WWE FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN: Triple H addresses WWE Superstars in meeting before Smackdown

Posted on 1/14/123 by Colin Vassallo

Triple H held a talent meeting last
night before Smackdown according to
PWInsider.com to address the return of
Vince McMahon. The talent were not part
of the company-wide meeting held last

The WWE COO explained what McMahon’s
role is at the moment and said that he’s
back “only” to lead the efforts in
finding a strategic alternative.
Levesque said that the company has not
been sold and a sale process will take
months, if it even happens.

He also tried to calm some nerves down
by telling WWE Superstars that Vince’s
return does not affect the creative
process, at least for now, and he still
has the final say over what goes on
television as Chief Content Officer.

One would think that with Vince back, it
will not be long before he takes over
creative back but McMahon is currently
busy enough with the sale and TV rights
renewals and those are the top
priorities right now in the company.

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