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AEW Dynamite Preview for August 3, 2022

Between Dynamite and Rampage, Fight for the Fallen 2022 was
quite the memorable pair of events! Jon Moxley continued to
prove himself a candidate for the best wrestler in the world
today after his victory over Rush in their AEW Interim World
Title fight, only to find himself challenged by Chris
Jericho for a championship fight. It seemed to be set in
stone for Dynamite: Quake by The Lake, but Friday night
threw a monkey wrench in that courtesy of Wheeler Yuta!

Last week also saw major shake-ups in the camp of Team Taz;
first Ricky Starks successfully defended the FTW Title
against Danhausen only to be crushed by HOOK in a second
title defense that immediately followed. Then, as Starks was
addressing the loss and praising HOOK, he fell victim to an
assault from his own partner Powerhouse Hobbs. We also
witnessed Thunder Rosa retain her AEW Women's World Title
in a hard-hitting fight with Miyu Yamashita, Anna Jay defeat
Ruby Soho, and Swerve defeated Tony Nese and Mark Sterling
in a handicap match only to find out his championship
partner had been waylaid in the back by former ROH Pure
Champion Josh Woods.

And in the upset of the year so far, Daniel Garcia defeated
Bryan Danielson in a one-on-one match (albeit with a little
hand from Jake Hager) in The American Dragon's return to
competition after two months off!

Last week marked All Elite Wrestling's debut in Worcester,
MA, and this Wednesday night takes us to Columbus, OH and
the home of The Ohio State Buckeyes for the very first time!
Chris Jericho's arrogance got him to put his AEW Interim
World Title opportunity on the line against Wheeler Yuta,
The Acclaimed and The Gunn Club will collide in a Dumpster
Match, The Undisputed Elite will reunite, ThunderStorm and
Team Britt finally dance , and the old rivalry between Matt
Hardy and Christian Cage will flare up once more!

Plus Jay Lethal and Orange Cassidy will collide following
their Trios Bout on Rampage, and Powerhouse Hobbs will be in
action on the heels of betraying Ricky Starks! The action
gets underway on TBS live starting at 8pm EDT/7pm CDT, and
on for our international audience. Before
everything gets underway, make sure to visit the official
AEW YouTube page to get up to speed on last week's action
with Dynamite and Rampage highlights, plus catch the latest
editions of AEW Dark: Elevation, AEW Dark, Road To, and The
Control Center with Tony Schiavone!


“The Wizard” Chris Jericho vs. ROH Pure Champion Wheeler


Chris Jericho got played, it is that simple. The former AEW
World Champion thought he had it all figured out when he
challenged Jon Moxley to an AEW Interim World Title bout,
knowing Mox is not one to back down from any challenge, and
likely banking on The J.A.S to help swing things his way at
Dynamite: Quake by the Lake. Jericho has been craving an
opportunity to reclaim the AEW World Title ever since Mox
beat him for it at Revolution 2020, and this Interim bout
would be his first opportunity since that February night.
How appropriate as well that, although for the Interim Title
rather than the World Title he first won at All Out 2019,
the championship match would be against Jon Moxley as well!

It seemed like kismet for Chris, but then that good old
Jericho ego got in the way on Rampage, and “The Wizard” got
outplayed by Wheeler Yuta...

So this week on Dynamite, Chris Jericho and Wheeler Yuta
will go head-to-head with that Quake by the Lake
championship match on the line! Jericho has to be mad at
himself, getting manipulated so easily like that by the ROH
Pure Champion, but ego is a fragile thing, especially when
it comes to a man like Jericho, and Yuta played it expertly.
If anything Jericho should admire the young man for his mind
games, it feels like a page out of the Jericho playbook of
yore, and now “The Wizard” is in a situation to lose it all
just because of that fragile ego.

For Yuta, coming off a tremendous title victory over Daniel
Garcia at ROH's Death before Dishonor 2022 pay-per-view
event, this is a huge opportunity to show just how far he's
come under the tutelage of The Blackpool Combat Club. He's
been tested by Moxley twice, he's been tested by Bryan, PAC,
Penta, and Adam Cole, and every time, win or lose, Yuta has
given the fight everything he has, but the difference
between those bouts and this is The BCC. Each test took
place before the knowledge of William Regal, Danielson,
Moxley, and now Claudio Castagnoli, were at hand for Yuta to
partake. They all happened before Wheeler went to NJPW and
excelled in his first Best of Super Juniors Tournament,
narrowly missing out on being part of the finals.

Jericho isn't facing a young Yuta just hoping to make an
impression and earn his spot in All Elite Wrestling; this is
the ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta, this is a Yuta who has
chosen violence by choosing The Blackpool Combat Club, this
is a Yuta who could very well smash in the head of Jericho
the way his current mentors would, or trap him in a pinning
combination he cannot escape like Orange Cassidy once did.

Ego and arrogance got Chris Jericho in this situation in the
first place, will the same see him lose his first
championship opportunity in two and a half years as well?
Will we get a BCC versus BCC Interim Title fight next week
in Minneapolis? Or will it be J.A.S versus BCC with the
biggest prize in all of pro wrestling at stake?


