Posted on 1/12/123 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: Kia Forum

City: Los Angeles, CA

Last Week’s Rating: 864,000 overall; 0.26 in 18-49 demo

That 18-49 is the joint-lowest since Jan 6th last year.

Perhaps this loaded show can correct that.

It’s Wednesday night, it’s Dynamite. Let’s go.


Jon Moxley vs Hangman Page

Backstory: Moxley ko’d Page in October, Page couldn’t even
remember his son’s name afterward but vowed that Mox will
remember everything he does to him tonight

Right to the action, Mox’s theme rang out as he stomped his
way through 8,000. Let’s hope they live up to last week’s

There was no posing from the Hangman, he too stomping
straight down to the ring for his first match in 85 days.

Straight to sluggin, the crowd roaring along, Mox fired Page
into the corner, immediately to a clothesline, Page fired
back, flinging Mox across the ring, big boot in the corner,
unloading until Mox slumped down, ‘Cowboy s***!’, stiff
chops as the two came together again in the middle.

Flurry from Hangman, irish whip, Page telegraphed a back
body drop: Mox flung him to the mat head-first then acted
innocent. A ‘Moxley’ chant as he backed Page to the corner,
choked him with the boot, took him atop the buckle, back-
rake and a bite, superplex, Page again holding his head but
kicked out at barely one.

Right into a juijigitame, Hangman trying to block the grip,
rolling to his knees but kicked in the face then German’d
right onto the back of his head.

And again.

Then another set-up; Page fought him off then hit a
suplex/throw before heading to the apron. Mox was ready,
bashing the former champ off into the barricade.

Hangman fired back with a spinning lariat, absolutely
dropping Mox, the crowd roaring him on, Moxley exploded with
a KKL to down Page and bag a couple covers as we
unfortunately cut to our first break.

This is a fight.

Returning to Moxley grinding Page’s face into the mat, the
latter crawled to his knees, still in a choke. Before
fighting his way out via belly to back suplex then hitting
another huge lariat to leave both down as the ref began his

Up at six, they faced off once more, stiff elbow strikes –
yay/boo, ‘c’mon Mox!’ beckoned Page. Mox took the bait,
accelerating into a fallaway slam, Page struggling to kip
up, Mox struggling in the corner, the crowd clapping.
Another clothesline in the corner from Page, Mox avoided the
next; Hangman landed on his feet out of a German, left-hand
lariat, big boot knocking Mox outside, Ourihara, both
hurting as a ‘Holy S’ chant kicked up in amongst ‘This is

Buckshot set-up: duck, counter, Death Rider, Page kicked

Right into h&a elbows, into the Bulldog choke, Hangman
struggling, back up into h&a, back down into the choke.
Page finally back to his feet, still in the hold, dragged
into a piledriver, spiked right on his head but kicking out
with authority at barely one.

Moxley smiled.

Then waited for Page to climb back to his knees, striking
the chest with kicks Danielson-style. Pausing to flip-off a
crowd loudly chanting ‘Cowboy S***’. Allowing Page to
counter: Deadeye setup, Mox slipped behind into a sleeper to
boos from the crowd, looking for another piledriver, Page
countered back to hit Deadeye; Mox popped-up first to hit a
curb stomp before collapsing.

The ref started the count once more.

All the way to seven with both just about on their knees,
fighting their way back up with more stiff elbows until Mox
went to the headbutt, dropping Page who came back with one
of his own. Then stiff open-hand slaps, flurry of punches,
crowd roaring, huge rebound lariat from Page, Buckshot
ready, hit, 1,2,3.

Wow! What a match. If there’s a better one tonight then
good God what a show this’ll be!

Moxley does not lose often. This was just his third loss in
AEW since July 2021. But it was absolutely the right result
for Page who’s been in the wilderness since losing the world

It also perfectly sets up a decider. Perhaps at the ppv?
Yes, please!

Post-match, Moxley struggled in the corner, the doctor in to
check on him. Essentially the reverse of what happened last

We returned to a serious-looking Excalibur and Taz talking
about Mox being helped backstage. Perhaps this is setting
up the break he was supposed to get in September?

