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Excalibur welcomed us alongside Taz, Tony & Ian Riccaboni.
And you know what that means… Jericho’s opening.

Le Sex Gods vs Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson

Backstory: The 4 participants in Saturday’s ROH Title match;
in addition to disliking the other side, both teams have
teased infighting in recent weeks

All four flew at one another: Claudio took Jericho outside,
the other two remained in the ring. The BCC started strong,
culminating in double hammer and anvils right in the middle.
Riccaboni was less than objective on comms.

With Sammy wrapped in a Romero Special, Danielson tagged
Claudio for a boot to the face, Sammy responded by just
about keeping his balance on his flips-into-a-dropkick as
boos rained down. Claudio hauled Guevara up for a
delaaaaaaayed suplex, down to one knee, before dropping
first him, then Jericho as he ran in.

Danielson back in, Sammy still stuck in there, to the
corner, stiff chops and kicks, until Sammy targeted the eye.
Allowing the tag to Jericho, who fired off chops of his own
before posing for the crowd, double-birding them as
Riccaboni noted that ‘the feeling’s mutual’.

BD got the tag, Claudio forcing Sammy to watch as he worked
over the arm of Jericho. Quick tag back to Danielson,
quickly backed into the heel corner by Jericho, Sammy in,
Danielson down, Le Sex Gods Pose.

Responding, BD flew at Sammy, who drop toe hold-ed him face
first into the buckle, where Jericho continued to attack the
injured eye as the break beckoned.

Both heels had Danielson up for a delayed suplex of their
own as we came back, Jericho with his foot-on-chest pin for
a quick kick out. More chops to the chest in the corner,
Danielson in big trouble.

Fighting out, BD fired off chops, flipped off the buckle,
duck under, flying elbow strike, both down in the middle.
Tag to CC, who hauled-in Sammy like he was nothing, then
flung him into Jericho, flurry of uppercuts to Le Champion,
a good minute of them. Before running over Jericho with a
shoulder for a two count.

As he was setting up the Ricola Bomb, Jericho flipped out,
Claudio ducked a clothesline, hit another uppercut, another
two. Then set up the swing but Guevara stopped it,
Castagnoli into the Walls, Sammy took out Danielson with a
flipping dive as Claudio struggled to the ropes, the hold
finally broken via a Danielson shotgun dropkick off the top.

The Dragon the only man on his feet, tags to he and Sammy,
the pair faced off in the middle – flurry of forearms from
Sammy met with one discus elbow strike, knocking Guevara to
his knees, open for yes! kicks, he again ducked the last,
targeting the eye once more, jumping knee, Danielson slipped
out of the GTH, between the legs, LeBell Lock, Sammy got his
legs on the ropes.

Taking Sammy topside, Guevara again bit the injured
head/eye, allowing him to hit a cutter from the top, tag to
Jericho, Lionsault, Claudio broke it up at 2.5. An elevated
uppercut blasted Sammy to the outside, Jericho shoved
Claudio out there too, he and Danielson collided mid-ring,
both down.

Castagnoli came back in, Dnaielson took out Sammy with a
tope through the ropes, Jericho grabbed Floyd but Claudio
swept the legs, into a big swing with more than enough
rotations to make both nauseuous. The Swiss then got the
Sharpshooter while resting the bat on his shoulder for the
tap and the win.

Very good opener. They’re clearly trying hard to convince
you Claudio has Jericho’s number.

WINNER: Claudio Castagnoli & Bryan Danielson

Moxley/MJF video package – the two and various others
commenting on the upcoming title match. Short and


Another of those weird videos Darby does. Soundclip at the
start had the heels talking about bodybags. Darby emerged
from one in the backeat, joining Sting as he drove. The vet
noted that at Full Gear, ‘it’s showtime’.


Jarrett then stepped in front of the rest of his heel crew
to say Sting’s match on Sat would be his last. Before again
threatening the camera guy. Run! He’s trying to sell you
Cash for Gold!

Anthony Bowens vs Swerve Strickland

Backstory: One-half of the upcoming tag title match

Huuuge pop for the Acclaimed. Bowens introduced their new
music video, which began with Paul Wight alongside the
champs as Captain Insano. ‘Keith Lee’ & ‘Swerve’ called-in
to speak to their hero. They asked what were their chances
of winning on Saturday as the Captain & Acclaimed howled
with laughter.