Jay Lethal vs. “Freshly Squeezed” Orange Cassidy

Last Friday night, Orange Cassidy and his Best Friends
defeated Jay Lethal and his besties in a Trios Match, but it
was a rather pyrrhic victory seeing as how “Freshly
Squeezed” got laid out by a Lethal Injection while Satnam
Singh held him in place. Then Lethal just proceeded to pound
his fists in Orange's head until TNT Champion Wardlow made
his way to the ring to back down Lethal, Dutt, and Singh.

Now, in their first ever singles match, Jay Lethal and
Orange Cassidy will meet this Wednesday on Dynamite! This
rivalry is just heating up, but OC could shut it down before
it burns any hotter with a victory on TBS. And how does
Wardlow factor into all of this after last week's rescue?

The Acclaimed (Anthony Bowens & Max Caster) vs.The Gunn Club
(Austin & Colten w/ Billy)

The Fleet Center in Boston, now known as the TD Garden
Arena, was home to the very first Dumpster Match in
professional wrestling history where the legendary duo of
Mick Foley and Terry Funk took on Billy Gunn and his tag
partner Road Dogg in a championship bout. The rules were
quite simple, akin to a Casket Match, get your opponents
inside the dumpster, trapping them in there with all that
garbage, and close the lid to win the match. Simple in
statement, far harder in execution, but it would be Gunn and
his partner who ended up inside the trash heap on 3/29/98.
Being the first of its kind, it was a match that has
lingered in the memories of fans for 25 years, and although
it has been duplicated many times over the years by various
wrestling companies across the landscape, none have been as
memorable as the original.

Call it a throwback, call it a tribute, but now The
Acclaimed are bringing the Dumpster Match back into the
spotlight, and reminding the Gunn Club about a little piece
of their family history in the process! Austin and Colten
have had it coming for weeks now, some payback for turning
their backs on The Acclaimed after they'd finally figured
out how to work together, and perhaps Billy is to blame for
some of this animosity. He certainly insisted upon this
union to begin with, seemed to relish the whole “Scissor Me
Daddy Ass” routine, and even initially chose to side with
Max and Anthony when the cracks in the foursome started to

But family blood ran thicker, with Billy ultimately siding
with his boys in the dissolution of this alliance, and now
this Wednesday it will all come to a head when one team ends
up inside the confines of a dirty, slimy, stinky trash-
filled dumpster. Will it be “The Trash Boys” as The
Acclaimed so lovingly dubbed them in the video embedded
above, or will The Acclaimed be a victim of their own
stipulation on Dynamite?


Christian Cage vs. Matt Hardy

Prior to their Fyter Fest 2021, Night 1 collision last July,
Christian Cage had never beat Matt Hardy in a one-on-one
match. Sure there had been plenty of tag team bouts in their
record books, victories for both men, but over six singles
matches, it was always Hardy who got the victory.

That all changed last year when Cage bested Hardy, then just
two months ago, the script was totally flipped when Hardy
and Cage actually stood as partners on Dynamite against The
Undisputed Elite! Given their history, it was quite a
strange moment to see them as allies, but all seemed right
with the world several weeks ago when Hardy came out to try
and talk sense into Christian after his betrayal of Jungle

Hardy paid the price for his attempts at reason, and was
greeted with the same kind of disgusting rhetoric from
Christian Cage that he has foisted upon JB and Brian Pillman
Jr over recent weeks. Words about Matt's career, his brother
Jeff, just reprehensible comments that have been par for the
course for Cage. Of course, the outcome of that tete-a-tete
may have been different had Christian not had Luchasaurus at
his side, and we will find out this Wednesday night on
Dynamite when Cage has to answer for his words without that
monstrous man at his beck and call!

Will Cage turn tail and run as he did at the sight of Jungle
Boy, or will he actually stand and fight against his oldest
foe in all of professional wrestling?

Dr. Britt Baker D.M.D & Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder Storm (AEW
Women's World Champion Thunder Rosa & Toni Storm)

The ThunderStorm pairing of AEW Women's World Champion
Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm may be fairly new to working
together, they've only had one match to date, but
statistically speaking they've had greater success than Dr.
Britt Baker and Jamie Hayter as a team. It's a one hundred
percent success rate for ThunderStorm where as Team Britt,
well their first win in 2022 just took place on July 22nd
against the mash-up of Skye Blue and Ashley D'Amboise. One
out of five matches, twenty percent, not the best stats for
the Good Doctor and her partner, but pretty accurate when
framed by the nature of their relationship.

20% of the time the two women actually seem to get along,
the rest of the time it feels like they're about to come
apart at the seams, but despite those tensions, despite
their failings as a tag team, Hayter has been there when
Baker needed her during the former Women's World Champion's
title reign.