WINNER: Hangman Adam Page

Weirdly, considering the link with concussions, Adam Cole
was out next! Schiavone said he took no pleasure in
welcoming his next guest, leading you to think it was Mr.
Friedman. Huge response for Cole.

He’s been thinking all day about what he’s going to say.
It’s a good news/bad news situation. The good is that after
what happened he has a whole new appreciation for his life.
Since he was nine he wanted to be a wrestler and now he’s in
the best company in the world.

The past few months he was ‘really, really banged up’ with a
shoulder injury and two serious concussions. He described
vividly what happened to him. Did not sound fun at all. He
couldn’t sleep, he even referenced ‘Britt’ getting up to
check on him and him crying.

And none of the fans knew what was happening but so many
were there for him anyway. He saw the supportive messages.
Struggling to hold it together, he said those ‘mean the
world’ to him.

He’s given the fans nothing for six months but they were
still there for him. He’s eternally grateful. The fans
chanted his name.

‘Now for the bad news’.

‘The bad news, it’s not for me, its for the AEW locker room
because Adam Cole is back!’ Huge cheer. He thought he was
finished but ‘no way, I ain’t done yet!’ He will not stop
until he’s the very best.

He wants everyone to remember this day. When the new Adam
Cole was born. Who promises that one day he’ll be at the
top of the mountain. He set it up so that he dropped the
mic as the fans chanted ‘Bay bay!’.

Hell of a promo. Full of passion, raw honesty and charisma.
So glad they didn’t do a stupid swerve. AEW generally are
good with stuff like that.

Though they might want to wait a while before using that
‘The bad news is I’m back!’ line again since it’s the same
one Saraya used.


Cut to the Acclaimed. On Friday they’re gonna be among
stars, literally, because they’re getting a star on the Walk
of Fame.

Jungle Boy & Hook (JungleHook) vs Lee Moriarty and Big Bill

Backstory: Hook saved Jungle Boy from a whoopin’ at the
hands of the Firm

That team name almost killed my entire interest in this

The heels came out to Moriarty’s music. Nothing they’ve
done so far suggests Big Bill is, was or will be a priority
and this continues in that vein.

The faces exchanged a brief fist bump before JB and Moriarty
got us started. With a lockup. Moriarty sneaking in a
stiff chop to the chest, the two exchanged a couple more
before Jungle Boy hit his springboard arm-drag then tagged
in Hook.

For a double-team elbow to the face, after which Hook went
after the arm before quickly tagging back out:
bodyslam/elbow drop combination as the good guys were
working well together.

Until Stokely grabbed the leg. Jungle Boy tried to tope him
but was caught by Big Bill. Hook prevented another
chokeslam onto the apron but allowed Moriarty to hit an
enziguri as he got back in the ring. Tag to the big guy.

Who mocked Jungle Boy’s wave then missed a splash in the
corner but did not miss a big boot.

Break time.

Jungle Boy fought out of a submission via powerbomb then
began the crawl as the crowd chanted for Hook. Who blasted
Moriarty with a stiff lariat which might have bettered all
those in the previous match, then hit a northern lights but
Bill broke up the cover.

Annoying the youngster who went face to chest with the big
guy then HURLED him via T-Bone suplex after a sequence which
seemed to go slightly awry but the crowd certainly didn’t
care, going nuts for the suplex.

Bill bailed outside. JB got the Snare Trap for the tap on

Hook held up his teammate’s arm to celebrate.

Very short factoring in the ad break. I’ve been very
critical of them hiring the former Big Cass. Since it seems
they had absolutely no idea what to do with him. But the
way he was used here, to highlight an up-and-comer, was

(Side-note – they now have new ring apron and barricade
banners to go with the new set and it does look a lot better
than last week)

WINNER: JungleHook

Renee backstage with DanHausen, Orange Cassidy and some dude
named Paul Hauser who’d got a Golden Globe. Who asked if
everything was cool with the Best Friends. Orange said it
was as Trent looked uncomfortable. This was immeasurably
lame and awkward. I have no idea who that dude is so maybe
someone will tell me this was all worth it since he’s such a
big star.


Renee, outside the Elite’s locker room, referenced the last
time there was a Game Seven here: the Lakers and Pistons
facing off in 1988.

