WWE/LEGALIZED BETTING: Legalized betting on WWE matches in the U.S. not getting much support

Posted on 3/11/123 by Colin Vassallo

The prospects of legalized betting on WWE matches in the
United States have been met with a lot of skepticism from
operators and many said that they will not be entertaining
the idea.

According to CNBC, the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, the
Colorado Division of Gaming, BetMGM, FanDuel, and others have
shot down the idea of it happening.

“The WWE is not an approved sports league,” the Massachusetts
Gaming Commission said in a statement while the Colorado
Division of Gaming dismissed the idea that any of them talked
with WWE over legalizing betting on matches.

“The Colorado Division of Gaming is not currently and has not
considered allowing sports betting wagers on WWE matches. At
no time has any state gaming regulator in Colorado spoken
with the WWE about including wagers on our approved wager
list,” a statement from them read.

Meanwhile, BetMGM CEO Adam Greenblatt replied with an “NFW”
when asked about it during the iGamingNext conference this
week. NFW stands for “no f*cking way,” so you can probably
remove BetMGM from the list of potential partners.

FanDuel told CNBC that it’s “highly unlikely” that they would
ever accept a bet on WWE matches and said that betting on
award shows is completely different than “weekly scripted

In another statement, The American Gaming Association, which
represents both commercial and tribal operators, told NBC
that their both regulators and operators must have confidence
in the integrity of the competitions, which clearly WWE
enjoys zero of that.

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