UPW Pro Wrestling January 14 Iron Mountain, MI results

Posted on 1/15/123 by Leonard Brand


IRON MOUNTAIN - UPW Wrestling at the
Maxx Entertainment Complex: Judge Jesse
defeated Brock Hall by submission...Kaz
Karter & Ruff Ryder Rashan defeated
champions Top Gun/Dean Hendrix (sub for
a injured Forever Young) & Gio
Bronco/Great Tiger to win the Tag Team
belts...Joey Avalon & Hannah Henderson
defeated Corey Kerr & Sierra...J-Sinn
pinned Luigi Primo...Silas Young pinned
TW3...Sampson pinned Doink the
Clown...American champion Kato defeated
Marcus Porter & Melvin Hayes...The Dev
defeated Romeo Valentino by
disqualification...Sean Lawhorn & Tommy
Trainwreck defeated Chuck Stein & Peter
B. Beautiful in a barbed wire match.

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