Posted on 3/18/123 by Colin Vassallo

City: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Last Week’s Rating: 447,000 overall; 0.15 in 18-49 demo

That’s the best demo rating for 2023.

It’s Friday Night, and you know what that means… it’s time
for MJF’s favorite show!


Excalibur, Tony Schiavone & Paul Wight on comms.

Powerhouse Hobbs vs Rey Fenix, TNT Title

Backstory: Fenix accepted Hobbs’ open challenge Weds

The ‘QTV Crew’ were at ringside. That’s Aaron Solo & the
Blonde Australian – ‘she’ (her name remains unimportant,
apparently) filming via cellphone. This all seems very TNA.

Straight to the ring, Aubrey held up the belt as the two
went head-to-chest, Hobbs twice knocking down Fenix with
ease. Until Rey avoided a trip with a series of backflips,
launching a springboard cross body which Hobbs countered by
simply shoulder charging him out of the air.

But was then bridged outside as Wight really put over Fenix’
athleticism. As the Mexican launched a pair of topes and a
quebrada, Hobbs staggering back inside to get his bearings.
Rey again took to the air, only to be caught into a
powerslam off the shoulder.

Hobbs got two as Wight criticized such a loose pin in a
championship match. Nice touch.

Continuing the beating, the champ flung Rey into the buckle
twice as the crowd chanted ‘QT sucks’. About the only noise
they’d made thus far. The dreaded nerve-hold followed, Rey
screaming before being hauled up into a delayed suplex then
back into the nerve-hold to bring the break.

A limp Fenix was dragged back inside as several minutes of
inaction continued with Hobbs leering menacingly and
dropping his weight across the back then back into a nerve-
hold. Rey fired back with a flip kick, corkscrew, tried his
run-the-ropes armdrag but was crotched then caught into a
powerslam. Two slaps.

The crowd woke briefly at that Fenix flurry but quickly died
like his comeback.

Rey hit his spin-kick in the corner, ducked a wild swing,
thought German but was caught via back-elbow only to run the
buckle, flip over Hobbs’ back and land it at the second
attempt. Spectacular.

Hobbs quickly kicked out with authority. Fenix hit his
rolling cutter for a count of two.

A stumbling Hobbs was drilled with a punt as Excalibur
remarked that this was maybe a tougher defense than he’d
thought. Against a former tag and trios champ who’s had
world title matches.

Back to the top, Hobbs avoided a dive, absolutely crushed
Rey against the buckle then hit a spinebuster for a very
close two. Fenix fired his rebound heel-kick, absorbed an
elbow strike then threw another roundhouse to leave both
down. Before taking to the air once more via frogsplash for
another two.

A pair of thrust kicks followed, a third, before being
snatched into a spinebuster then Town Bidness as Hobbs

The closest thing to bored you’ll ever be with Rey Fenix in
the ring. Both the match and crowd dead whenever he wasn’t
on offense.

While AEW do need to have more matches where name beats
name, would prefer it wasn’t the very special Rey. Or that
they at least gave it some build and made it a big deal when
he does lose.

Post-match, Hobbs held Alex Abrahantes so QT could lay him
out with a Diamond Cutter. Because we all know who the real
star is. This whole act drags Hobbs down so very badly.

WINNER: Powerhouse Hobbs

Adam Cole promo. You might be shocked to know that he
teased his return match without naming an opponent. As he’s
been doing since early January.


From the hospital where Evil Uno’s laid-up, Stu Grayson
challenged Mox for Dynamite.

Taya Valkyrie vs Ava Lawless

Backstory: Taya’s debut

Taya won with Road to Valhalla aka Jaded.

Jade, Leila & Smart Mark came out to the ramp to take notes.

For those who don’t know, it’s common knowledge within the
business that the rampway is the absolute sweet spot from
which to scout an opponent. Backstage monitor’s too far;
ringside’s too close. Which is why it’s sometimes referred
to as the Goldilocks Position.

Valkyrie has a nice presence and charisma. And looks like
she’s having fun out there. Music adds to the vibe.

WINNER: Taya Valkyrie

Footage of Matt Hardy, Isiah & Ethan Page training Stokely
for his match with Hook. Hardy was clearly taking advantage
of his manager. This was fun.

2.0 vs Bollywood Boyz

Backstory: 2.0 want to prove to the Acclaimed why they
should join the JAS

2.0 suckered the Boyz into the wrong corner, though they
quickly fired back with a double team elbow-strike out of a
Hart Attack position. Menard flung chops in the corner then
tagged Parker to continue the beating.


Menard screamed ‘we love rap music’ while clutching one of
the Boyz in a headlock (the announcers never identified who
was who). The other ran wild with clotheslines and a
spinning heel kick but was hit with a double-team elbow drop
and ddt as the JAS won.

Before a post-match scissoring.

AEW are fumbling the Acclaimed so very badly. 2.0 are a
team they should squash. Not feud with.


Don Callis was shown greeting Takeshita at Winnipeg airport
with flowers and traditional drums. Nice idea but don’t
know that it did Takeshita any favors since the airport was
damn-near empty.


Package previewing Omega vs Vikingo for Weds. They pushed
this extremely hard as a ‘dream match’ even labelling it as
such in the graphic.


Recap of the HOB/JAS brawl post-match on Weds.


Quick video of the Gunns ‘mistaking’ Top Flight for valets.
The Gunns called them the ‘second best’ brother team in AEW
as Top Flight noted that they must be big fans of the Bucks
or Lucha Bros.

The champs then left their luggage behind because they’re

Daniel Garcia vs Brody King

Backstory: King pinned Garcia in the trios match Weds

Jericho accompanied Garcia to a huge pop. King brought the
similarly blonde but slightly prettier Julia Hart.

Remembering how he’d fared on Wednesday, Garcia quickly
bailed outside and spent a good couple minutes avoiding
Brody. As they again put over Omega/Vikingo. They are
really pushing this.

King finally caught the youngster, crushing him in the
corner, clubbing him across the back and bothering his blood
vessels via chop. Garcia again headed outside. But chose
this time to try his luck with Julia, was caught and beaten
around ringside. Where King setup a chair, sat him on it
and absolutely crushed him via running cross body. (That
move looks so great: makes you wince.)

But was caught in a drop toe hold into the ringsteps as the
ads arrived.

An angry Brody snatched Garcia into a Bossman slam for two
as we returned. A piledriver followed as he continued to
dominate. Before brutally crushing the youngster via corner
cannonball. Only his legs on the ropes could save Garcia.

He then targeted the achilles with a series of knees before
slapping on a long sleeper which King eventually broke by
running Garcia into the buckle then snapping him over into a

The crowd are really starting to get behind the big man.

Gonzo Bomb ready, Garcia slipped out, high stack for two.
The Walls followed as the crowd responded, King made the
crawl to get the rope break but was drilled by Floyd as
Garcia slapped on a face-lock: King’s arm dropped three
times as Wight screamed that ‘he absolutely stole it’.

(Wight’s been good. He doesn’t spend time trying to pop
himself or the other commentators and talks about the
matches in a way that seems real.)

So seems the JAS will be continuing their feud with the HOB
while the Elite get involved with Hangman & the BCC. A lot
of Blood & Guts possibilities when the AEW vs WWE women feud
is factored in.

Solid main event as they continue to push Brody as a monster
no-one wants any part of.

WINNER: Daniel Garcia


Next Dynamite:

Hook vs Stokely Hathaway, no DQ
Kenny Omega vs El Hijo del Vikingo
Jon Moxley vs Stu Grayson
Toni Storm vs Skye Blue
Gunn Club vs Top Flight, Tag Titles

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