ALL ELITE WRESTLING/FIGHT FOREVER: GCW opposes AEW’s Fight Forever trademark application

Posted on 3/11/123 by Colin Vassallo

Game Changer Wrestling is opposing the AEW trademark
application of Fight Forever, the name of AEW’s newest video
game which is awaiting a release date. The story was
originally reported by Raj Giri of

In records found on the United States Patent and Trademark
Office website, attorney Michael Dockins from Shumaker Loop
& Kendrick filed a 90-day extension request to oppose AEW’s
filing. The USPTO granted the extension the following day.

AEW originally filed for the trademark on March 21, 2022
with Game Changer Wrestling having filed for the same
trademark on July 21, 2022. Fight Forever is a name GCW used
for a 24-hour wrestling event with no fans back on January
29, 2021 to support indie wrestlers during the coronavirus

GCW and AEW are currently in discussions to settle the
dispute although GCW owner Brett Lauderdale tweeted, “GCW
has never, and will never ask for a dollar of Tony Khan’s

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