CHRIS JERICHO: Chris Jericho unmasked as The Bride on The Masked Singer

Posted on 11/17/122 by Colin Vassallo

Last week, wrestling fans quickly figured out that The Bride
on FOX’s reality singing competition The Masked Singer was
highly likely to be Chris Jericho.

And the ROH champion was unveiled last night after he was
eliminated from the show after two weeks. Last week, Jericho
sang Shut Up And Dance and yesterday sang White Wedding.

Jericho was eventually eliminated by the vote from the
studio audience and the AEW star told Entertainment Weekly
that he was pissed that he got eliminated and that’s why you
never let the fans be in charge of a vote!

“It was something that I was kind of angry about, but that’s
just because I’m a professional and I don’t like to lose,”
Jericho said in the interview. “It was a lot of fun, to be
honest with you. I thought we had a lot that we could do
with the Bride costume and character.”

Jericho told EW that he originally was against the show and
thought it was stupid. But he realized that it was a lot of
fun and was just waiting for an invite.

You can see the unmask video from the show below.

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