United Wrestling Coalition March 11 Bordentown, NJ results

Posted on 3/14/123 by Joe Grana

United Wrestling Coalition
27th Anniversary Event and Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony
Bordentown, New Jersey at the Elks Lodge
March 11, 2023
Ring Announcer: Joe Rules
Referees: George Pinaha and Jimmy Storm
Promoter: Lois Thomas
Honorable President and Former Heavyweight Champion: Joe

Upon entering the venue, fans were able to enjoy historical
event posters, photos, and other memorabilia on display from
the past 27 years.

1) In the opening match, Yankee TDM continued his undefeated
streak with a pinfall victory over newcomer Eric X Black,
who was accompanied by Raena Black.

2) United States Champion "Brilliant" Bobby Banks, with his
manager Craig Z-List, defeated Bryan Haden of Payne's Gate,
who was seconded by The "Leader" Kyle Payne. The match
concluded when Bobby Banks and Bryan Haden struck each other
simultaneously with foreign objects, and Banks landed on top
of Haden for the pinfall to retain his belt. Bryan Haden had
become the Number One Contender to the US Championship in
October's Trick or Treat Match, the same match in which
Bobby Banks won the title.

3) "2 Hot For Your Mommy" Tommy Salami & YouTube Sensation
Grim defeated the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions in UWC
history Lost In Hollywood—The “Perfect Irishman” Kurt Bale &
The Hollywood Hooligan to win the title and end the historic
1182-day championship reign of Bale & Hooligan!
4) The UWC 2023 Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony was next. X-
Ray Stevens, Taylor Nicole, "The One" Geoffrey Bravo,
Charlotte Flock (RIP), and Mr. Black were inducted into the
United Wrestling Coalition Hall of Fame Class of 2023. Lois
Thomas accepted the induction on behalf of her late mother,
Charlotte Flock.

5) In one of several fundraisers of the evening for John
Begley, there was an auction in which the highest bidder
could choose a wrestler to get chopped by Taylor Nicole.
Close to $200 was raised for Taylor Nicole—not to mention
"Strange and Unusual" Eris Spiral—to viciously chop The
Honorable President and Former Heavyweight Champion Joe
Rules multiple times.

6) Crisis Creed & his new tag team partner El Asesino
defeated The Co-Op—MISTER Spectrum & The Gargantuan with Mr.
Black. El Asesino replaced Crisis Creed's former partner The
"Assassin" Shawn Creed, who lost a retirement match last
year. Mr. Black insists El Asesino and Shawn Creed are one
and the same, but although they have very similar builds, it
could be literally anyone under that mask.

7) In another fundraiser for John Begley, the original UWC
BCC Toys For Tots championship belt was auctioned off. The
Toys For Tots Championship became an official title on
December 4, 2010 when Hall of Famer Silly Billy won the
first annual BCC Toys For Tots Rumble, and the championship
was retired in 2012. This was not enough for sadistic UWC
fans who insisted that additional chops to The Honorable
President and Former Heavyweight Champion Joe Rules—this
time delivered by Eris Spiral and Mr. Spectrum—be included
in the auction. This all resulted in another nearly $400
being raised.

8 ) Iron Bull Argus, accompanied by Craig Z-List, pinned
Warhead with a schoolboy. Warhead was distracted by The
"Leader" Kyle Payne, was came out and expressed his
displeasure over the auctioning of a title belt for John
Begley when he (Kyle) wasn't even in a match. Warhead
challenged him to a one-on-one match March 25 in New Egypt,
but Kyle Payne suggested a tag team match. Bryan Haden &
Kyle Payne then delivered a beat-down to Warhead. Once the
dust settled, the match was agreed to: Payne's Gate vs.
Warhead & mystery partner March 25 at the New Egypt American

9) In one of the most hard-hitting main events ever in UWC,
Tony Chini, accompanied by Francesca, pinned Pete Corvus to
retain the World Heavyweight Championship!

The United Wrestling Coalition's next event will be on March
25 at the New Egypt American Legion for our Conquering
Cancer event to benefit John Begley and his family. This
event will feature Flash Carter vs. US Champion Bobby Banks;
a special women's match; an appearance by the Easter Bunny;
and so much more! And then on April 15, the UWC will be back
in action at the Bordentown Elks Lodge! More details about
these events will be released soon, so for updates, be sure
to visit http://www.facebook.com/UWCFanCave, follow us on
Instagram @UWCaction, and follow President Joe Rules on
Twitter @UWCRules.

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