MLW/REELZ: MLW’s new home Reelz added to Peacock, but no MLW shows will stream due to WWE

Posted on 3/01/123 by Colin Vassallo

Major League Wrestling’s new home,
Reelz, announced that it will be added
to Peacock as a linear channel along
with on-demand programming starting

The bad news is that MLW will be missing
out on the deal as Peacock has an
exclusive deal with WWE to air on the
streaming service and no other wrestling
program can air there while WWE is part
of Peacock.

In a story on the Hollywood Reporter it
was reported that the stream between
10PM and 11PM every Tuesday will stop
working as that’s when MLW airs.

“Peacock has a streaming deal with the
WWE, which has exclusivity in the
category on Peacock,” THR writes.

MLW and WWE are already locked into a
lawsuit with MLW claiming that WWE
worked with other broadcasters not to
carry their program. WWE successfully
fought to get the lawsuit dismissed and
MLW now has three weeks to submit an
appeal or amending their lawsuit.

MLW is claiming that WWE pressured VICE
and Tubi, owned by FOX, to stop working
with the promotion.

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