MJF: MJF says AEW is now paying him “stupid, absurd amount of money”

Posted on 9/20/122 by Colin Vassallo

Appearing in an interview on The MMA Hour
with Ariel Helwani, MJF said that he is now
being paid “stupid, absurd amount of money”
and the good thing is that he did not have
to sign a contract extension.

MJF wanted a money bump a few months ago and
AEW President Tony Khan was ready to give
him that as long as he signed a contract
extension. MJF refused to signed a new deal
and his contract will run out as before in

“I’m a businessman, I do what I have to do
in order to ensure that what I need gets
done,” he said. “It got done, I’m back, I’m
making a stupid, absurd amount of money now
and I didn’t have to sign a contract

He mentioned that in 2024, he will go to
whoever is offering him the most amount of
money and all he cares about is money.

MJF also talked about Cody Rhodes leaving
AEW to go to WWE and said he doesn’t blame
Cody one bit for his decision as Cody is a
businessman just like him.

“Cody Rhodes did what’s best for Cody Rhodes
and MJF always does what’s best to MJF, so
kudos for him,” MJF said. He also called
Rhodes “incredibly brave” for wrestling at
HIAC with a torn pac and admitted he
wouldn’t have done the same if he was in
those shoes.

MJF did not want to comment about the All
Out press conference and the backstage brawl
that followed, saying it does not concern
him. Asked if AEW needs CM Punk, MJF gave a
diplomatic answer, saying that he and Punk
had the greatest feud in AEW history and
will go down as one of the greatest feuds of
all time.

The first interview MJF did with Helwani
earlier this year sparked a fight between
himself and AEW President Tony Khan as his
interview was not cleared by AEW and maybe
said things that he shouldn’t have said.

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