Posted on 1/21/123 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: Save Mart Center

City: Fresno, CA

Last Week’s Rating: 513,000 overall; 0.13 in 18-49 demo

It’s Friday Night, and you know what that means… it’s time
for our Rampage Review!


Ethan Page vs Jungle Boy Jack Perry

Backstory: The Firm – mostly Big Bill – have been attacking
JB, he and Hook beat them in a tag last week, Page wants

So I finally realized what Ethan Page was talking about on
Wednesday. But had completely forgotten he was part of ‘the
Firm’ and that they were feuding with Perry. Mostly since
they were a faction who only got together when MJF needed
them. Who now has nothing to do with them and yet here they

Page was already in the ring, Jungle Boy got his entrance.
As Jericho noted how much he hates crowds singing along to
entrance themes. Do enjoy a hypocritical heel.

Page attacked before the entrance was even over, hooking the
youngster in the Ego’s Edge as he posed on the top rope.
Perry slipped out, striking quickly in the corner then
sending Page outside via flying headscissors. Page pulled
Isiah Cassidy into the path of a JB tope – he and Matt Hardy
were at ringside – then took advantage with a clothesline.

After slinging him back inside, Page stopped to jaw with
Hardy and this time Perry’s tope was right on target.

Thus far this is very similar to Wednesday’s opener: a ton
of bodies around ringside which seem to have taken
precedence over the in-ring.

Hardy made it very clear he wasn’t going to attack Jungle
Boy, who continued in the ascendancy until Hathaway grabbed
the boot. JB stared at him for several years, allowing
Ethan to attack then over-elaborately celebrate with Hardy.
‘That’s my guy!’

Dropping Perry face-first against the apron, Page returned
to the ring, hit a backbreaker and began to work on the
shoulder before clotheslining the youngster over the top.
From his knees, Perry fought back with crisp strikes and
chops; Page responded by slinging him into the ringpost then
dropping him with a stiff chop.

Crowd very quiet as Page shouted into the camera with total
intensity – ‘You wanna slap tits? I’ll slap tits’. Jericho
in particular enjoyed this line. Schiavone’s awkwardness
playing-off Jericho was tremendous.

First break.

JB caught Page coming in with elbows to the face but was
then grabbed mid cross-body; slipped out and rebounded with
a big diving lariat. Attempting a piledriver, Page back
bodied his way free, pursuing Perry to the top rope, hauling
him off the top wrists-first into an iconoclasm, maintaining
wrist control and dragging Perry straight back up off the
mat into an off-the-shoulder powerslam. That sequence is

The crowd still very quiet when Page is on offense.

He mocked Hardy’s pose then looked for a Twist of Fate.
Perry countered, the two grappled into the corner where JB
fired off ten of the best, the last of which struck Hathaway
(who’d come onto the apron), allowing Page to hit Hardy’s
move and bag two: too close to the ropes.

He then sent Perry outside, demanding that Hardy ‘get him!’.
Before we could find out if he would, Action Bronson blared
over the speakers as Hook arrived. Page still took
advantage of the distraction to get two, using Hardy’s hair
as leverage. Jungle Boy reversed it into a roll-up to bag
the win.

It was just developing into a really good match amid the
‘gaga’ when that happened.

Post-match, Hathaway shrieked that it was Hardy’s fault.
Matt protested that he was Page’s friend; Page challenged
the faces to a tag against him and Hardy so that the latter
could ‘make it up to me’.

That’ll be on Dynamite.

The way they’ve been stop/start with using Ethan is a sure-
fire way to ensure someone doesn’t succeed. He needs to
regularly appear on tv. Not that he’s the only one.

WINNER: Jack Perry

Ortiz joined Schiavone in the ring. Ortiz said Kingston had
‘lost it’ and was buying the House of Black’s mind-games.
He was annoyed because Eddie was about to hit a woman with a
chair last week and ‘in our world, that’s a line you don’t
cross.’ He then noted that he should be discussing this
with Kingston instead of Schiavone, asking him to come out.

Kingston was irritated Ortiz had chosen to discuss this on
tv instead of settling it off-camera. Ortiz said this was
the only way to get his attention. Ortiz got on him again
about ‘hitting a woman’.

(This’d work a lot better if it genuinely looked like Eddie
was going to do that, instead of turning ‘round with a chair
in hand and Julia being literally right behind him.)

Then noted that their trainer Homicide would be disappointed
and calling Eddie a ‘fake tough guy’. Kingston attacked him
with a chair to the gut then walked off. Can’t really says
I blame him.

The announcers emphasized that the HOB had done this.

Couple notes: In a company full of people with two names,
‘Ortiz’ seems less important by comparison.

Do the several hundred-thousand people who watch Dynamite
but not Rampage even know the House of Black are back? Or
where Eddie Kingston is? They never appear on the ‘A’ show.


Darby Allin package talking about how he’s going to defend
his TNT title every week, searching for the ‘high’ he felt
when defeating Samoa Joe in his hometown. Now he has old
scores to settle with the HOB. Wants to prove he can beat
each and every member.

Well, guess that’s me told. Though if Allin’s just going to
run through them all not sure what it does for them. Do
like that at least this gives a storyline reason for the
weekly title defences and can totally buy Darby chasing that

He and Joe have done a lot to rehab a belt which badly
needed it.

