NXT ON USA: September 20 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 9/21/122 by Bob Magee

The graphics for the shows are slightly different. The logo
itself is new, but it

The show begins with a recap of last week, ending with Solo
Sikoa supposedly winning the NXT North American
Championship. However, it is a Dusty finish.

The opening scene is like something out of a telenovela.

Shawn Michaels voiced over the introductory recap. He would
also appear in person as an authority figure in a skit that
opens the show, where Sikoa and Carmelo Hayes report to
Michael's office.

Solo Sikoa vacates NXT North American Championship

Sikoa has the North American strap held over his shoulder,
as he and Hayes begin to bicker back and forth. Michaels
quickly cuts them off.

Michaels tells Sikoa that last week he competed in a match
he was not sanctioned to be in, and Michaels points out
Sikoa was not even a choice in the fan voting.

Michaels says the result where Sikoa won the North American
title cannot stand, and Sikoa must forfeit. Michaels
empathizes with Sikoa, saying he was been there and it
sucks, but "rules are rules."

Sikoa says he gets it, and he hands the belt to Michaels. He
goes on to wish Sikoa luck wherever his career takes him on
the main roster.

Before leaving, Sikoa turns to Hayes and says, "Told you I
had next."

Hayes smirks, and he replies, "Yeah, you had next."

Hayes thanks Michaels for making the right decision,
assuming he is the rightful champion.

Michaels says he tried to work the system, and he chides

"Anytime you think you're bigger than the business, the
business is going to slap you in the face," Shawn says to

Michaels announces Hayes he will have to chance to qualify
for a title match in six weeks at Halloween Havoc. Michaels
hints at qualifying matches, but did not get into specifics.
He says Hayes could join four others in getting the chance
to compete in a ladder match for the North American
Championship at Halloween Havoc.

Nathan Frazier defeats Axiom in the second match of a best-
of-three series

Frazier pins Axiom to tie their series with one win apiece.
Breathtaking finishing sequence as Frazier executes a
superplex, and he hangs on to roll through and deliver a
twisting suplex. Frazier then backflips off the top rope
into a Phoenix splash.

Really good match, and their chemistry seems better in this
second match of their series. They decide the winner of the
series when they meet in a third match.

The Toxic Attraction trio is heading to the ring. Jacy Jayne
and Gigi Dolan have a match tonight, and they are joined by
NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose.

Why Kemp Why

A pre-tap segment with Damon Kemp has him doing a sit-down
interview. He explains his treachery. Kemp admits he framed
Roderick Strong for being "on the take" with Tony D'Angelo.
It was a swerve, as Kemp reveals he was the one accepting
money from D'Angelo.

Strong found out, so Kemp attacked Strong to silence him.
Kemp goes on to say he will only face the Creed Brothers in
a one-on-one match, with the other brother basically being
barred from ringside.

Ivy Nile is in the locker room, and she is angry about the
revelations by Kemp. Tatum Paxley sympathizes with her, but
Paxley tells her to focus. Nile fires back that she is

Toxic Attraction (Jacy Jayne & Gigi Dolan with Mandy Rose)
defeat Ivy Nile & Tatum Paxley

Jayne pins Nile to win the match, after Jayne & Dolan
deliver tandem kicks.

Nile drops the fall, as the story of the match is her being
preoccupied by Kemp's admitting why he turned on Diamond

Vic Joseph on commentary notes that Jayne & Dolan have once
again put the women's tag division "on notice" with their
win tonight.

The Schism speaks

The trio known as Schism is in the ring. First, the duo of
The Dyad addresses the audience. There is a lot of jibber
jabber about joining their little cult.

Joe Gacy addresses Cameron Grimes, and Gacy cuts a promo on
Grimes for not joining Schism. Gacy warns Grimes the "wrath
of Schism is imminent."

Edris Enofe & Malik Blade run in, and they brawl with The
Dyad. This leads into a tag team match.

