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It’s Wednesday night, it’s Dynamite. Let’s go.


Excalibur showed us the ‘shocking’ conclusion to Saturday’s
ppv, before we cut to Regal mid-ring – ‘Would you like to
hear from your new champion?’ HUUUGE cheer (uh-oh).

‘Well you will, but it’ll be next week’. Regal pretended
not to know where they were and that MJF had better things
to do – on the set of the Von Erich movie.

Next week, Max will explain ‘everything’. (Wonder if he can
explain not using the diamond ring and delaying his victory
just to use the brass knucks?)

Cue ‘Wild Thing’ as the announcers emphasized Moxley had the
match won on Saturday. The ex-champ did not look pleased.
His eyes never left Regal as a ‘you f***** up’ chant
started. Before he could get to his mentor, Bryan Danielson
slid in front.

‘We’ve all done bad things!’ He begged Moxley not to hurt
the man from Blackpool. After slapping Mox, Danielson
profusely apologized but insisted that Regal was the only
man who’d really been there for him when his dad had the
same struggles Moxley did, helping him understand his

Then tried to use the same analogy with Mox’s daughter –
what if someone helped her love you? Because, ‘I love this

Visibly shaking with rage as the crowd chanted his name,
Moxley went face-to-face with Regal – ‘I only want one thing
from you, I want you to run. Run far away, as far away as
you can and you never, ever come back.’ This is some
medieval ish.

The Englishman slowly traipsed up the ramp as Moxley looked
pained in the ring.

Mox was fantastic here, doing everything his character
should in the situation. The rest of the story… let’s just
say it needs tying together. And most importantly, it does
not seem like Max is going to be booed. And that’s a


Backstage with Keith Lee, Renee wanted to know where he and
Swerve stood. Funnily enough, Strickland was right there.
Squaring up, Strickland put his hand over the camera and
said ‘Let’s talk.’

Orange Cassidy vs Jake Hager, All-Atlantic Title

Backstory: Hager wondered what was in Cassidy’s bag, Cassidy
showed him the belt and made this challenge

Hager came out in his MMA gear… and that purple bucket hat.
He’s done a better job making that seem important than half
the belts in the company. Rocky and the Best Friends came
out with Cassidy to balance out 2.0 and Daniel Garcia.

(There were some CM Punk chants when the show very first
opened, absolutely nothing since.)

Cassidy handed his glasses to the ref, Hager put them on
under his bucket, smiling and preening. Orange kept trying
to take the hat, Hager kept blocking him. Don’t kill his
vibe man.

The kicks were next, duck under, dropkick but Hager smashed
right through him, hat intact. But after pursuing him to
the corner, Cassidy introduced him to the buckle and the hat
went bye-bye, as did Hager’s smile. And then Hager himself
after being bridged outside.

Leaving Cassidy alone inside. With the hat. The JAS scrubs
kept preventing him putting it on by interfering,
culminating in a dive through the ropes which saw Orange
caught and dropped across the apron, Jake kneeling like
royalty as his crown was placed back where it belonged.

Probably shouldn’t be involved in a title match. But this
was a lot of fun.

Back in time to see Cassidy skin the cat, he was caught by
his friends but Hager smashed through all of them. Orange
responded by taking all of Hager’s goons out via springboard

Caught coming back in, a stundog millionaire and swinging
ddt got two slaps. Jake set up the Hager Bomb, Orange got
his feet up but was snatched into the ankle lock. Cassidy
freed himself by stealing the hat and throwing it away, then
bagged the win via roll-up.

Total comedy but fun. Not much action. If you’re not into
the hat, you hated this.

About to hug it out, QT Marshall interrupted, along with the

Almost as if a higher power knew how bad this’d be,
Marshall’s mic stopped working, just as the lights turned
off. Coming back to reveal Julia Hart, then the House of
Black, already on the apron. They beat the crap out of
everyone to wild cheers and a ‘welcome back’ chant. Then
destroyed a bunch of security and enhancement talent,
culminating in Dante’s Inferno on the ramp.

‘Members of the House of Black, please… rise’.

The company seems in such better shape with these guys back.
Though again, there is zero chance of their being booed.