On the song itself: nice beat. Best line called Lee
‘Cleveland Jr.’

Daddy Ass attacked before the bell and was again sent
backstage. In the intro rap, Caster made a Jay Leno/burns
joke. As the match started, Schiavone felt the need to send
out best wishes to Jay, so the Acclaimed might be in trouble
for that one.

Rapid action started with Bowens delivering a thrust kick
and a leaping legdrop to the back of the head. To the
apron, Swerve fought Bowens off, snapping his arm cross the
ropes, into a tejeiras, low dropkick, Bowens to the outside
where Swerve launched himself with a dive, absolutely
clocking Bowens with his feet, then launched a pump kick
from the apron.

Aiming to drop Bowens on the barricade, Swerve dropped him
into the crowd. Didn’t look planned. Nasty landing as the
fans tried to help Bowens up. Unclear if he landed on


Bowens was bleeding from the mouth when we returned,
Strickland continuing to work the arm, kick to the spine,
Swerve poised on the top but Bowens swept the leg, avoided a
diving punch, then hit a running back-elbow as the crowd
chanted his name. They were silent while Swerve was in

Shoulder tackle, shots to the face and back, Swerve sent to
the corner where Bowens struck again with an elbow, Olympic
Slam, count of two.

After targeting the arm again, Swerve hit a brainbuster,
Bowens down on his knees in the middle as Strickland hit a
stomp to the head, kickout at two. Annoyed, Strickland went
back to the arm with a sickening looking and sounding kick
which looked like it dislocated the shoulder. Made you

Another stomp attempt saw Strickland’s leg caught, but he
again struck the injured arm to fight out into the JML
Driver for the dominant victory.

Commentators wondered about the shape of Bowens’ shoulder
for Saturday.

WINNER: Swerve Strickland

Nyla/Jade video package. Cargill has apparently bled,
sweated and cried for AEW. Nyla said she’s Jade’s ‘wake-up


Schiavone in the ring to talk to Samoa Joe, who still got
his usual positive response, despite what the commentators
said. Sparse ‘Wardlow’ chants from the crowd. Joe began by
threatening Schiavone (that’s when you know they’re worried
about someone being cheered).

Then asked if it was wrong to take action when someone
threatened to take something from you? Wardlow didn’t
recognize the most dangerous man in the room. He refuses to
sit around and be a victim, like those in the audience.
Here, he did draw boos. If anyone has a problem with that…
they can take it up with him.

Cue Will Hobbs. He’s been the one kicking Wardlow’s ass, so
why doesn’t he do the same to Joe? Just about to go at it,
Wardlow joined them. The champ came through the crowd,
hitting Joe from behind but quickly clobbered by Powerhouse.
A bunch of wrestlers came out to separate them. Wardlow
then hit a senton onto the majority of them.

Joe was great on the mic as usual. Hobbs too in his short
time speaking. If this had been built a bit longer, and the
TNT title better protected, this could’ve felt really big


Britt backstage promo. Solo. Saraya said she couldn’t be a
superstar but in three years, she went from nervous and
happy-to-be-there, to the top of the pile. She took her
opportunity until she became undeniable, until every fan
says here catchphrase with her. (She did it to illustrate
the point) And no, she didn’t wrestle at MSG, but she did
at Daily’s Place.

‘When the fans couldn’t come to us, we came to them.’

She respects various things about Saraya, but ‘this business
owes you nothing’. ‘You’re not going to belittle me… or my
accomplishments’. She’s the ‘heart and soul of AEW, if you
don’t like that, you can get the hell out. This is my

Very serious, almost emotional interview from Baker. An
excellent promo. But it’s again a bit confusing that she
seems to be cutting promos bound to receive cheers.
Definitely made the match feel very personal.

Death Triangle vs Top Flight & AR Fox

Backstory: Pac has been trying to turn his teammates to the

Should be a belter of a match. And is the last chance to
build a trios match for the ppv if indeed they are going to.

Darius wasted no time, starting off against Rey, lots of
quick-twitch mat-work and exchanges on the mat and in the
grapple, Darius avoided Fenix’ rebound heelkick, Fenix did
the same on an attempted legsweep. Stalemate. Excellent
start. Refreshingly different. Needs to be seen to be
truly appreciated.