The Dyad (Jagger Reid and Rip Fowler) defeats Edris Enofe &
Malik Blade

Reid pins Enofe to win the match.

The match goes through a commercial break, and there is heat
on Blade as they show returns from the break. Builds to a
hot tag, and Enofe runs wild on The Dyad duo.

Enofe & Blade get a near fall after a double team move,
which is like a Hart Attack where Balde execute a guillotine
legdrop. The Dyad soon cuts them off.

A low bridge sends Blade tumbling over the ropes, and Enofe
is double teamed by The Dyad. Reid jumps off the back Fowler
into a Canadian Destroyer on Enofe.

They Dyad then deliver their tandem codebreaker finisher,
and Reid pins Enofe to win the match.

Clips highlight the in-ring NXT debut of Quiny Elliott.

Raquel Gonzalez is featured in a clip for Hispanic Heritage

A vignette with Roxanne Perez focuses on her match last week
with Meiko Satomura. Aside from the great match, Cora Jade
jumped Perez after the match in a sneak attack. Jade is then
seen heading to the ring, with her kendo stick in hand, for
a match that is coming up next.

Cora Jade defeats Wendy Choo

Jade pins Choo after an evenflow DDT.

Choo is now a far more serious character, and she fights
hard despite taking a loss. Choo is attacked after the match
by Lash Legend.

In the closing moments, Choo gives Jade a German suplex.
Choo misses on a charge in corner, as she is tripped up.
Jade then delivers a Jake Roberts DDT, and Jade covers Choo
for a three count.

Lash Legend runs in after the match, and she levels Choo
with a pump kick.

McKenzie Mitchell interviews NXT Champion Bron Breakker. He
first thanks the fans for voting him the top superstar in

Breakker then discusses the number one contender's match set
for tonight. Breakker weighs in by putting over both, but
Mitchell presses him to make a prediction for the main event
tonight. Put on the spot, Breakker picks Tyler Bate to win
the number one contender's match.

Trick Williams is giving Carmelo Hayes a pep talk, as Hayes
stands next to a ladder. Hayes and Williams then head
towards gorilla. From there, they are heading to the ring.

Kelly Kincaid interviews Oro Mensah ahead of his in-ring
debut tonight on NXT. Mensah's match is now a qualifying
match for the championship ladder match at Halloween Havoc.
Mensah vows to qualify for the North American title match.

Chase U confronts Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams

Hayes is mad about losing the title. He demands the firing
of the referee, the time keeper, and the music director that
took part in the match he lost. Hayes declares he is still
the rightful champion.

The theme song of Chase U interrupts the venting session.
Andre Chase enters the soundstage alongside Thea Hail and
Bodhi Hayward.

Chase teases delivering his catchphrase. Much to the chagrin
of Williams, Chase drops the line, calling Hayes' lost last
week a "teachable moment." With that, a brawl erupts. This
leads to a tag team match.

Andre Chase & Bodhi Hayward (with Thea Hail) defeats Carmelo
Hayes & Trick Williams

Chase pins Hayes to win, in what Vic Joseph on commentary
screams is a "TEACHABLE MOMENT!"

Chase remains over huge with the live studio audience, he
finally gets a much deserved win here. Jubilation from the
Chase U cheering section seating with the studio audience.

Chase looked in peril, as he feeds into Hayes. Chase
counters Hayes when Hayes goes for a springboard, and Chase
uses his legs to tie Hayes into a cradle for a three count.

Gallus is playing cribbage when they are confronted by
Briggs, Jensen, and Fallon Henley. Geek security team
separates the two factions as they yell at each other.

Von Wagner (with Mr. Stone) defeats Sanga

Wagner pins Sanga in an anti-climatic finish. Mr. Stone
interferes to turn the tide in Wagner's favor.

Gorilla Monsoon would likely dub this an unstoppable force
meeting the immovable object, and it was indeed a hoss

They clubbed each other a bunch, as they traded blows.