Bryan Danielson vs Konosuke Takeshita / MJF Promo

Backstory: Danielson has to win every match until the ppv to
get his shot @ MJF

There’s a damn good chance this’ll be the match of the
night, despite the build and star-power present in others.

‘He is not supposed to wrestle this idiot, I’ll tell you
that,’ noted Schiavone as MJF’s music hit with Takeshita in
the ring. Tony’s great.

MJF did his usual, ‘you’re not very bright, Daddy’s holding
the mic’ to the crowd before very patronizingly talking-up
Takeshita. Then making the very obvious ‘Take-a-shit-a’

The Japanese responded in Japanese. The crowd cheered
anyway. Max said that ‘round here we speak American’.
Takeshita confirmed that ‘I said, ‘Kiss my ass’!’ MJF got
pretty hot, ordering Aubrey to remove him from the ring or
he’d be fined.

He took a long time to say that the fans liked Danielson
because they too are irrelevant. He then heeled on a dude
in the crowd from the Hangover. Then Freddie Prinze Jr.
Have to be careful here, might turn himself.

He then reiterated that there’ll be no iron man match, he’ll
make sure of it. Before he could finish his line, which the
crowd were chanting along with, Danielson’s music hit, he
sprinted to the ring; MJF sprinted from it.

This was a thirty second promo dragged out to five minutes.


Starting FAST, the two ducked and dodged until a Blue
Thunder Bomb was countered and we re-set. The crowd

To a headlock, Takeshita then got wrist control, Danielson
bridged his way up and out, into a drop toehold, then the
Romero Special, then a dragon sleeper. Takeshita slipped
out into one of his own, brought Danielson up then fired-in
elbow strikes, dropping the vet, who popped back up to
respond with chops.

Takeshita came back with more chops. (After a fast start,
this has really slowed down, so presumably it’s going a

Until it finally kicked up a gear via Takeshita’s diving
clothesline off the ropes. Then slowed once more: double
underhook suplex from Danielson into a short-arm scissor.
He then went for the LeBell Lock, Takeshita used his long
legs to get the ropes.

And was then backed into the corner, stiff kicks being
followed by a pair of running dropkicks but he was ready on
the third with a fantastic Blue Thunder Bomb for two.
‘Takeshita’ chant from the crowd.

On his knees, Danielson was pelted with more chops, the last
dropping him to his back, his chest beginning to bleed as we
went to break.

We returned just in time for Takeshita’s clothesline from
atop the buckle, though it looked like he didn’t quite catch
it full-y. MJF was shown watching backstage as Danielson
countered a powerbomb into a hurracanrana, sending both
outside. Danielson then launched off the apron, hurting his
knee, and was then dropped via brainbuster on the mats at

Takeshita launched a springboard senton, Danielson got the
knees up, right into the LeBell Lock, right in the middle.
Again, the youngster’s legs bagged him the escape.
Takeshita very over with the fans here in LA. Who’ve been
great so far.

Yes! kicks until the last was caught – as it is every week –
the two set to fighting, heavy shots to the temple until a
discus lariat smashed through Danielson. Takeshita readied
a knee-strike but was caught in h&a until dragging Danielson
atop his shoulders. Danielson tried a victory roll;
Takeshita muscled him back up into a kind-of Styles Clash
then straight into a German. Hell of a sequence.

Then missed another jumping knee. Danielson hit the
busaiku, Takeshita kicked out. Danielson shook his head in
frustration as the crowd went wild. Then set to stomping
the youngster’s head in. Like last week, his opponent was
out cold before he’d even transitioned into the subsequent

The vet made a point of helping the youngster up.

This was a little disappointing. Perhaps I was expecting
too much. The last few minutes were excellent and I surely
missed some things in the recap. But it was a little too
slow for a little too long. A bit like Edge and A.J. at

WINNER: Bryan Danielson

Renee backstage with Juice Robinson. Who called out Darby
Allin for Friday for the TNT Title. Renee looked like she
was going to crack when he shouted ‘Rock Hard’.

Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker vs Saraya and Toni Storm

Backstory: Challenge was made back in November, Saraya only
picked her partner last week amid much speculation

In another incredibly smooth transition, we went from Juice
to Toni Storm. Who was noticeably serious making her

Be interesting to see how Saraya does here with a few more
months training under her belt and Jamie Hayter to work
with. Who got easily the biggest reaction from the crowd.
She and Britt in matching gear, looking like a proper team.