Now Britt and Jamie have additional common ground in their
mockery of ThunderStorm, as well as common ground in loses
to both Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm, and that has to be what
consistently eats at Baker, why Britt has to reach for
ammunition to fire at the woman who beat her for the Women's
World Title. No matter how many verbal jabs Baker throws, no
matter how many sandbags she has Rebel carry to the ring,
the bottom line is that both Toni Storm and Thunder Rosa
hold victories over Baker, and the latter took the Women's
World Title from around her waist. For the first time in
ages, it wasn't Britt atop the Women's Division, and any
momentum from her triumph in The Owen at Double or Nothing
2022 was quickly overshadowed by losses on two Dynamite's
over three weeks.

This week's tag team match could make a return to the
winning side for Baker, two consecutive victories for her
and Hayter would do wonders, and one over the Women's World
Champion would be a boon to either woman's title
aspirations. But the reverse is also true, seeing how
neither Britt nor Jamie are in the rankings, a loss here
would further dampen their hopes of bringing the
championship back to the fold, and it would also completely
nix any fuel for the verbal fire Baker throws at Rosa every
chance she gets.

Will we see ThunderStorm continue their impressive pairing
in their second tag team outing, or will it be Baker and
Hayter who find a way to get a second straight win despite
their inconsistent history as a duo?


It's been a bit since we've seen The Undisputed Elite all
together, not since before Forbidden Door six weeks, Kyle
O'Reilly hasn't competed since that top-shelf clash with Jon
Moxley, Adam Cole's been on the mend since the IWGP World
Heavyweight Title fight on June 26th, Bobby Fish only just
returned to action on the 7/18 episode of Dark: Elevation,
leaving The Young Bucks to carry the flag for The UE over
those weeks.

Even before Forbidden Door, the brothers Jackson were on top
of the world, having defeated Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus to
become the first 2-Time World Tag Champs, and then topping
Bishamon in an Eliminator Match on the Rampage following
that joint pay-per-view extravaganza. But the highs quickly
turned to lows as Swerve In Our Glory captured the
championship during The Young Bucks very first defense, a
three way that also featured Team Taz, and just last week
after the AEW World Trios Titles were announced, they were
captured on camera wandering about the backstage area
looking rather forlorn about all their missing friends.

Then they awkwardly ran into Hangman Page, but before they
amounted to anything, The Dark Order arrived to talk the
Trios Tourney with the former AEW World Champion, and left
Matt and Nick standing there even more awkwardly than
before. This week on Dynamite, the loneliness comes to an
end when The Undisputed Elite are back at full strength as
all eyes turns towards Chicago and All Out 2022!

What will The UE have to say for themselves now that they're
back together in the same place at the same time? Will it be
about the World Title situation? Will it be to address the
Trios Title Tournament? Tune in to TBS this Wednesday night
to see what Adam Cole, Bobby Fish, Kyle O'Reilly, and The
Young Bucks have on their minds!


Last week, Ricky Starks found himself doubly humbled first
when he lost his FTW Title to HOOK in ninety seconds, and
second when his own tag team partner, his running buddy for
the last two years, Powerhouse Hobbs, slid a knife into the
neck of “Absolute”. It was shocking, there was certainly no
sign of it coming, no moment for Starks to reflect on and
say to himself “yeah I should've seen it”; instead he has
been left in the dark as to what went wrong. Just hours
before this betrayal, Starks and Hobbs were even comfortably
ranked as the number three team in AEW behind FTR and The
Young Bucks, demonstrating that they were not too far
removed from getting another shot at the World Tag Titles,
perhaps even in a traditional tag setting as opposed to
their two previous bids in Three Way Matches.

Instead, Hobbs smashed Starks down, shattered that bond,
that brotherhood, and left us all wondering just what
prompted the turn from “brother” to playing the role of Cain
asking “Am I my brother's keeper?” after having murdered him
in the field. Perhaps we will all get answers this
Wednesday when Powerhouse Hobbs goes into singles
competition for the first time since April 12th, or perhaps
we will just witness another man be decimated by the power
of Hobbs.


Jon Moxley is fresh off a hard-hitting victory over RUSH
with the AEW Interim World Title at stake, and he's gearing
up for another one at Dynamite: Quake by the Lake next week.
The only question is if he'll be facing the man he beat for
the AEW World Title at Revolution 2020, or if he'll be
facing his Blackpool Combat Club brother? We will hear from
the dominating champion this Wednesday night as he focuses
on the winner of the Jericho/Yuta collision!

This Wednesday, All Elite Wrestling comes to The
Schottenstein Center in Columbus, OH for the very first
time, and with it comes a all-new edition of Dynamite! A
shot at Jon Moxley's AEW Interim Title is on the line with
Jericho and Yuta, we will see Powerhouse Hobbs in action
after he betrayed Ricky Starks last week, ThunderStorm will
battle Baker/Hayter, Christian Cage and Matt Hardy meet
again, and plenty more on tap for AEW's debut in the home of
The Ohio State University!

The night begins at 8pm EDT/7pm CDT on TBS, with doors
opening at 6pm for those in the house; go get yourself
prepared by visiting the official AEW YouTube channel for
highlights from last week's Dynamite and Rampage as the
latest editions of AEW Dark: Elevation, AEW Dark, the
Control Center and Road To episodes!

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