WWE BUSINESS: WWE’s Vice President of Communications Adam Hopkins departs after 25 years

Posted on 1/17/123 by Colin Vassallo

Multiple industry sources have reported
that Adam Hopkins, WWE’s Vice President
of Communications is no longer with the
company. Details surrounding his exit
remain unknown.

Hopkins had been working for WWE for a
whopping 25 years, starting in 1997 as a
Fan Services Coordinator and then moving
to Public Relations Coordinator in 2000.
In 2004, he was promoted to Manager of
Media Relations and three years later he
rose up in ranks as Senior Manager of
Public Relations and Corporate
Communications. In 2012, Hopkins was
appointed Director of Communications and
then Senior Director of Public Relations
and Corporate Communications in 2019.

In February of last year he was promoted
to Vice President of Communications, a
position he held until his departure.

Hopkins was a favorite among wrestling
journalists and often facilitated
interviews and other passes for the
online wrestling media.

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