Christopher Daniels speaks out about his backstage role in AEW, his segment with MJF, ROH's future

Posted on 3/01/123 by Phil Johnson

All Elite Wrestling's Christopher
Daniels recently joined for
an exclusive in-depth interview. During
the conversation, Daniels spoke out
about his backstage role in AEW, his
segment with MJF on AEW Dynamite, as
well as his hopes for AEW and Ring of
Honor. You can read the entire interview
by clicking here. Here are some

His backstage role in AEW:

“I take a lot of pride when they come to
me for anything. That’s a badge of honor
for me. I’m very happy to give advice. I
want to help guys not only succeed but
help them to try to avoid the mistakes
that I made. I don’t think I know
everything about professional wrestling.
All I can do is give my experience, and
my perception of what I think works for
a certain talent. In the end, the
talents have been great. I tell them all
the time that they don’t have to listen
to me. This is just my point of view and
how I feel. If they try it, or even if
they don’t, it’s their choice. I respect
their decision as long as they hear me
out. So many of the guys respect my
decisions, and it’s a lot of fun to be
able to see guys take advice that I give
them, and then when it works, they’re
happy and decide to keep it in their

His segment with MJF on AEW Dynamite:

“It was a bit of a surprise. That wasn’t
the original plan. There was an idea to
do something with someone else from
Bryan’s past. At the 11th hour, it all
fell through, and we were in Laredo and
scrambled for a backup plan. I remember
speaking with MJF and Jerry Lynn, and I
told them I’ve known Bryan since 2001,
so I could help out. Once I threw that
suggestion out, we kicked the idea
around. Max and I took an opportunity to
go back and forth about what my
relationship with Bryan was, and how we
would steer this particular segment. I
was really happy. I’m always happy to
contribute to the on-screen product.”

His hopes for AEW and ROH:

“Nothing specific. I want to get Ring of
Honor back to the popularity it had
right before the pandemic brought
everything to a standstill. I would love
to see ROH find life back online. I
would love to see a crossover audience
that loves both AEW and WWE enjoying
Ring of Honor. That would be awesome. I
would love to see an opportunity for ROH
to return to television. But I also
understand the situation we are in with
AEW and Warner Broadcasting. Maybe in
the future when ROH could be on a Warner
affiliate that’s not TNT or TBS. But
this is just speculation from a guy who
falls for a living. If we can continue
the upward progress of AEW, continue to
grow the fanbase, solidify ourselves,
and bring Ring of Honor up to that level
as well, I think that would be a great
situation for all of us under Tony’s

Daniels also talked about what his time
with AEW has been like, how important it
is for fans to have a wrestling
alternative, AEW's new All-Access
reality show, Bryan Danielson, and much
more. You can read the complete
interview at this link.

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