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Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes Face-to-Face

Wow, an electric and fantastic segment. Reigns and Rhodes
hit a home run for this back-and-forth promo. They made
their WrestleMania match feel incredibly important and
special. They were both great in their role. The fan
reaction was strong, adding to the atmosphere.

Roman Reigns, Paul Heyman, Solo Sikoa, and Jimmy Uso made
their way to the ring. Reigns grabbed the mic and demanded
Washington, DC, acknowledge him. Without missing a beat,
Cody Rhodes's music hit to a big pop. Michael Cole noted it
was Rhodes's first appearance on SmackDown in seven years.

The fans erupted into a massive "Cody" chant. Contrary to
what Paul Heyman told Reigns, Rhodes is there to talk with
his WrestleMania opponent man-to-man. Rhodes felt the rest
of The Bloodline didn't need to be in the ring. Reigns
ordered The Bloodline to leave.

The fans applauded The Bloodline leaving. Reigns then set
the titles down, which got the fans buzzing. Rhodes noted
Reigns is an impossible mountain to climb. But that's
Rhodes's thing. Everyone always doubted Rhodes, saying he'd
always be Randy Orton's understudy, he'll never get away
from Stardust, and he and his friends couldn't draw 10,000
fans to his little indy show. The fans applauded. Rhodes
pointed out that defeating Reigns isn't impossible for him.
The fans broke into a loud "Cody" chant.

Reigns laughed and congratulated Rhodes for practicing his
speech all week. Reigns pointed at the WWE title and asked
Rhodes if he ever won it. Rhodes never competed for the
title or was in a WrestleMania main event. Reigns has done
it all. He was groomed for this position by his father and
Dusty Rhodes since he was a child.

Reigns doesn't have a bad thing to say about Dusty. He
praised Dusty for his guidance and advice. Reigns even did a
Dusty impression. Reigns added that Dusty never talked about
Cody with him. Reigns admitted he misses Dusty. Reigns
promised if there is something Dusty didn't teach Cody,
Reigns will teach him at WrestleMania. Reigns wanted a

Rhodes realized he was not playing on the same field as
Reigns. Maybe Reigns is the son Dusty always wanted. Rhodes
needs to beat Reigns. For Rhodes to matter and exist, he
must complete his story and beat Reigns for the title. They
shook hands to end the segment.


Rhea Ripley (w/Dominik Mysterio) defeated Liv Morgan (8:04)

Ripley and Morgan had a fun opener with a hot crowd. Ripley
came across as a monster, but they gave Morgan lots of
chances to shine.

Morgan hit a dropkick out of the gates for the early
advantage. Ripley briefly took over, but Morgan fired back
with a middle rope dropkick. Morgan went for a suicide dive,
but Ripley knocked her down in mid-air. Ripley then cut a
promo on Charlotte Flair as they cut to a break.

Ripley continued to dominate Morgan. Morgan avoided a back
suplex and caught Ripley with a hurricanrana. She followed
with a second rope code breaker for a close near fall.
Ripley countered oblivion. Morgan fought back with an
enziguri. Morgan leaped off the top rope, but Ripley caught
her in a powerbomb. Ripley hit rip tide and locked on an
inverted cloverleaf for the submission win.


- In the Bloodline locker room, Roman Reigns asked Jimmy Uso
about his brother Jey. Jimmy defended Jey, pointing out that
Jey's a hot head. Jey just needs time to calm down. Reigns
admitted he's losing patience. Jimmy understands and
promises to talk to Jey. Reigns isn't losing patience with
Jey. He's losing patience with Jimmy. Jimmy understands and
went to call his brother.


-The Progressive Match Flo of the Week recapped Dominik
Mysterio taunting his father, Rey Mysterio, to hit him.

-Santos Escobar approched Dominik and Ripley. He thinks Rey
should have punched Dominik in the face. Escobar went to
Adam Pearce and got a match with Dominik. Esocbar's going to
the ring to see if Dominik's a man. Escobar called Ripley
mami and made a kissy face as he walked away.

Dominik Mysterio (w/Rhea Ripley) defeated Santos Escobar

Another solid match with Mysterio vs. Eccobar. They noted
Escobar's a member of Legado Del Fantasma, but there was no
sign of Zelina Vega or the other members.

Mysterio was briefly in control. Escobar quickly took over
and locked on a submission. Escobar came to the ring with
the mask Rey gave him two weeks ago. Mysterio escaped and
lured Escobar in. He tossed him to ringside and hit a dive
as they went to a break.

Mysterio was firmly in control, setting up for the 619.
Instead, he choked Escobar on the middle rope. Mysterio
yelled at Escobar about respecting his legacy and pointing
at Rey's mask on the corner.

Escobar recovered, hitting a tilt-a-whirl into a leg drop.
Both guys hit the ropes and collided in mid-air. Mysterio
slowly got to his feet and blatantly pulled out brass
knuckles to distract the referee. Ripley pulled Escobar out
behind the referee's back and hit the rip tide. Mysterio
then hit the frog splash for the win.

After the match, Dominik grabbed Rey's mask from Escobar.
Dominik ripped up the mask as he walked away. Rey Mysterio
came out and demanded the mask. Dominik got in Rey's face
again and demanded he hit him. Dominik knocked down Rey when
he went to pick up the mask.


- Earlier today, Sami Zayn was walking among the fans. he
knows his match with Solo Sikoa is about sending a message
and not winning. Zayn has a message of his own to send.


Drew McIntyre/Sheamus/LA Knight/New Day/Karrion Kross

This segment started strong with McIntyre and Sheamus. They
both want a title shot against Gunther at WrestleMania. Then
it turned into a typical WWE segment where a bunch of people
interrupted each other. In this case, nobody has a
WrestleMania match, and everyone wants one.

