Posted on 3/07/123 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: TD Garden
City: Boston, MA

We are shown the arrival of Solo Sikoa, Jimmy Uso and Paul
Heyman. Heyman says the Tribal Chief was very clear on
Smackdown but Sami Zayn was not finished and he escaped so
that means Zayn will be here live tonight on Raw. Solo will
solve the Kevin Owens problem and Jimmy, with or without his
brother Jey showing up or not he has to solve the Sami Zayn

Kevin Owens VS. Solo Sikoa

Kevin goes up for the frog splash, Jimmy Uso comes out for
the distraction. As the match continues, Jimmy keeps looking
around the fans for Jey. Owens goes for the stunner, Jimmy
gets on the apron but Solo counters and Owens runs and
knocks Jimmy down. Owens with a superkick to Solo then
senton off the ropes. This time Jimmy runs in the ring and
breaks up the 3 count causing the disqualification.

Winner by DQ: Kevin Owens

After the match, Solo and Jimmy continued to beat down Owens
but Sami Zayn came out of the crowd and saves Owens and
chases the brothers off with a chair in hand. Owens rolls
back in the ring and Sami joins him in the ring. Sami drops
the chair, walks over to Owens who is sitting in the corner
and offers Kevin his hand and Owens lays back and slides out
of the ring.

Bobby Lashley says he went to Bray’s home to face him man to
man but he sent someone out in a mask to attack him. He then
asks Bray when is he going to face him man to man.

Byron Saxton interviews Carmella about match against the Raw
Women’s champion tonight and as she degrades Adam Pearce.
Chelsea Green comes in and says they should go over Pearce’s
head tonight after her match.

Bianca Belair VS. Carmella

Belair goes for a pin and Chelsea Green who is ringside with
Carmella comes in the ring and distracts the ref from making
the 3 count. Chelsea gets back in the ring but Belair throws
her out and chases her around the ring and throws Chelsea
into the ring announcer sitting area. As Belair gets back on
the apron, Carmella pulls her in and rolls her up with her
feet on the ropes and only gets a 2 count. Belair then hits
Carmella with a KOD for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair

After the match, Chelsea attacks Belair, Carmella then joins
in on beating Belair. Asuka comes out. Asuka confronts
Chelsea and Carmella then leans back and Carmella ducks and
Chelsea takes the mist. Belair gives Asuka an approving nod,
gets up and they smile and have a stare down while looking
at the WrestleMania sign.

Sami Zayn is shown walking backstage and finds Kevin Owens
and says do you see now the Bloodline is too much for you
and too much for me. But we have the same objective now. And
the only way to do this is by doing it together. Kevin said
maybe we could take them down together but I don’t want to
do this with you. Just please leave me out of it. Kevin says
I have been fighting the Bloodline alone for over 8 months

The Miz comes out to host Miz TV and the face-to-face
between Seth “Freakin” Rollins and Logan Paul.

As the fans continue to sing Rollins’ entrance music, Miz
gets upset and starts yelling but his microphone goes dead.
Logan then gets a microphone and says Boston this segment
has a time limit so shut up.

Logan says Seth doesn’t like him because he is better at his
job than he is. Seth tells him he doesn’t like him because
he is the scum of the Earth. Seth then says he came there to
fight. Logan says he is a premium act and doesn’t fight for
free and would never fight in Boston. But he would be open
to fighting Seth on a bigger stage.

The Miz said he can make that happen. Seth says good make it
happen and throws Miz out of the ring. Logan goes after Seth
and goes for a stomp on Seth but Seth moves and superkicks
the Miz and turns back to Logan only to get blasted by
Logan’s right hand to the face. Seth drops to the mat. Logan
then says when you wake up let me know about WrestleMania
and oh yeah “Bye, Bye Bitch” like Rollins said to him last

Omos VS. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph attempted to put Omos in a sleeper hold but Omos just
threw him off and then choke slammed Dolph for the win.

Winner: Omos

Maximum Male Models and Maxine are in the back looking at
Alpha Academy and complimenting Otis and Maxine says he has
it. Baron Corbin comes in and thinks they are talking about
him and thanks them. Mace’ finally said Corbin we were not
talking about you we were talking about him, pointing at
Otis. Maxine asks if Corbin can handle their problem and
says see the short ugly one over by my beefcake. Corbin says
Gable? And Maxine says yes! Take care of him and I will
consider taking you on.

Paul Heyman tells Jimmy if he cannot bring Jey back in the
Bloodline by the end of the week, The Tribal Chief is going
to blame him.

Johnny Gargano VS. Finn Balor

As Balor is set to go for the Coup de Grace, Edge’s music
hits and Priest and Ripley walk toward the entrance to head
off Edge. But Edge comes through the crowd and pushes Balor
off the top rope. Gargano hits a DDT and gets the win.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

After the match Dexter Lumis takes out Priest and Edge
spears Balor.

