WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW: Nikki and Brie Bella not thrilled to be cut from RAW 30th anniversary episode

Posted on 1/24/123 by Colin Vassallo

Nikki and Brie Bella did an Instagram
Live and didn’t seem to thrilled to have
been omitted from the RAW IS XXX
broadcast yesterday.

The twins were originally advertised to
be appearing on the show but that
changed and they were eventually removed
from marketing material.

Brie Bella questioned WWE’s decision not
to showcase any of the women’s
revolution during the 30th anniversary
episode and also took a dig at WWE for
not mentioning Sasha Banks. “Mercedes is
too over and we can’t say her name,”
Brie mocked WWE.

“There’s a couple of other girls and
there’s a bunch of us they don’t want to
show,” Nikki added, wrapped in a towel
seemingly just getting out of the

“That’s fine,” the twins said

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