YOUNG ROCK: Young Rock season three ratings review

Posted on 3/03/123 by Colin Vassallo

Season three of Young Rock wrapped up airing on NBC last week
and the show did not benefit at all from airing head-to-head
against Smackdown.

Typically, when networks move shows to Friday nights, it is
seen as the final nail in the coffin although it remains to
be seen if Young Rock will get the axe too.

This season, Young Rock failed to cross the 2 million
viewership mark, something it did nine times out of 12
episodes last season. Young Rock season three averaged
1,431,000 viewers over 13 episodes, down significantly from
the 2,152,000 of season two.

The ratings for this season were: Episode 1: 1,810,000;
Episode 2: 1,430,000; Episode 3: 1,360,000; Episode 4:
1,420,000; Episode 5: 1,320,000; Episode 6: 1,530,000;
Episode 7: 1,310,000; Episode 8: 1,480,000; Episode 9:
1,460,000; Episode 10: 1,260,000; Episode 11: 1,360,000;
Episode 12: 1,380,000; Episode 13: 1,480,000.

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