WWE SALE TALKS: WWE CEO Nick Khan meets Disney’s counterpart on sale talks

Posted on 1/12/123 by Colin Vassallo

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer
is reporting that WWE Chief Executive
Officer Nick Khan traveled to Los
Angeles, California on Monday to meet a
few important people regarding the WWE

Meltzer said that Khan met with Disney
CEO Bob Iger and ESPN and Sports Content
Chairman James Pitaro to talk business.

Iger, who recently returned to the helm
of The Walt Disney Company, and Pitaro,
the most powerful man in ESPN, are
obviously very influential when it comes
to acquisitions and Disney is one of the
companies who are interested in
acquiring WWE.

Meltzer added that while Vince is back
and mainly working on selling the
company, Nick Khan is the man running
WWE at the moment after Stephanie
McMahon resigned from her post as co-

Khan was brought in by Vince McMahon in
a move that surprised many in the
industry and was at the time the most
powerful person in WWE whose last name
wasn’t McMahon.

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