Posted on 11/15/122 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: KFC Yum! Center
City: Louisville, KY

Raw opens with Seth “Freakin” Rollins talking about
retaining his United States championship last week and
talked about Bobby Lashley, which brings Lashley to the ring
and he was quickly interrupted by Mustafa Ali which leads to
the first match.

Bobby Lashley VS. Mustafa Ali

Lashley gets the win with the Hurt Lock.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

In the back, The O.C. and Mia Yim are interviewed and tells
the Judgment Day to bring it. A.J. Styles is challenging
Finn Balor one on one to end this thing.

Mia Yim VS. Tamina

Mia hits her finisher for the win in a quick match.

Winner: Mia Yim

After the match, Rhea Ripley acted like she was going to get
in the ring but turned and walked away.

Matt Riddle is interviewed in the back and talks about his
match with Chad Gable and Gable comes in and shushes him and
says he is going to beat him like Otis beat Elias last week.

In the back, Mia Yim walks into Damage Control who asks her
how she was forgotten about for so long and they tell her to
join them at War Games. Mia said she didn’t have a problem
with Bianca, Asuka or Alexa and Dakota tells her to think
about it and Iyo says but don’t think too long. The O.C.
walked up and asked if everything was OK and Mia said yes,
they were just leaving.

Matt Riddle VS. Chad Gable

Gable gets a rollup on Riddle with his feet on the ropes and
Otis holding his feet and gets the win.

Winner: Chad Gable

In the back, Baron Corbin, JBL and another guy are playing
poker, after the hand was over, they tell the guy to leave
and Akira Tozawa comes in and sits down and wants to play

The Miz comes to the ring for MizTV with Byron Saxton. Miz
says he will relinquish his role as host to Byron Saxton and
will be his show’s guest. Saxton asks the Miz if he is sorry
for paying Dexter Lumis to attack him and Miz reads a
prepared statement. The Miz said he regrets paying Dexter
Lumis. He says he was depressed all weekend about how this
happened. Johnny Gargano comes out and says you were not
depressed you were vacationing with your family in Cabo.
Johnny says another lie, way to go. Miz asks Johnny why he
is even in this. The Miz screams he is a good guy and says
he is sorry.

The Miz said he is ready to move on and Johnny said we are
all ready to move on because he talked to WWE officials and
in two weeks he is going against Dexter Lumis and if Dexter
wins, he has to pay him what he owes him and will get a WWE
contract. Miz tells him that he can tell that lunatic next
time he sees him there will be no money, no WWE contract
because he is going to beat him and it is going to be
awesome. Johnny says why don’t you tell him yourself and the
camera man puts the camera down and takes his mask off and
its Dexter and Miz runs from the ring.

Shelton Benjamin was being interviewed and Dominik Mysterio
and Damian Priest come in and pick a fight with him and
Dominik called him a loser. Shelton says he doesn’t have
time for him tonight and tells him to move along before he
gives him a beating his dad should have given him. Shelton
then accepts a match with Dominik for tonight.

Dominik Mysterio VS. Shelton Benjamin

Shelton locks Dominik in an ankle lock and Rhea gets the
referee’s attention and Priest pulls Dominik to the ropes.
As Shelton leans out of the ring to argue with Priest,
Dominik grabs Shelton and rams him in the ring post, hits a
DDT and a frog splash and gets the win.

Winner: Dominik Mysterio

Austin Theory is interviewed and says everyone thinks he
failed but he didn’t. He feels like the briefcase was an
anchor holding him down. Dolph Ziggler comes in and says the
worst cash in ever. Dolph said he tried to give him advice
and he didn’t listen. Theory said he is done being the
youngest this and the youngest that and challenges Dolph to
a match tonight.

Dana Brooke VS. Iyo Sky

Iyo hits a moonsault for the win.

Winner: Iyo Sky

Mia Yim comes out and told Iyo that they are right everyone
needs to pick a side for War Games, and she picked hers and
Bianca Belair’s music hits and comes out with Asuka and
Alexa Bliss.

They showed the poker game and Akira Tozawa sitting there
laughing and JBL says quit laughing it’s only been 12 in a
row. They then tried to cheat Akira and Akira calls him out
for cheating. Akira then challenges Corbin to a match and
grabs his money, laughs and leaves.

Austin Theory VS. Dolph Ziggler

Good match until Theory hit A-Town down and didn’t go for a
pin. He just started beating up Dolph by throwing him
outside and over the timekeeper’s area.

Winner by Disqualification: Dolph Ziggler

As he walks to the back, Austin says “I am no damn kid, I am
All Day Austin Theory.”

In the back, Rhea Ripley walks up to Damage Control and
tells them to stop looking because if Mia Yim is on Bianca’s
team, I am on yours.

Baron Corbin VS. Akira Tozawa

Corbin catches Tozawa off the top rope and hits End of Days
for the win.

Winner: Baron Corbin

Seth “Freakin” Rollins VS. Finn Balor for the United States

Judgment Day comes out and distracts Seth, but Finn only
gets a 2 count. The O.C. comes out to take out Judgment Day.
With Seth down, Balor climbs the ropes, but AJ Styles knocks
him off and as the Judgment Day and O.C. continue to fight
through the crowd Seth hits a stomp on Balor and gets the

Winner and still United States Champion: Seth “Freakin”

After the match Austin Theory comes out and attacks Rollins.

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