Brian Cage vs Willie Mack

Backstory: None

Surprisingly, Mack actually got an entrance. Cage looks and
acts like a total star. If he could talk, he’d probably be

This started with sloppy exchanges: the two big guys
essentially performing a lucha routine with armdrags and
kip-ups. Mack dropped Cage with a Samoan but caught nothing
but mat on the subsequent standing moonsault.

Cage took advantage with a running boot to the face, step-up
kick in the corner, German suplex then another running pump
kick with Mack slumped against the buckle.

Before stopping to pose.

Ross offered to pay for Schiavone to get a haircut like Cage
as the competitors exchanged strikes on the apron, ending
when Cage drove Mack into it spine-first.

Mack bought time by rolling under a clothesline and striking
with a pump kick as we returned from break.

Then hit a phenomenal running enziguri, almost a high
shining wizard. Continuing the assault with a clothesline,
he hooked Cage for a rock bottom, the Machine fought free
with elbows to the temple but ate a pop-up punch to the face
as he rebounded off the ropes. Mack got two via sky high.
(Shoutout D-Lo Brown. Criminally underrated)

Both staggering to their feet, Cage hit a superkick,
following up with an F-5 for two. Cage thought he’d won it.

Mack slipped free, missed a roundhouse, ate a powerbomb
which Cage rolled him through right into a punt to the face
then a Drillclaw to bag the win.

Pretty entertaining match. A little slow in places but some
good sequences.

WINNER: Brian Cage

The Self-indulgent Minute was next as the announcers all
talked about the Jacksonville Jaguars and their game

Jade Cargill & Leila Grey vs Jaida and Jordyn Vanity

Backstory: None

Jade is not wrong. She and Leila look like total stars on
their way to the ring.

After a couple minutes, Cargill hit Jaded to go to 49-0.

WINNER: Jade Cargill & Leila Grey

Action Andretti vs Daniel Garcia

Backstory: Andretti beat Jericho in a shock upset;
embarrassed, the JAS have been attacking him ever since.
Also, Garcia gets Sammy Guevara’s spot in next week’s tag if
he wins here.

So it’s the guy from the JAS we’re seemingly supposed to
sympathize with – again – versus the guy facing the JAS who
we’re definitely supposed to sympathize with.

Garcia was wearing his new leather pants a la Jericho as
Sammy joined on comms. Andretti seemed to get a decent
response from the crowd as he came out. They were Silent
for Garcia.

Who flew out the blocks, attacking before Andretti could
remove his gear.

Action responded with a handspring elbow then threw his
jacket into the crowd. Pursuing Garcia to the corner with
stiff chops, he then dropped him via tejeiras and bagged a
quick two count after a springboard tornillo.

Continuing his dominance, he sent Garcia packing to ringside
after an enziguri then took flight with a suicide dive which
isn’t quite at the Allin/Fenix level but certainly packed a

Garcia wanted a timeout, avoided a baseball slide then
struck with a clothesline at ringside. And you know what
that means! Break time.

The pace of this match is noticeably different from the
others tonight.

Andretti in trouble as we returned, on his knees, Garcia
with wrist control, slapping the face with his boot as
Action fired-up. To his feet, he shook off stiffer and
stiffer boots to the jaw as Jericho and Guevara finally
acknowledged the stip. if Garcia wins. The commentators
have done a poor job lately emphasizing what’s at stake in

Exploding with a leaping clothesline, then a running lariat,
Andretti hit a neckbreaker and was firing up again, causing
Garcia to bail outside with AA on the top rope. He hopped
straight off the top to the apron then springboarded into a
moonsault and just about made contact.

Before flinging his opponent back inside to eat a split-leg
for two slaps of the mat.

Jericho was beginning to reluctantly acknowledge that
Andretti had talent but growing more and more frustrated
with Garcia’s inability to beat him.

Just as Action again sprung back off the ropes. This time,
Garcia was ready, trapping him into a choke. Until Andretti
got his shoulders up to leverage a two count, breaking the
hold then striking with an enziguri. Garcia responded with
another big boot, Andretti fired back with a thrust kick
then hit a neckbreaker out of an F5 for nearly three.

Andretti Flair-flipped to the apron out of an Irish whip but
Garcia again caught the incoming springboard attack,
clocking him in the jaw as he landed then hitting a sit-out
pumphandle for two. Getting more and more desperate he then
hooked the trunks during a roll-up to get another two.

Andretti then caught him with a boot and launched a tornillo
off the top which landed way short, right into his running
shooting star to bag another win over the JAS.

There was nothing wrong with this, it was wrestled at a good
pace but something was missing. It lacked intensity,
feeling less like a feud and more like just a random match
with no stakes. Though that might also have been impacted
by the crowd who were quiet for most of the hour.

WINNER: Action Andretti


Next Dynamite:

Jungle Boy & Hook (JungleHook…) vs Matt Hardy & Ethan Page
Darby Allin w/ Sting vs Buddy Matthews (Ok! if we’re
revisiting the Malakai/Sting stuff, that might finally get
the HOB some tv time)
Toni Storm vs Ruby Soho vs Britt Baker
Family Therapy w/ the Gunns & the Acclaimed
Brian Cage vs Bryan Danielson
Le Sex Gods vs Ricky Starks & Action Andretti

Overall impressions

Rampage has been doing slightly better ratings lately.
Mostly because stars like Moxley have been on the show. Be
surprising if that continues with tonight’s lineup.

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