WRESTLEMANIA/2027: Titans President and CEO says WWE has committed WrestleMania to Nashville in 2027

Posted on 5/12/123 by Colin Vassallo

Tennessee Titans President and CEO Burke
Nihill said that WWE has committed to
have WrestleMania in Nashville in 2027
to open up the brand new stadium. Nihill
made the statement while appearing on
3HL 104.5 The Zone.

“I mean, we just know these folks well.
There’s been a shift in how they do them
over the last ten years,” Nihill said.
“It used to be that they were looking
for just a really good, whatever the
event is they were doing, and now these
are week-long festivals or whatever they
are, so it’s great for the community.”

Nihill said that the community will get
to experience it whether or not they
have a ticket and WWE will create a lot
of jobs and a lot of economic benefits
that come with having WrestleMania
coming to town.

“WrestleMania isn’t hypothetical, by the
way. WrestleMania has already committed
to 2027,” he added.

Late last year, the Nashville Tennessean
newspaper reported that WWE has promised
Butch Spyridon, the CEO of Nashville
Convention & Visitors Corp, that if the
$2.1 billion stadium is built in time,
they will award them WrestleMania 43.

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