WINNER: Orange Cassidy


Ethan Page vs Ricky Starks, Eliminator Tournament Final

Backstory: Winner faces MJF at Winter is Coming

It’s seemed all along that Page was penciled in to win. But
with them struggling to keep MJF booed, they surely can’t
book him against another heel?

Bandaged from the shoulder across the torso, Starks’
injuries were immediately targeted.

The announcers continued the high prestige of this
tournament by promo-ing, bickering and giggling over the
first couple minutes, pausing just long enough to remind us
this was for a shot at the world championship.

Crowd very quiet as this started slowly, Page hammering at
the mid-section until Starks launched a Spear, buying time
on the outside. But pursued by Page, the attack continued
around the ring.

Thinking tornado ddt, Starks was dropped waist-first across
the top rope but an elbow strike sent Page outside. Starks
set-up a dive through the ropes, Hathaway hauled Page out of
harm’s way, Ricky crashing to the mat as Stokely was sent to
the back for his actions.

Heading to the top, Page was met there by Starks, the two
exchanging shots until Starks landed a superplex, the embers
of a ‘Ricky’ chant dying quickly. Ducking and striking,
Starks backed Page to the corner – irish whip, reversal –
Starks landed a swinging neckbreaker, then hit a tornado ddt
off the ropes, both down in the middle.

Crowd still very quiet as Ricky set up the Roshambeaux but
was dropped via a big shot to the mush, then hauled up like
a feather onto Page’s shoulders to be dropped via powerslam.
Count of two.

Signalling Ego’s Edge, Starks slipped out, ducked under, hit
another Spear, then another for the victory.

A nothing contest which barely felt like a mid-level
Dynamite match, let alone for a shot at MJF’s title.

WINNER: Ricky Starks

Wardlow promo – he complained about Joe using the perfectly
legal rules of the match to hit him with a belt shot, then
complained that Samoa Joe isn’t the TNT champion, he is.
And this is Wardlow’s World. Again, who is the heel here?


Footage aired of Jade Cargill confronting Bow Wow at the
weekend. Cut to her and the Baddies with Renee. They’re
going to have a Baddies Night next week. Mark Sterling then
said Jade had ‘No comment’ re: what occurred with Bow Wow
before essentially firing Kiera Hogan.

Is Bow Wow even remotely noteworthy anymore? Can’t remember
a song of his since he removed the ‘Lil’, and that was
twenty years ago. My conspiracy brain made the Bow Wow to
Snoop, Snoop to Sasha leap despite everything suggesting
she’s headed back to WWE.

But can’t see a single other purpose to this.

Death Triangle vs the Elite, Match 2, Best of 7 for the
Trios Titles

Backstory: DT lead 1-0 after Fenix reluctantly nailed Omega
with the hammer while clutched in the One-Winged Angel: how
reluctant he & his bro will remain is the story here

This series should be a blast. You might’ve already heard
or noticed – there’s a convenient gap in the schedule on the
4th Jan – just so happens to be the same night as Wrestle
Kingdom where it’s now been announced Omega will face

Pretty loud boos and a decent number of ‘CM Punk’ chants at
first as the Elite posed on the entrance. Wayward Son sucks
as entrance music. Though it is superior to the BTE theme:
a low bar.

Continuing a show-long theme, if the Elite are babyfaces,
Cutler & particularly Callis have to go. When the latter
was railing against Fenix’ cheating Sunday, it just sounded
like a bitter heel complaining.

Alex Abrahantes was back tonight as they showed footage of
Penta meeting one of the 49ers and handing him a custom
mask. On the same lines, Pac was wearing one now, having
broken his nose on Saturday.

Very logically, Kenny and Rey started things off, shouting
and arguing as mixed pro-and-anti CM Punk chants could be
heard. After seeming to settle on a shake, Omega blasted
Fenix with a pump kick as all six flew in to brawl, leaving
Rey to be beaten in the ring by the Elite as the Bucks kept
Pac and Penta outside.

An Omega sky-high brought an early two as the other four
continued to fight around ringside. Deciding to join them,
Omega set-up a terminator dive, pausing to do the ‘Go to
Sleep’ sign before he launched, allowing Fenix to hit his
rolling cutter before flying via tornillo onto the other
five as the crowd went wild.

