VINCE MCMAHON: Long-proposed Vince McMahon biopic titled Pandemonium axed

Posted on 3/16/123 by Colin Vassallo

A proposed Vince McMahon biopic, titled Pandemonium, which
first gained attention back in 2017 has been axed completely.

Speaking to the SlashFilm website, John Requa and Glenn
Ficarra, who have been attached to the movie since the very
beginning, revealed that Vince McMahon himself killed the

“Pandemonium is dead, sadly,” Ficarra said. “Vince killed
it,” added Requa, with Ficarra openly saying that McMahon was
the major obstacle in bringing it to life.

WWE Studios was going to be involved in the project so
McMahon’s blessing was not only preferred, but required.

“So, yeah, we are on a very long list of people who got
f*cked over by Vince,” said Requa.

The two co-directors were speaking to SlashFilm about their
new series Rabbit Hole.

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