Wagner is booted off the apron, and Sanga clotheslines him
on the floor. Mr. Stone interferes, as he jumps into hands
of Sanga. Stone is lifted for a chokeslam, but Wagner saves
Stone. Wagner rams Sanga into the ring steps.

Wagner struggles to lift Sanga, before picking Sanga up in a
fireman's carry. Wagner then slams Sanga to the mat, and
Wagner covers Sanga for a pinfall.

Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo in a promo reveals he is facing
Wes Lee next week in a qualifying match.

Cameron Grimes cuts a heated promo on Joe Gacy.

Oro Mensah defeats Grayson Waller in a North American
Championship qualifying match

Mensah pins Waller after a distraction by Apollo Crews. In
winning, Mensah qualifies for the ladder match at Halloween

Mensah has some flashy moves and a good vibe, but this did
little to explain or establish his character. At least he
wins, albeit with help from a distraction.

Waller got a lot of offense, and he was seemingly in control
when Apollo Crews appears at ringside to confront Waller.
Crews has kayfabe blood dripping from the eye that Waller
targeted in a previous match between the two.

Waller is distracted by Crews, allowing Mensah to leap
through the ropes with a dive. Spinning heel kick by Mensah,
and then he covers Waller for a pinfall.

The Creed Brother are training in their dojo. They are
arguing over which one gets to face Damon Kemp in a singles
match. They eventually agree that Brutus Creed will meet
Kemp in a singles match next week.


Next week on NXT:

In-ring NXT debut of Sol Ruca

Cameron Grimes vs. Joe Gacy

Josh Briggs & Brooks Jensen against Gallus in a "Pub Rules

Damon Kemp faces Brutus Creed in a singles match
Wes Lee against Channing "Stacks" Lorenzo in a ladder match

Nikkita Lyons vs. Kayden Carter

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose faces Fallon Henley in a
non-title match


JD McDonagh defeats Tyler Bate in a number one contender's

McDonagh pins Tyler to become the number one contender.
Fantastic match. NXT Champion Bron Breakker confronts
McDonagh after the match, they are joined by Ilja Dragunov
making a surprise appearance to end the show.

Breakker is at ringside as a guest commentator during the

Grappling at the outset, and they build to a double down.
That leads into the final commercial break on the show.

They wrestle through the split-screen commercial break. Bate
is trapped in a Boston crab, but McDonagh is eventually
forced to break the hold. McDonagh takes a Harley Race bump
over the ropes to the floor, and Bate follows up with a dive
in front of Breakker at the announce desk.

Bate with a standing shooting star for a near fall. Bate
gets another near fall after giving McDonagh an airplane
spin. McDonagh soon cuts off Bate, and Bate is sent outside
the ring after a low bridge. McDonagh follows up with a
beautiful Asai moonsault. 450 splash by McDonagh for a near
fall. Another two count for McDonagh, after he drops Bate
into a brainbuster.

They trade strikes as a slugfest develops, and McDonagh is
on rubber legs. He recovers to counter a Tyler Driver. Bate
with some counters of his own, and Bate springs off the
ropes into a running Spanish Fly from McDonagh. Clever spot
as McDonagh seems to have gotten the advantage, until Bate
decks him, and McDonagh crumples to the mat.

"Fight forever" chants from the studio audience.

They tease an avalanche Tyler Driver, but Bate is countered
by a headbutt from McDonagh. Spanish Fly off the top, and
McDonagh then delivers The Devil Inside. McDonagh covers
Bate for a three count, and McDonagh wins to become the
number one contender for the NXT Championship.

Breakker gets into the ring for a standoff with McDonagh.
Suddenly, Ilja Dragunov returns in a surprise appearance.
Dragunov gets in the ring and he confronts Breakker and
McDonagh. The show closes with a triple staredown, as the
plot thickens.

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