NXT ON USA: November 22 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 11/23/122 by Bob Magee

Opening the show is Toxic Attraction with an in-ring promo.
NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose is flanked by Jacy Jayne and
Gigi Dolan. Rose is celebrating her successful title defense
last week.

Rose defeated Alba Fyre last Tuesday, thanks in large part
to interference by Isla Dawn. Nevertheless, Rose claims she
won "all by myself." Rose then brings up the Iron Survivor
Challenge, as that will determine her next challenger.

Jayne then chimes to say her and Dolan can now focus on
regaining the tag team titles. They are all interrupted by
the NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Katana Chance and Kayden

They banter back and forth insulting each other, until
Carter and Chance rush into the ring. A brawl erupts, but
Chance and Carter are outnumbered. They are beat down and
left laid out.

A skit from earlier today shows Tony D'Angelo bantering with
NXT North American Champion Wes Lee.

Before heading to the ring, Cora Jade cuts a promo where she
insults Wendy Choo and the audience.

Grayson Waller confronts Duke Hudson in the locker room.
Waller says Hudson is not himself as part of Chase U. Hudson
says he bleeds the school colors, and Waller laughs at that
before leaving.

Cora Jade defeats Wendy Choo

Jade pins Choo after throwing a drink in her face.

Choo is a house of fire at the outset of the match, but Jade
eventually cuts her off. The fights spills outside just
before the show cuts to a split-screen commercial break.

Comeback by Choo after the show returns from the break. They
trade near falls. Jade takes a brainbuster, and she loses
some of her hair extensions in the process.

Jade retrieves her kendo stick, but Choo takes it from her.
While the referee convinces Choo to put down the stick, Jade
grabs Choo's drink she brought to the ring.

Jade throws the drink in Choo's face, blinding her. Jade
then delivers an evenflow DDT, and she scores a pinfall on

Apollo Crews goes to a diner, where he writes in his
journal. Crews talks about challenging NXT Champion Bron
Breakker at Deadline.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Kaina James, and James cuts a
promo on Ivy Nile and Fallon Henley. When James leaves,
Javiar Bernal comes in with a list of names on dot matrix
paper. I had no idea dot matrix paper still existed, but I
guess it does. The joke is the list of names is ridiculous
opponents, like Elon Musk or Drake.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly get into a backstage
brawl with Duke Hudson. They are pulled-apart.

Ivy Nile (with Tatum Paxley) defeats Kiana James

Nile wins via submission after a distraction by Fallon

They grapple at the start, until James gains an advantage
after delivering a Argentine backbreaker. James goes on to
work over Nile.

Nile comes back with a submission hold, and Nile starts to
run wild. Fallon Henley suddenly appears at ringside, where
she argues with James. The distraction allows Nile to apply
a modified Dragon Sleeper, and James taps out.

Henley and James brawl afterwards, and they fight their way
away from ringside.

Diamond Mine comes into the ring after the match for a post-
match promo. Julius and Brutus Creed cut a promo on Indus

Isla Dawn in a vignette talks about her attacking Alba Fyre
last week.

Scrypts defeats Guru Raaj

Scrypts pins Raaj after a somersault senton off the top
rope. This is a squash match designed to showcase Scrypts.
He easily wins in his NXT in-ring debut.

Scrypts entered the ring after tightrope walking down the
barricade, and then he leaps into the ring like Sin Cara. He
also flies around.

After the match, Scrypts leaves a calling card on the chest
of a fallen Raaj.

Thanksgiving message from The Schism

Members of The Schism are seated at a table in the ring.
There is an empty in the middle between them.

After some mic work, Ava Raine picks someone out of the
crowd to take the empty seat.

Gacy says tonight they are creating a new holiday, The Day
of Schism Invictus. Personally, I thought this all is pretty

Gacy ends the segment with a "sacrifice," which is him
giving the plant from the crowd a Rock Bottom through the

Trick Williams is doing a backstage interview when he is
confronted by Wes Lee. Williams is wearing a cap the reads
"Trick Willy," which becomes ironic. Lee basically tricks
Williams into barring himself from ringside for the title
match later tonight.

NXT Champion Bron Breakker is the focus of a vignette where
he goes fishing to decompress and reflect. Breakker goes
fishing to escape the stress of being champion.

Zoey Stark defeats Sol Ruca

Stark pins Ruca to win the match. Stark brawls with Nikkita
Lyons after the match.

Ruca got a lot of offense throughout the match. She has some
flashy moves, but she is still very green.

Ruca goes for a flying dropkick off the top rope, but she
misses. Stark then delivers a shotgun dropkick, and she pins
Ruca for a three count.

Stark goes to attack Ruca after the match, which brings out
Nikkia Lyons to make a save. Lyons and Stark briefly brawl,
until Stark bails out.

Von Wagner insults and attacks Edris Enofe and Malik Blade
in a parking lot brawl. Wagner rips the sweater vest off
Enofe, which Enfoe wears as a tribute to his late father.

Charlie Dempsey is the focus of a vignette. He is basically
a shooter.

NXT Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly (Kit Wilson & Elton
Prince) defeat Chase U (Andre Chase & Duke Hudson with Thea
Hail) to retain their titles

Prince pins Chase after miscommunication by Hudson and

The match goes through a commercial break. The story early
on is Hudson is being a team player.

Pretty Deadly work over Chase after the show returns from
the break. Prince is thrown outside, where he shoulder
blocks Thea Hail on his way to the floor.

Hot tag to Hudson, and he cleans house. Hudson tags Chase
back into the match, but Chase is on rubber legs. Upon some
miscommunication, Hudson boots Chase with a high kick.

Hudson is thrown into the ring steps, and Chase takes Pretty
Deadly's tandem finisher. Prince then covers Chase for a

A TikTok video shows Roxanne Perez and Indi Hartwell arguing
during a spot show.

Nikkia Lyons offers to be the third partner for Katana
Chance and Kayden Carter for a six-woman tag match against
Toxic Attraction.

Shawn Michaels next week will announce the participants in
the Iron Survivor Challenge.

NXT North American Champions Wes Lee defeats Carmelo Hayes
to retain his title

Lee pins Hayes to retain in a good match.

Lee has a new special entrance where he leaps out of a

They wrestle through a split-screen commercial break, and
Hayes begins to work over Lee.

Comeback by Lee after a slugfest. Lee spikes Hayes with a
Frankensteiner for a near fall. Hayes with a near fall of
his own by using a small package.

Codebreaker by Hayes, and he climbs the turnbuckles. Roll
through on a missed high spot. Lee with a meteora for a
false finish near fall.

Trick Williams runs down to ringside, and Lee does a flip
dive to the outside on Williams.

Lots of counters and reversals in the closing moments. Lee
eventually executes a Michinoku Driver, and he covers Hayes
for the deciding pinfall.

Dijak appears after the match to attack Lee, and he leaves
Lee laying as the show goes off the air.

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