Now Dante and Penta – a ‘Zero Miedo’ preceded pushing Dante
back to the ropes, where he avoided a rushing Penta with a
flip, a run-up flip off the chest, another off the middle
ropes, swinging ddt, dropkick, Penta to the outside.
Incredible fluidity from Martin, it doesn’t seem like he’s
moved and he’s halfway across the ring.

Lastly, Fox and Pac went face to face. Both exchanged flips
and athletically avoided the other until a spinning boot to
the midsection caught the newcomer. Who avoided a shot from
Pac by matrixing, up into a dropkick, both rolled out of the
corner at the same time, into a Fox cutter before Pac fled
outside, where Fox vaulted into a moonsault (incredible),
straight back in, senton atomico, Penta blasted him with a
kick to break up the count as the ref got to two.

Top Flight then flung Pac into another cutter from Fox.
Bringing all of DT in, thrust kicks, three way dropkick to
the face, cazadora/moonsault combo, two slaps of the mat.

Darius had Pac down as we came back, kick to the face,
brainbuster, very quick kick out.

A flipping ddt off his brother’s chest from Darius preceded
a violent suicide dive, soaring springboard splash from
Dante, Fox followed with something crazy which I missed, he
and Fenix back in, Spanish Fly off the top, 450 splash, Pac
saved the belts at 2.5.

Fenix hit his rebound heelkick on Fox, kick to the ribs by
Penta, Fear Factor – Fenix wiped out Top Flight with a tope
on the ramp – Black Arrow, that’ll get the job done

Schiavone mentioned ‘London 2023’. But that was about all
he said re: AEW coming to England.

Post-match, Pac quickly got on the mic. ‘Do you think we
haven’t seen the videos? Heard the rumors? If there are
certain individuals who think they can make their triumphant
return at Full Gear, mosey in and best the Death Triangle…
that’s ridiculous. You know who you are… this Saturday,
please bring the heat, cause Death Triangle runs from no-
one, (Penta) Zero! Miedo!’

Screen then showed Death Triangle vs The Elite for the PPV,
for the titles.

Pac said that they’ve ‘been waiting’ for them.

WINNER: Death Triangle

Ricky Starks promo – he wants Archer on Friday, and wants to
start backstage. So presumably one of the semis will take
place on the ppv pre-show? Probably to give Starks an
excuse for losing on the show itself.

Ethan Page vs Bandido, Eliminator Tournament Semi

Backstory: Page has promised to win the tournament & defeat
Mox for the title

Starks stopped on the ramp to heel on the crowd, promising
to win the tournament and beat whoever wins the belt on

Starting slow with Page working a headlock, he then worked
the arm, Bandido flipped out then pointed his fingers like a
pistol. Flip over the back of Page, headscissors, Page
blocked the delayed suplex, but Bandido hit at the second
attempt, though didn’t delay it long.

Hathaway grabbed the boot, giving Page the advantage as we
went to break.

Up for the Ego’s Edge as we returned, Bandido slipped out,
drop toe hold into the corner, running dropkick sending Page
to the floor, thrust kick off the apron, to the top,
moonsault to the floor. Took an age to set-up.

Back to the top, this time for a tornillo into the ring,
buying a count of two. Setting up the 21-Plex, Page grabbed
the ropes, then hit a cutter through them, before hoisting
Bandido up top for the Avalanche Ego’s Edge. Bandido turned
it into a hurracanrana mid-flight (breathtaking), military
press, topside once more, killer frogsplash for a very close

Atop the ropes once more, Page crotched him, Bandido
clutching his knee, though meeting Page atop the buckle,
from where Page chucked him with a bodyslam, diving shoulder
block off the top, up for the Ego’s Edge, dead centre, Page
advances to the final.

Aside from a some of Bandido’s spectacular moves, the crowd
were very quiet here. If Ethan Page is indeed going to
main-event Winter’s Coming, they’ve got work to do.

WINNER: Ethan Page

Video package for Jungle Boy/Luchasaurus. Heavily featuring
Renee talking about needing to settle their differences
without interference. Hopefully that’s the case. Another
really good package. They made this feel big-time.


Saraya with Renee from ‘earlier in the day’. Saraya counted
herself very lucky to be able to wrestle again, she ‘chose
to be here, I’m sick of this back and forth (with Britt),
I’ll see you Saturday.’

