NXT ON USA: May 16 results (F4wonline.com)

Posted on 5/17/123 by Bob Magee

Opening the show is a match in the ongoing women's
tournament. Kicking off the show is the first of two
quarterfinal matches in the tournament.

Cora Jade defeated Fallon Henley to advance in the NXT
Women's Championship tournament

Jade pinned Henley, and Jade now advances to a semifinal
match next week against Lyra Valkyria. There were inset
promos before the match like an old episode of Superstars.

Things started fairly even, but Jade soon targets a knee.
Jade works the leg, and Jade works over Henley. Jade also
applies a leglock, but Henley escapes as she fights back.

Henley makes a comeback and has a rally. She continues to
sell her leg, but she is still able to counter Jade's DDT
finisher. Henley delivers a shining wizard, but she unable
to make a cover. Jade rolls outside, and Henley is unable to
stop her due to her wounded leg.

Jade is then able to orchestrate one of the oldest heel
tricks in the leg. Rolling outside was part of the ploy. She
easily beats Henley back into the ring, and Jade waylays
Henley with a chop block as she is coming through the ropes.
Jade executes a Cactus Jack DDT, and she covers Henley for a

Lyra Valkyria appears at ringside after the match, and she
has a staredown with Jade. They meet next week in the
semifinals of the women's tournament.

Much of the NXT women's roster and others are watching the
show on a monitor, and a skit unfolds that sets up a match
later tonight between Kiana James and Thea Hail. James
insults Hail, and Hail vows to kick her "prissy ass" in a
match tonight.

Tyler Bate and NXT North American Champion Wes Lee are
meditating in smog-filled locker room. They are ambushed by
Joe Gacy and Ava. Bate and Lee are laid out as part of a
message directed at Lee.

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams are heading to
the ring for a promo, only to find themselves in a quick
skirmish that sets up a tag match for later on. Hayes is
sporting Kinesio tape on his ribs, selling a spear last week
from Bron Breakker.

Hayes calls out Breakker, but instead out comes Drew Gulak
and Charlie Dempsey. For some reason they have beef with
Hayes and Williams. Gulak and Dempsey attempt to ambush
Hayes and Williams. They were ready, as Hayes and Williams
clear the ring of the smarmy heels. This all sets up a tag
match for later tonight.

The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus Creed with Ivy Nile)
defeated The Dyad (Jagger Reid & Rip Fowler with Ava)

Julius Creed pinned Rip Fowler to win an greatly exciting
tag match. Ivy Nile and Ava got involved just before the

The Creeds added a new feat of strength spot to their
repertoire where they traded Fowler several times while
holding him upside down in a delayed vertical suplex.

The Dyad will not be outdone, as they use teamwork and some
underhanded tactics to gain an advantage on Julius. He
powers out to fight back as the show cuts to a split-screen
commercial break.

Heat on Julius as the show returns from the break, as The
Dyad work him over. Hot tag to Brutus, and he wrecks shop.
Brutus is a brute, and he pulls down the straps as he lets
out a primal yell. He gets a near fall, but Brutus is soon
cut off. He saves himself with a great spot where Brutus has
Reid rolled up, while Brutus simultaneously giving Fowler a
Northern Lights suplex.

Double down when Brutus and Reid hit each other with
lariats, and the live studio audience chants "NXT." Julius
and Reid try to top the other as both at the same time
execute stereo 2 Cold Scorpio 450s. Quite a sight.

The match really heats up down the home stretch. Fowler is
outside the ring selling on the floor when grabs Ivy Nile's
leg. Fowler apologizes and backpedals. He begs off, but it
was a ploy for Ava and her sneak attack on Nile. Nile
counters Ava, and Nile traps her in Nile's version of a
Dragon sleeper. Meanwhile, Brutus leaps off the apron into a
cannonball on Fowler. In the ring is Julius and Reid. Julius
hits a sliding lariat, and he then covers Reid for a three

After a commercial break, the Creeds come to the announce
desk. They issue a challenge to Gallus for a tag team title
match at NXT Battleground.

A skit from "yesterday" shows Tony D'Angelo and Channing
"Stacks" Lorenzo eating an an Italian restaurant. Stacks
leaves the table to take a phone call. In walks two member
of law enforcement, and they Tony D to the police station
for questioning. Stacks returns from his phone call, and he
acts perplexed over Tony D being taken away by the police.

Noam Dar, along as always by his Heritage Cup trophy, is the
host for a Supernova Sessions talk show. Dragon Lee is the
guest, and Dar insults Dragon Lee right from the start. Dar
gets out a Spanish book looking to communicate Dar, assuming
Dragon Lee cannot speak English. Dragon Lee is quick to
correct Dar, showing him that Lee speaks English just fine.