Dragging Kenny inside, DT launched their triple shotgun
dropkick then the risky business combo for two. A rapid
sequence between Pac and Omega saw the former blasted with
an elbow to the nose, which the Bucks then targeted on the
outside before Matt launched via moonsault off the top to
the outside onto the Bros.

A Kintaro Crusher continued the attack on Pac’s broken nose
as ‘f*** CM Punk’ started up again.

Very clearly, they booked this for the Elite to be heels,
and the crowd is, surprisingly, at best 50/50.

(Don’t normally comment on the picture-in-picture – Matt
Jackson set-up a Buckshot Lariat and deliberately fell on
his ass. Wow.)

Returning to Matt preventing the tag, Omega bit Pac’s hand
but was blasted with a rebound-German-suplex, finally
allowing the tag to Penta – cross body off the top, swinging
dtt, tilt a whirl, another, another, crowd going nuts for
Penta. Rey in with the Bucks, armdrag/hurracanrana combo
while perched atop the ropes, down into a Matt superkick but
popped back up to hit one of his own. Everybody down.

Pac and Omega back in: Matt with a knee to Pac’s back from
the apron, V-Trigger, Nick tagged in, the Bros knocked off
the apron as the Elite removed Pac’s mask, the Brit fighting
from his knees but overwhelmed and hit with a triple
superkick – broken up at two by the bros who were
immediately flung back out to be hit by a Nick escaleira.

Another V-Trigger on Pac, One-Winged Angel set-up, Pac
slipped out, hauled back up, GO TO SLEEP! Even worse, Pac
kicked out. Yeesh.

Tag to Matt, Meltzer Driver interrupted by Fenix walking the
ropes. He then walloped Kenny and Nick with a tope con
hiro. In-ring, Matt hit a mule kick to Pac, then got a
hammer off Brandon but Penta blasted him with one of his own
as Death Triangle went up two-zip.

Post-match, Fenix wasn’t happy at how they’d won.

This was excellent, liked it much better than Saturday’s
match, had more of a story. And of course, all the Punk
stuff was fast-food-fun.

WINNER: Death Triangle

Renee on-stage to announce that Thunder Rosa’s been asked to
relinquish the women’s title. No more interim!!!!!! Then
introduced Jamie Hayter, who brought the girls with her.
Britt snatched the mic before Hayter could speak, though did
it to mostly put her over. Little – if no – sign of

Excalibur was calling the pair ‘The Killer and the Pillar’.
Don’t know if that’s official.

Tay Melo & Anna Jay vs Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter vs Willow
Nightingale & Skye Blue

Backstory: The JAS girls beat-up Blue on Dark until Willow
made the save

Hayter and Melo – still want to write Conti – began with a
headlock into a takeover, back up to their feet with Jamie
maintaining her grip, then runnning-through Tay as Anna came
in. Hayter suplexed both, then hit her suplex/powerslam
combo for a count of two on Tay.

Tag to Britt, cradle for two, couple duck-unders,
slingblade, another two.

Fighting back, Tay hit a shot to the face, then she and Anna
hit a double suplex, leading to Britt desperately tagging
Willow, who steamrolled both heels with hip attacks and high
boots. Cazadora from she and Blue got two slaps of the mat
on Anna.

Leading to Nightingale being flung outside where Melo shoved
her face-first into the guard rail as the ads arrived.

Skye Blue was running wild when we came back – including her
low kick to the head which looked really good here. Britt
tagged herself in, starting a sequence as she sent Blue
packing only to be hit with a DVD by Willow, who Anna hit
with a heel kick, to be blasted by an awesome boot to the
face by Hayter, taken out by a Tay pumpkick, Skye Blue back
in with a pumpkick and a cazadora into a code blue (v.
cool), Hayter in to setup the Curb Stomp by Baker for the

Excellent finishing sequence.

It really stood out here why Jamie Hayter’s so popular.
Everything she did looked good, and while she was in there,
so did everything her opponent did. Moreover, it looked
like a fight, like a contest, rather than a sequence of
athletic exchanges. Would like to see she and Tay work

Excalibur then noted that retroactively, Toni Storm’s reign
counted as being officially women’s champ, per Tony Khan.