Much better, making the newcomer seem humble and like she
wanted to be in the company. Undoing much of last week’s


Video package for the inter-promotional tag match on Friday.
Ortiz said he was nervous to be facing a legend like Jun
Akiyama. Kingston quoted a match from 1998 (think he said
vs. Hase) which first made him want to face the vet.

Toni Storm vs Anna Jay, AEW Women’s Title

Backstory: None

The Bunny’s ill, so Anna gets the shot.

On the subject, these are so frequent now that I either have
to accept them or complain endlessly. So at least until the
new tv deal’s sorted, I’m going to accept them as part of
the show.

Anna avoided the champ for a bit but was clutched into a
headlock, kick to the face, boot to the chest which knocked
Anna on her ass, monkey flip out of the corner. Storm
missed a very slow charge into the corner, allowing Jay to
hit a kick from the floor (a bit like the really bad one
Skye Blue does). Crowd absolutely silent.

Yay/boo punches somewhat woke them: Storm launched a Thesz
Press, dragged Anna by the hair, hit a lariat, fisherman’s
suplex for two. Sweet Cheeks Music sent Anna outside, where
Anna flung her into the steps. Back inside, she hit a kick
then planted Toni face-first off her back for two.

Jay started to ‘snap’ again, looking for the Queenslayer,
Storm avoided it, then blasted Anna with the hip attack in
the corner, into the Texas Cloverleaf. Tapout.

What it should’ve been. Dominant win for the champ. Whose
victory brought Jamie Hayter storming (npi) to the ring, the
two going face to face in the middle as the champ held up
her belt.

WINNER: Toni Storm

They showed an image this time announcing ‘London 2023’.
But no further info.

MJF/Moxley Face to Face

Mox brought Regal along, taking his time getting to the
ring. It’s incredible how some fans still don’t understand
that he’s not going to return a fist-bump. A few loud boos;
mostly cheers.

‘They say the man makes the championship, so who is Jon
Moxley?’ The best wrestler, the baddest SOB, ‘I have
defined the AEW world championship. I’m sick in the head, I
am addicted to the rush of adrenaline, the pain…’ inflicted
on both himself and his opponent.

Last week he’d asked who MJF was. Mox had done some
research. ‘A really good singer, one win in the last six
months, took a summer vacation, someone handed him a poker
chip in the worst ending to a ladder match I’ve ever seen,’
and now he has a title shot. ‘So excuse me if I’m not
shaking in my boots’.

The fans see the man MJF wants them to see. Moxley sees
someone ‘playing wrestler’, afraid to live up to the hype.
MJF isn’t challenging him, he’s challenging MJF. ‘Show me

At which point the Firm attacked, going after Regal too.
MJF’s music hit: dressed in all black he ran through the
Firm, though in a way that kinda looked like they were
allowing him to do it. He then threatened to shove his boot
up the ass of the group.

He only saved Moxley because he didn’t want excuses. ‘No
Dynamite diamond ring necessary’. He knows hes in for the
fight of his life, but he’s not the kid he was when they
first fought. ‘I need that belt more than I need water,
more than I need food, and more than I need oxygen’, because
that belt ‘means you’re the best wrestler on God’s green
earth’. Said the devil’s greatest trick line again, then
went to say his catchphrase but Moxley snatched the mic

This weekend, they’ll find out what he’s made of, Mox will
pull it out of him, ‘the training wheels come off’.

By the incredibly high standards of these two, this didn’t
totally hit. Both are always good on the mic but this
didn’t make the match feel bigger. Britt’s promo was the
best on the show.


Next Rampage:

Eddie Kingston & Ortiz vs Jun Akiyama & Konosuke Takeshita
Athena vs Madison Rayne
Hook vs Lee Moriarty
Lance Archer vs Ricky Starks, 1st Round Eliminator Tourn.
Added to Full Gear:

Death Triangle vs the Elite, Trios Titles
Wardlow vs Samoa Joe vs Powerhouse Hobbs, TNT Title

Overall impressions

An entertaining show refreshingly low on outside
interference or refs looking dumb, which built several ppv
matches really well (primarily through very good video
packages) and had good action almost throughout.

Check Out

The trios six-man was a blur of cool spots

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