They show Cody’s face to face with Roman from Friday Night

Byron Saxton interviews Edge in the back. Edge says two
weeks ago Balor cost Edge a match he shouldn’t have lost,
now, no offense to Johnny Gargano but now Edge cost Balor a
match he should not have lost. Next week Edge wants to call
out Balor.

Nikki Cross VS. Piper Niven

Nikki attacks Piper before the bell, Piper finally gets
separated from Nikki and the bell rings.

Piper then rolls out of the ring, Nikki takes her jacket off
and throws it at Piper who gets back on the apron and
headbutts Nikki. Nikki tries to go more on attack but Piper
reverses and sends Nikki into the ropes and catches her with
a side slam.

Winner: Piper Niven

Rick Boogs in the back and Elias comes up and tells Boogs to
go up to Bronson Reed and tell him I want to fight you.
Boogs goes over and Reed comes to Elias and says you want to
fight me, it’s your funeral, I will see you next week. Elias
yells at Boogs and Boogs smiles and says I told him what you
wanted me to tell him. Elias says you have a lot to learn.

The return of John Cena!! Before John could say anything
Austin Theory’s music hits and Theory comes to the ring.
Austin tells the crowd to keep it going “cheering for Cena”
and Theory says just like all of them I have a lot of
respect for you and you are the reason I became a WWE
Superstar and he has a gift for Cena…bigger than any movie
role he. Theory says he and Cena for the United States
Championship at WrestleMania.

Cena says NO. Cena says he isn’t interested in his gift
because he hasn’t earned the right to give it. Cena says he
doesn’t believe him because Theory doesn’t believe in
himself. Cena tells Theory he will give him a gift, shut up,
turn around and get out of this ring and we will let you
leave in one piece.

Cena tells Theory that he didn’t say no for him, he did it
for Theory because if he takes him on at WrestleMania and
Cena wins, Theory loses everything. If Theory beats Cena,
Theory again loses everything. Cena and Theory trade a few
more insults and Cena says you backed me into a corner here
and says ok lets ask them and point to the crowd.

Cena asked the crowd do you want to see John Cena VS. Austin
Theory for the United States Championship at WrestleMania.
The crowd screams yes.

Cena tells Theory he doesn’t care about him but he will
never let them down. He got his match but remember this
moment because this is the moment you made the biggest
mistake of your career. Cena stops as he is walking to the
back and turns and says to Theory, you are not near ready
for a WrestleMania moment but let me introduce you to
someone that is: The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes.

Cena and Cody hug and Cena raises Cody’s arm.

In the back Cathy Kelly interviews Sami Zayn about his
attempts to reconcile with Kevin Owens.

Sami says Jimmy was supposed to have his back, but he is the
one that is supposed to take Sami out but bad news for
Jimmy, Sami Zayn isn’t going anywhere until he sees the end
of the Bloodline.

Baron Corbin VS. Chad Gable

As Corbin was yelling at Gable that he was nothing, Gable
grabbed Corbin’s leg and locked him in the ankle lock and
Corbin had to tap out.

Winner: Chad Gable

The New WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Lita & Becky Lynch
are out to the ring. Lita thanked Becky for allowing her to
become a tag team champion and says there is a special
person they also need to thank and called out Trish Stratus.

As Trish started talking she is interrupted by Damage
Control. Bayley said the three of them are going to be the
reason Trish and Lita don’t come back. Trish says you don’t
listen well, I told you before I can go from being retired
to was retired real quick and then challenged Damage Control
to a six-woman tag team match at WrestleMania.

Bayley quickly accepted and Damage Control tried to attack
Trish, Lita and Becky but Damage Control was sent flying out
of the ring quickly.

Jimmy Uso VS. Sami Zayn

The referee sends Solo to the back, Sami hits Blue Thunder
Bomb but Jimmy kicks out. As both men are down Jey Uso
appears in the crowd and comes to ringside and stands on the
announce table and says come on. Jimmy picks Sami up but
Sami reverses it into a pin and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Sami Zayn

After the match Jey comes in and puts his hands on Jimmy’s
shoulders and says a few things then walked out of the ring
and stood by Sami then hugged Sami.

As Jimmy kneels down in the ring looking distraught about
what he just witnessed, Sami and Jey play to the crowd and
Sami yells back and tells Jimmy it is not too late. Then out
of nowhere Jey superkicks Sami and throws him back in the
ring and The Usos begin beating Sami.

Solo comes back out and joins in on the mauling but Cody
Rhodes comes out to make the save for Sami and the brothers
leave the ring.

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