Posted on 3/18/123 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: T-Mobile Center
City: Kansas City, MO

The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes opens tonight’s show.
Cody says he respects the champion Roman Reigns and he can’t
wait to see him on Monday Night Raw and looks forward to
beating him at WrestleMania but says he is not there to talk
about anybody and he wants to talk to someone and calls out
Kevin Owens.

Owens says he knows what this is about and Cody says please
I don’t think this is a conversation between two people and
calls Sami Zayn out.

Cody begins saying that he has love and respect for Kevin
Owens and credits Owens for introducing him to some friends
that bettered Cody’s career and he is grateful. Kevin says
he has heard everything Sami has to say and Sami says yes
but I never heard everything you had to say, over the years
we have turned on each other and hurt each other and we were
able to circle around and worked together but we need to
hear from you what you want to say. Sami says if you want to
hit me…hit me.

Kevin says he has heard Sami and we don’t have to be friends
and why would I want to fight with someone that doesn’t want
to even be my friend. Then turned to Cody and said thank you
for what you tried to do but I am all set.

As we come back from break we are shown Kevin Owens walking
outside and goes to a car and before he can get in the car,
Sami Zayn comes running up to him and says stop, forget
everything I said in the ring or in the past, what you said
in the ring about being friends we are friends, we have
always been friends and we will always be friends but I
think of us more like brothers and I love you. Kevin just
looks at him and without saying a word gets in the car and
drives away.

Zelina & Santos Escobar VS. Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio

Zelina goes for the pin on Rhea but Dominik breaks it up,
Zelina falls out of the ring while Santos goes after Dominik
and Dominik is on the top rope, Santos goes for a superplex
but Rhea gets up and powerbombs Santos but Santos had
Dominik hooked and he got the superplex as well. Zelina back
in the ring gives Rhea a knee to the face and goes to the
second rope but gives a hurricanrana to Dominik and as she
is distracted with Dominik, Rhea comes from behind and gives
her a Riptide for the win.

Winners: Rhea Ripley & Dominik Mysterio

After the match, Dominik gets a microphone and calls Rey a
deadbeat father and says Rey was never there for him. Rey is
shown walking backstage. As Rey gets in the ring, Dominik
says look he actually showed up. Rey starts by asking Rhea
to give him some time alone with his son. Dominik says now
you want time with me, where were you all those lonely
nights, your nothing but a deadbeat father.

Rey says your right I haven’t been the best father in the
world, I missed stuff and I wasn’t there for you all the
time but I still love you and you are my world son. But you
will find this business is selfish and I sacrificed so you,
your mom and your sister can have a life I could have
dreamed of. All the cars, the brand names and what about
every time you got into trouble oh yeah the Mysterio name
bailed you out. But hear me out because I am having a hard
time with this, I am being inducted into the Hall of Fame
and I would like nothing more than to have you standing
there by my side. Maybe its too late for that but my biggest
regret is what you have become. And if some disrespectful
punk ass kid would call me out at WrestleMania I would
gladly kick his ass but unfortunately you are my son and
fighting you would be the biggest disgrace as a father. You
are not worth it son, I am not going to fight you now and I
am not going to fight you never and I won’t fight you at
WrestleMania either.

Dominik picks up the microphone as Rey leaves the ring and
says is that all you got, there you go walking away from
your son again. That is the only thing you taught me is what
not to be a scared little man.

Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez VS. Emma & Teagan Nox

Raquel picks up Emma and steps back for Liv to tag in and
Raquel drops Emma with a Chingona Bomb and Liv hits her
oblivion and gets the win.

Winners: Liv Morgan & Raquel Rodriguez

Charlotte Flair is out next and says this will be her
seventh WrestleMania and all seven she has either entered
the champion or challenger. She says Rhea wants to be a
champion and Rhea comes out and says everyone fears her
except Charlotte and that pisses her off and she is right
she needs to win at WrestleMania. Dominik steps up to
Charlotte and says mami is going to beat you at WrestleMania
and Rhea blindsides Charlotte with a slap to the face that
knocks the Champion down.

As Rhea and Dominik leave the ring and are gloating to the
fans, Charlotte gets up and slides out of the ring and goes
after Rhea. She points at Dominik and warns him not to get
involved and the fight continues. Officials run out to break
them up. Every time the officials had them split up, they
fought off the officials and went right back to fighting
with each other.

The fight eventually spills over the barricade and into the
fans. The officials finally push Charlotte back over the
barricade and Dominik is holding Rhea back. Charlotte tells
Rhea to come get some more and gets back in the ring and
holds up the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Rhea breaks
away from Dominik and runs to the barricade where she is met
with all the officials trying to keep the two apart.
Charlotte climbs to the second rope and holds the title up
right in front of Rhea who is still trying to fight off the

In the back, Sami Zayn is seen as Kayla Braxton comes in and
asked if what happened earlier is taking a toll on his head
space. Sami says the one guy that used to call him brother
just drove off from him in the parking lot and another one
that called me a brother wants to end me as soon as I get in
the ring. He is ready for whatever happens tonight.

Xavier Woods VS. L.A. Knight

As Knight was going for a suplex, Woods reversed it into a
small package rollup for the win.

Winner: Xavier Woods

Michael Cole and Wade Barrett then announced that Ric Flair
announced The Great Muta will join Rey Mysterio in the Hall
of Fame this year.

In the back, L.A. Knight is walking and Kayla tries to get a
word with him, and he says let me talk to ya. Then goes over
to Rey Mysterio and says just signing autographs well if you
won’t fight your kid at WrestleMania, I will fight him for
you. I will call myself L.A. Mysterio and I will be a
deadbeat dad too I will make you proud, give me a high five
and Rey punches him in the face. Rey tells Knight something
in Spanish about his Familia and Knight says what did he
just say?

Drew McIntyre VS. Sheamus with winner getting a shot at the
Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania

Gunther who was at ringside gets in the ring as both are
down in the ring and stops the referee from counting to 10
and Gunther yells at them who’s it going to be let’s go. And
just as both get back to their feet Kaiser and Vinci attack
them and Gunther powerbombs Sheamus onto the back of

No Winner

Adam Pearce is shown and says Gunther you said last week you
wanted a one on one match so you left me no choice but to
make official. You will face both Drew McIntyre and Sheamus
for the Intercontinental Championship at WrestleMania.

Jey Uso in the ring waiting for Sami Zayn. After Jey told
him he didn’t trust him from day one, but he proved himself
and he called him brother... and he has no choice. Sami says
you have had a choice since Day One, and you’re just mad
that I hit Roman with the chair before you did because I
wasn’t going to take the abuse anymore.

He then hits Sami and Jimmy comes out and they start beating
down Sami until Kevin Owens comes out to save Sami and
clears the ring of the Usos and Kevin then gave Sami a big
hug as Cody is shown watching backstage with a smile on his

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