Posted on 8/06/122 by Dan Moreland

By Dan Moreland

So let’s check in on AEWville this week:

Show opens with Orange Cassidy.


Versus Jay Lethal. Out of the ring the Best Friends show up
with Trent on top of Chuck Taylor’s shoulders as if combined
they would be able to beat Satham Singh in a game of

After the match Wardlow got into some sort of afterbirth
with Lethal and his crew, AEW has blown it with Wardlow he
should be an elite star but he’s involved weeks after week
with lower mid card guys. I know Jay Lethal is better than
that, but it’s how he’s booked. At least this week we didn’t
have to see Dad-Bod Sanjay Dutt take off his shirt and try
to look like a wrestler.

Adam Cole and the Bucks come out. I was so high on Cole when
he came in, now he is just annoying. I’m getting sick of
this guy with straws like arms coming with his ring entrance
anymore. In all this, there’s a turn on the Bucks, making 2-
3 weeks in a row we get a turn that seems to make little

Daniel Garcia does a promo crowing about beating Bryan
Danielson, for God knows for what booking reason. Garcia’s
matches are competent, but he doesn’t have a look, he can’t
talk, he doesn’t have much of a body, and whenever a
wrestler does this kind of promo, they bury themselves
because he’s not bragging he’s a better wrestler, he’s
acting like he won the biggest teddy bear for his girlfriend
at the carnival.

Now I get it: Tony Khan still sees something in the guy and
wants to get him over and that’s fine. But he’s been treated
like a main event star from Day One, and he’s not. Put him
on YouTube all you like, give him a national TV match once a
month and slowly get him over. This is ridiculous and I
cannot remember when a wrestler was last pushed this much
that did not deserve it in any way.

Matt Hardy versus Christian is next, Matt has a beer gut and
physically looks HORRIBLE. Jungle Boy comes in after the
match and chases Christian off, who runs out the ringside
area the same way as he did last week, except Jungle doesn’t
give chase. I didn’t review last weeks Dyno but watching the
promo, Jungle Boy 100% would make a GREAT heel. He’s too
much a whiny punk to be a face.

Pac is shown once again defending his Atlantic title on some
outlaw show in front of 100 people using amateur footage,
which will REALLY get him and this belt over.

Ethan Page is in the ring begging, again. Ethan: no one
cares. Well I guess someone does, it’s the short guy with
the glasses that plays a lawyer who walks to the back with
him. I guess Dan Lambert is gone.

Backstage interview with parts of the JAS. Can someone
explain why they changed Matt Lee’s name back to his real
name, and why is he “magic” again? He at least tries, has
great facials, and the fact he has a big skull makes him
larger than life. Just keep it to Matt Lee. Somewhere in all
this Anna Jay chokes out some schlemiel, for whatever

OKAY . . . taking a breath . . .finally something good: The
Ass Boys versus the Acclaimed in a Dumpster match (a week
before a coffin match but OK not these guys fault). I love
that no matter what is happening inside or outside the ring,
Max Caster still finds a way to get his rap in, this time
right after bashing the Boys around before the match.
Overall, this should have been awful but the Acclaimed are
so entertaining and the Ass Boys are a good tag team and
they made most of this work. Was not crazy about the final
spot after the finish where the Ass Boys, in the dumpster,
were dumped outside down off the ramp, but it looks like it
was well cushioned.

Who the hell is Mance Warner and why is he suddenly in my

Mox gives the same promo every week . . .I’m gonna break
this guy’s neck . .. .I’m gonna make that guy bleed. ENOUGH

“Quake by the Lake” might the worst name for a wrestling
event ever.

OK Yuta and Jericho had what seems to be a good WRESTLING
match. And they made their time! Imagine that.

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