Smartly, Saraya did not start, Toni and Jamie Hayter
continuing where they left off the last time either of the
faces wrestled at November’s ppv. They dragged each other
around in a lockup, neither willing to let go, until Hayter
fired off chops, irish whip, Storm rebounded with a shotgun
dropkick then knocked the champ off the apron with a hip

Saraya tagged in and came off the apron with a cannonball
then launched high knee-strikes before screaming it was her
house. The fans booed. She then tripped the champ for a
quick one count.

Working noticeably faster than last time.

Hayter hit her double suplex to counter both ‘faces’, who
were booed when they got back on offense. Britt dropped
Storm off the apron via neckbreaker as Hayter and Saraya
brawled around ringside.

Just as Hikaru Shida made her way down the ramp with a kendo
stick. The crowd chanted her name as the announcers
speculated about who she’d go after. They cut to break amid
the speculation. Smart.

We came back just in time for Britt and Saraya to get tags.
Saraya was again booed. She hit a Knightcap for two then
screamed again that it was her house.

Baker countered, looking for an air raid crash; Saraya
slipped out, hit a knee to the face, then a running elbow in
the corner before tagging Toni to hit a hip attack then a
tornado ddt off the ropes for two.

Crowd the quietest they’ve been all night. Easily.

Isolating Toni in their corner, the heels set her atop the
buckle, Hayter took out Saraya as Britt hit an air raid
crash from the top. Nasty spill. Count of two.

The heels hit sandwich elbow strikes to the face then the
Haytbreaker, the combo that got them the win on Friday.
Saraya intercepted the pin. Storm avoided a lariat, hit a
German, Storm Zero, Britt broke it up at two. Crowd silent

Hayter and Storm exchanged shots in the middle until
dropping each other at the same time which did wake the
crowd. Rebel took the ref, Shida threw in the kendo stick,
Baker used it on Storm, allowing Hayter to bag the win via

Shida appeared to be shocked at what she’d done though she’d
clearly thrown the stick near Baker.

No Sasha.

This got very awkward when Saraya and Britt were in there
together and, not surprisingly, Baker and Hayter were
cheered after cutting a ‘homer’ babyface promo last week and
Saraya coming-off heelish in how she chose her partner. The
booking with both teams has been puzzling at best and mostly
awful. Might help explain why it was pin-drop quiet for
most of the match.

WINNER: Jamie Hayter & Britt Baker

They cut away from Excalibur in mid-sentence to show Eddie
Kingston and Ortiz bickering ahead of Friday’s tag. Yaaay,
teams who hate each other.


JAS out for a promo. They’ve had a big week – PWG, taking
care of Action Andretti and ending the ‘Ricky Starks

Starks’ music hit and he came out along with Andretti. LOUD
‘Ricky’ chant. They failed last week because he’s still
standing. Jericho called Andretti an ‘orphan’ and told him
to go back to the minor leagues.

Andretti used Jericho’s ‘shut the hell up’ line against him
then threatened to shove the baseball bat up his ass.
Garcia didn’t like that. Andretti called Guevara Garcia’s
‘babysitter’ then said Guevara couldn’t keep control over
his own wife or where her hands go because last week they
were between Andretti’s legs.

Garcia cut a heel promo while being annoyed when Sammy tried
to hug him. Starks called 2.0 ‘JAShole 1 & 2’ as the crowd
chanted ‘JAShole’. He then roared at Jericho to move aside
then aimed his words at ‘Gilligan’ in the purple hat. Great

He then challenged Hager for a match they’d already
announced. Excalibur tried to cover for the mistake.

‘I like this hat!’ Screamed Hager. But he wears a lot of
them and one is an undefeated MMA fighter. Starks said next
week he’ll be in the ring with someone who is ‘Ab-so-lute!’.

Nice to see the continued follow-up with Starks. Hopefully
they do the same with Strickland on Rampage.

Death Triangle vs the Elite, Ladder Match, 7 of 7 for the
Trios Titles

Backstory: It’s 3-3 in the best of 7 series, winner take all

Just hope no-one kills themselves here. They’ve not been
given as much time as you might think. About ten minutes by
the time they were all in the ring.

