The Original ECW Original reacts to The Rockin Rebel

Posted on 11/15/122 by Bay Ragni

(For Immediate Release) Probably the toughest moment to have
to watch and react to, is someone who gave you your start in
the business, someone who helped you in many different
aspects of the business, someone who you were friends with
not only him, but his future wife and victim.

I honestly truly forgot all about Chuck Williams, aka The
Rockin Rebel when I started on this ECW TV History adventure
with my new YouTube Channel, but as soon as he popped on the
screen for the 3rd match in the 1st episode in ECW TV my
heart sunk.

I spoke honestly and from the heart, but also
professionally, as I could have sat there and went on a
tirade dropping every F Bomb humanly possible, but that
won’t undo his actions or bring back Stephanie. Something
also to remember, they have 2 children who probably at some
point will find videos of their father online and don’t need
to hear strangers talking about the hurt, and damage he is

RIP Stephanie, you are truly missed and put up with way too

Chuck……………….. nuff said

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