Drew McIntyre entered the ring. He pointed out that he
doesn't have a WrestleMania opponent. He wants a match with
Intercontinental Champion Gunther and called him out.

Instead, Sheamus entered the ring. Sheamus was furious that
McIntyre went behind his back to get a match. McIntyre knows
how badly Sheamus wants to win that title. McIntyre noted
Sheamus isn't his parent. He doesn't have to run everything
past Sheamus first. Sheamus thought they were brothers, but
McIntyre's not his brother.

McIntyre told Sheamus the hard truth. He got two title shots
and lost twice. LA Knight's music interrupted. He noted they
couldn't have WrestleMania without LA Knight.

The New Day's music hit, and they walked to the ring. Kofi
Kingston made fun of Knight for wanting a match at
WrestleMania. Kingston correctly pointed out that Knight
can't even win a match on SmackDown.

Karrion Kross interrupted and made his way to the ring with
Scarlet. Kross caused a distraction, allowing Knight to
attack New Day. Sheamus sent Knight to ringside. McIntyre
and Sheamus went face-to-face. McIntyre hit a dive wiping
out everyone at ringside. Kross jumped Sheamus from behind,
clearing the ring. Kross was the last one standing to end
the segment.


Earlier today, Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler brawled with
Natalya and Tegan Nox in the back. During the fight, Rousey
somehow injured her arm. Due to Rousey's injury, the tag
team match is now Nox vs. Baszler.

Shayna Baszler (w/Ronda Rousey) defeated Tegan Nox
(w/Natalya) ) (2:01)

They shot an angle to change this to a singles match. Rousey
had her arm in a sling and didn't get involved. Basic two-
minute match.

Tegan Nox was on fire early as she hit a cannonball in the
corner. Baszler recovered and attacked Nox's arm. Nox tried
to fight back, but Baszler went back to the arm. Baszler
rocked Nox with a knee to the face and locked on an arm bar
for the submission win.

After the match, Nox yelled that Baszler broke her arm as
Natalya checked on her.


- Gunther and Imperium spoke with Kayla Braxton. Gunther was
upset that Adam Pearce didn't have a match for him for
WrestleMania. He said it was a disgrace and demanded a
WrestleMania match.


Bobby Lashley Segment

Typical Bray Wyatt/Uncle Howdy segment with magic.

Bobby Lashley made a surprise appearance on SmackDown. Bray
Wyatt's symbol flashed on the screen as Lashley entered the

They recapped Lashley addressing Wyatt on Raw and Wyatt's
muscle man dance. Lashley knows Wyatt's not man enough to
meet him to his face. So, Lashley came to SmackDown to
confront Wyatt. Lashley called out Wyatt.

Instead, Uncle Howdy's music started playing. Howdy jumped
Lashley from behind. Lashley fought back with a spine buster
and set up for the spear. Suddenly the lights turned off.
When they came back on, Howdy was gone. Lashley looked
around, confused.


- In the Bloodline locker room, Jimmy spoke with Jey on the
phone. Jey still needs more time to think. Reigns was
annoyed. Jimmy admitted Jey said to leave him the hell
alone. Reigns blamed The Bloodline's problems on Sami Zayn.
Reigns believes if they get rid of Zayn, Jey will come back
to The Bloodline. Reigns told Jimmy to join Sola Sikoa for
his match and to take out Zayn.

After Jimmy left, Reigns told Paul Heyman that Jey has one
week to return. If he doesn't return, Reigns won't blame
Zayn; he's blaming Jimmy.


Solo Sikoa (w/Jimmy Uso) defeated Sami Zayn (7:46)

Sikoa pinned Zayn after Jimmy's brief interference in a
solid main event. The show's long story revolves around
Reigns demanding Jimmy find out what's happening with Jey
Uso. Right now, Reigns blames Sami Zayn for all the problems
in The Bloodline. Reigns gave Jey Uso one week to return. If
Jey doesn't return, Reigns will blame Jimmy, not Sami.

Zayn jumped Sikoa and Uso before the match. Zayn dumped
Sikoa and Uso ringside. He followed up with a dive wiping
out the heels. Uso caused a distraction, allowing Sikoa to
wipe out Zayn. Sikoa took over and tossed Zayn over the

Sikoa continued to punish Zayn and beat him down. Zayn tried
fighting back, but Sikoa hit a Samoan drop. He followed with
a splash in the corner. Zayn fought back with a flying
crossbody for a near fall. Zayn set up for the blue thunder
bomb, but Sikoa escaped. Zayn recovered and hit the blue
thunder bomb after Sikoa missed a splash in the corner.

Zayn went for the helluva kick, but Jimmy pulled Sikoa out
of the way. Sikoa then hit the Samoan spike for the win.

After the match, Sikoa and Jimmy beat down Zayn. Jimmy
placed the chair around Zayn's head. Sikoa went for the
splash, but Jimmy stopped him. Jimmy wanted to hit the
splash instead. Jimmy kept talking trash, allowing Zayn time
to recover. Zayn fought back with the chair and escaped
through the crowd.

In the locker room, Reigns was furious that Zayn escaped.
Jimmy was distraught in the ring. The fans broke into a loud
"Sami" chant.


Next Week: A fatal five-way number one contender's match
featuring Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, LA Knight, Kofi Kingston,
and Karrion Kross. The winner takes on Intercontinental
Champion Gunther at WrestleMania. Plus, Ricochet & Braun
Strowman take on The Viking Raiders.

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