Crowd loud as Justin Roberts made the announcements. The
usual mix of cheers and boos as the Elite’s music began.
Omega was wearing the IWGP US title and they made reference
to him beating Ospreay at Wrestle Kingdom.

Only one belt needs to be pulled down to win. Though all
three are hanging.

Loud ‘Cero Miedo’ chant as the six squared-up in the ring.
Callus joined on comms.

Straight into a wild brawl, they split into three pairs,
each pair taken out by the other until Matt and Penta were
left. Kenny took out Penta, Fenix – Kenny, Nick Jackson hit
a facebuster, Pac and Penta double-teamed Nick, Fenix off
the top with a frog splash.

Crazy start. There’s no way I’ll be able to cover anywhere
near all of this but I’ll do my best.

Fenix hit a tope, Nick followed suit through his brother’s
legs as a brief ‘Elite’ chant started and stopped. Matt
reversed a Fenix cazadora then headed up the ladder but was
quickly cut off. He hit a destroyer on Penta but was pulled
off the ladder by a Fenix springboard armdrag. Kenny pulled
Fenix off into a snapdragon, then one for Penta.

Before readying the Terminator Dive until being cut off by a
Pac shotgun dropkick. Omega fired back with a snapdragon.
Back to the dive, he missed everything, crashing through a
table at ringside; Matt came off the top to drive Pac
through another as the break beckoned.

Both landings looked like they Sucked. Capital intended.

Penta readied a suplex onto a ladder on Matt but was back
body dropped onto it instead. Fenix then hurracanrana’d
Nick off the top onto the ladder.

Pac then trapped Kenny’s hands in the ladder, stomping away,
then prepared to climb. Until Kenny dragged him off into a
OWA. Pac poisonrana’d his way out, Matt ate a rebound
German, Fear Factor, Fenix tornillo over the top to take out

Penta was dragged off the ladder by Matt who was doubled by
he and Pac. They setup a ladder in the corner: double
suplex ready on Nick until Matt flung superkicks to save his
brother. Fenix in via springboard, Matt snatched him into
locomotion northern lights, the last one on the propped-up

Nick off the top, 450 splash through Penta and a table at

Leaving Matt to make the climb, Fenix grabbed the boot, Matt
kicked him away but Alex Abrahantes came in to push Matt
off. Cutler in with coldspray, Kenny hit a V-Trigger to
take out Alex. Then ready the ladder. Pac intercepted,
back in with the hammer, attacking Kenny’s hand. Then
dragging him outside where he hit a falcon arrow.

Leaving Pac all alone to climb; Matt met him at the top.
The Lucha Brothers set-up another ladder underneath, forming
a platform atop the ropes. Penta hit Fear Factor on it.
Leaving Fenix to climb. Omega met him at the top where they
fought into Omega hitting a OWA off the ladder. Kenny then
got the knees up to block a Black Arrow – which always looks
absolutely spectacular – the crowd going nuts as Omega

He finally bagged the middle title to take back the Trios

This was completely mental. If you don’t like ‘spot-fests’
or want a really psychologically sound match, you should
probably avoid this. Otherwise, it was crazy fun. In that
regard, probably the best match in the series. If a little
rushed. Not the first time AEW have run long.

Now it’s time to actually establish the division. There
hasn’t been a single trios match which wasn’t for the titles
since the tournament in August.

WINNER: the Elite


Next Rampage:

Juice Robinson vs Darby Allin, TNT Title
Acclaimed segment
Anna Jay & Tay Melo vs Ruby Soho & Willow Nightingale,
Street Fight
Kings of the Black Throne vs Eddie Kingston & Ortiz
Next Dynamite:

Hager vs Starks
Bryan Danielson vs Bandido
More announced on Rampage

Overall impressions

Before tonight began there was a good chance this would be
the best ever Dynamite. And while I can’t say for sure that
it was – mostly because I can’t remember them all – it was
certainly up there.

The crowds have helped tremendously the past two weeks.
Let’s hope they continue to go to new places with
enthusiastic fans.

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Hangman Page vs Jon Moxley (easily the best match on the
show, loved it)
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