling debut in 1970 and joined Verne
Gagne’s AWA two years later, the place where he got his
“Superstar” nick name. Five years later, the quickly-rising
Graham joined the WWWF but he didn’t last long as he went to
Japan and later to the NWA before returning to the WWWF in
1977 for a year. Graham eventually returned to the NWA and
then had another stint with the WWF in 1982 for another
year. After more disagreements with McMahon, Graham departed
the company and went to work for both the AWA and the NWA up
until 1986. His next return to WWF came in 1986 but injuries
cut his in-ring career short and he went on to be a manager
and a color commentator as well.

He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004 after
several years of fighting with the company. He is a former
WWWF Heavyweight champion, ending Bruno Sammartino’s 1,237-
day reign as a champion in April 1977. He lost the title to
Bob Backlund after 648 days on February 20, 1978.

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