WINNER: Britt Baker & Jamie Hayter

Renee backstage with FTR and Top Flight. Yes Please! Dax
noted that he doesn’t throw around compliments but he sees a
lot in them and challenged them to take over tag team
wrestling for decades to come.

The youngsters challenged them to put the ROH titles on the
line Friday. Yes Please!


The Acclaimed then hit the ring, along with the Daddy of
Derrieres of course. Bowens gets more confident on the mic
every week. It’s Thanksgiving and all that so there’s lots
to be thankful for, but most importantly… cue Billy Gunn
removing his bandage – Scissor Time!

Or maybe not. Professional mood-killers Jarrett, Lethal et
al. appeared on the screen, warning the Acclaimed as the
crowd chanted ‘TNA Sucks!’.

Finally, for the first time in a long-time, they could
scissor properly to finish the segment.

Jarrett’s still around then.

Chris Jericho vs Tomohiro Ishii, ROH Title

Backstory: This was announced during a Jericho promo Sunday,
the latter said Ishii used to run errands for him & called
himself Ishii’s ‘senpai’

The usual ROH guys joined the crew on comms/announcing.

Jericho gave the crowd his customary greeting, Ishii greeted
him with a slap. Sparking a stiff exchange – though very
safe – leaving Jericho to take a powder as Ishii invited him
back inside.

Where forearms took the place of slaps, Ishii again coming
out on top, Ishii avoided the Code Breaker, Jericho did the
same re: an enziguri. Both tried to bump each other off-
place, the import again got the better of it. Cue chops to
the chest.

Thus far, this is a slow build, not much movement – two guys
going mano a mano in the middle.

Blood had joined us as we returned. Pouring from Jericho’s
chest, presumably as a result of the import’s knife-edge
chops. Which were still going – the two stood in the
middle, flinging chops, neither leaving their feet.

A rare irish-whip led to Ishii charging through Jericho
until Le Champion pounded away in the corner, then headed
upstairs for ten of the best. Out of which Ishii dragged
him into a running powerbomb for two slaps of the mat.
Jericho ignored a lariat, Ishii did the same with a big boot
but landed a shot to the neck, sendin Ishii to the apron,
where Jericho leapt for his dropkick but was met with a

Dragging Jericho out there with him, the Ocho turned the
tables, absolutely spiking Ishii with a ddt.

Back inside, back to the slugfest, Ishii ducked under, hit a
German, Jericho responded in kind, another after Ishii
popped up, the Japanese popping up again but dropping back
down out of sheer exhaustion. Launching a Lionsault, Ishii
kicked out with authority, straight up into a Codebreaker
for a close two.

Judas Effect prepared; Ishii met it with a headbutt, then a
sliding lariat for two. Jericho countered a brainbuster
into the Walls but couldn’t synch it in. Ishii hit a
Codebreaker then a lariat for very-nearly three. Back to
their feet, Ishii launched an enziguri, Jericho caught the
boot, into the Walls. Ishii kept fighting towards the
ropes, Jericho kept dragging him back, finally torquing into
the high-angle old school Lion Tamer to finish the job.

Riccaboni noted that Jericho had won without cheating as
Claudio absolutely paintbrushed the Ocho atop the ramp.

Most of the way through this, it felt kind-of boring. But
it built, and built, until by the end it felt real and
dramatic. Good main-event.

WINNER: Chris Jericho


Next Rampage (4pm EST):

Toni Storm speaks
As does Jericho
FTR vs Top Flight, ROH Tag Titles
Darby Allin vs Anthony Henry
Dark Order vs Butcher, Blade & Rush
Hikaru Shida in action
Next Dynamite:

The Elite vs Death Triangle, Match 3 of 7
MJF speaks
More announced on Rampage

Overall impressions

An enjoyable show with a fun, comedic opener, a fast-paced
women’s contest and two good-to-excellent matches which were
totally different in style. So, as usual, the wrestling was

It’s the booking they need to sort out. Namely, the growing
list of acts received differently-than-intended by the

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