They banter back-and-forth. Dragon Lee wants a match against
Dar for the trophy. Out comes Nathan Frazier, and wants to
call out Dar as a fraud. Frazier also wants Dragon Lee to
get a shot at the trophy. Dar is finally goaded into two
matches. Dar puts the trophy on the line in a match against
Dragon Lee at Battleground. Dar faces Frazier in a match
next week in a match where the trophy is not on the line.

Dijak has kidnapped Ilja Dragunov, and Dijak is torturing

NXT Champion Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams defeated Charlie
Dempsey & Drew Gulak

Hayes pinned Dempsey to win the match. At the finish,
Williams delivers a pump kick on Dempsey, and Hayes tags in.
Hayes leaps off the top rope to deliver a guillotine
legdrop. Good match.

After the match, Hayes again calls out Bron Breakker. He is
apparently not in the building, as Breakker interrupts with
a message that plays on the Titantron. Breakker is at the
barber shop that Hayes is known to frequent. Breakker leaves
after making everyone nervous.

Thea Hail is pumped up for her match tonight, and she
excitedly tells Duke Hudson they are ready to go to the
ring. Hudson had forgotten he gave Hail permission to be in
a match tonight. A distracted Hudson has been grading
papers, but he heads to the ring anyway.

Kiana James defeated Thea Hail (with Duke Hudson)

James pinned Hail, no thanks to a distracted Hudson. Hudson
is grading paper at ringside in Hail's corner, and he barely
pays attention to Hail's match. She fights from underneath
to rally. Hail makes a comeback, but Hudson is too busy to

Hail with a high cross for a near fall. James counters Hail
and cuts her off. James then executes her 401k finisher, and
James covers Hail for a three count.

A backstage skit sets up Tank Ledger vs. Hank Walker for
next week. They encounter Josh Briggs and Brooks Jensen, and
that inspires Tank to convince Hank they need to face each
other in a "hoss fight."

McKenzie Mitchell is a roving reporter in the training room.
Tyler Bate is having his arm wrapped in the aftermath of
suffering a sneak attack earlier tonight. Wes Lee is at his
side, and Lee tells Mitchell he normally enjoys interviews
with her. However, tonight is different. Lee storms off,
headed to the ring to call out Joe Gacy.

Dabbo-Kato is the focus of a vignette.

An angry North American Champion Wes Lee storms to the ring,
and he calls out Joe Gacy. Bate is seen watching on from the
trainer's room. He gives a wink and nod to the trainer as he
brings him some ice. Foreshadowing, perhaps?

Gacy, flanked by Ava, appear on a perch overlooking the
ring. They cuts promos on Lee, which leads to Gacy
challenging Lee to a title match at Battleground. Gacy and
Ava also warn that Bate is deceiving Lee.

Out comes Bate with his arm bandaged, and he cuts a promo on
Gacy. Bate says he has a receipt waiting for Gacy. Lee takes
that to mean Bate also wants a match against Gacy at
Battleground. Bate corrects Lee, before saying that he and
Lee are friends. But, Bate admits he wants a title shot as
well. Bate insists he would never let the title come between
their friendship, as Ava and Gacy chirp at them from above.

This all sets up a triple threat match at Battleground,
which was Lee's idea. Lee looks at Bate before leaving and
says, "Thought I could trust you, brother."

Roxanne Perez in a vignette is admiring her journey board,
and she looks forward to what filling her next journey

Roxanne Perez defeated Jacy Jayne to advance in the NXT
Women's Championship tournament

Perez pinned Jayne after Pop Rocks. In winning the match,
Perez now advances to the semifinals against Tiffany

The quarterfinal match goes through a commercial break.
Jayne works over Perez, but Perez eventually counters Jayne
to execute Pop Rocks. Good enough match.

Gigi Dolan runs in after the match to attack Jayne. Dolan
and Jayne brawl at ringside before being separated.

Dijak still has Ilja Dragunov kidnapped, but Dragunov is
defiant despite being bloody and beaten.

Out comes Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams to again call out
Bron Breakker. The show cuts to commercial as Hayes and
Williams are waiting in the ring.

After a commercial break, Breakker comes out with a security
detail. Breakker says the security is there to protect Hayes
and Williams from Breakker himself. There is some banter
back-and-forth. Breakker insults Hayes's hometown sports

Hayes cannot stand to hear any more, so Hayes does a flip
dive onto the security detail. Breakker and Hayes brawl
their way into the ring. Security tries to separate them to
no avail. Breakker hits Hayes with a cheap shot, but Hayes
counters by hitting Breakker with a low blow. Hayes then
lays out Breakker with a belt shot, as Hayes hits Breakker
with the championship belt. They are both down in the ring
selling as the show goes off the air.

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