SAMI ZAYN: Sami Zayn to undergo Bloodline Tribal Court tomorrow on RAW IS XXX

Posted on 1/22/123 by Colin Vassallo

Sami Zayn will undergo a Bloodline Tribal Court tomorrow
night on RAW IS XXX as the Bloodline Acknowledgement
Ceremony has been dropped in favor of advancing the
storyline with Zayn coming off that chaotic ending of

Zayn, who’s walking on a thin line with the faction at the
moment, came out late to save the rest of the group on
Friday and instead of taking out Owens, he paused, stared
down his frenemy, and let Owens escape unharmed.

The exciting storyline and dynamics between Zayn, Reigns,
The Usos, Sikoa, and Heyman are reaching a fever high and it
will be just a matter of time before the trigger is pulled
to either have Zayn double-cross The Bloodline or The
Bloodline turn on him.

The original acknowledgment ceremony was supposed to feature
the older members of the Anoa’i family. It remains unclear
if they will still appear as part of the Tribal Court or
simply removed from the broadcast all together.

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