NXT ON USA: August 2 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 8/03/122 by Bob Magee

The show opens with a four-way match to determine the new
women's tag champs.

Katana Chance & Kayden Carter defeat Toxic Attraction (Gigi
Dolin & Jacy Jayne), Yulisa Leon & Valentina Feroz, Ivy
Nile & Tatum Paxley in a fatal four way elimination match to
win the NXT Women's Tag Team Championship

Chance & Carter win to capture their first titles in WWE.
This is fun to watch.

Early on, Leon & Feroz get to shine after a parade of dives.
They execute a double team combo where they combine a
vertical suplex and a high cross. That gets them a near
fall. However, they are soon eliminated by Nile & Paxley.

Nile makes a blind tag and lands a gut punch in mid-air, and
Nile scores a pinfall to eliminate Leon & Feroz. Nile looks
like a killer in there, especially when she threw a trust
kick. Looked like something from a martial arts action film.

Paxley is battling against Carter & Chance when Jacy Jayne
makes a blind tag. Carter is unaware that Jayne is legal, as
Carter gives Paxley a wicked combo. Carter drops her like a
Death Valley Driver, but transitions it into a legdrop.
Nevertheless, Jayne is legal. She nails Carter with a kick,
and Jayne steals a pinfall on Paxley. Nile & Paxley are
eliminated, and now two teams remain.

The match really heats up with two team remaining. Callback
to a previous match between the two teams where Carter &
Chance lost, but they persevere tonight.

Chance & Carter execute their double team finisher on Jayne,
where Carter gives her a neckbreaker just before Chance
leaps off the top rope with a 450 splash. Chance then covers
Jayne for the deciding pinfall. And new...

Schism confront Josh Briggs, Brooks Jensen, and Fallon
Henley. They bicker before Joe Gacy invites them to watch
him deliver a special message to Cameron Grimes.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams are in the ring to celebrate
Hayes' birthday. They brag on themselves before Hayes issues
an open challenge.

Out comes Giovanni Vinci, but that is a swerve. Just
beforehand, Hayes said the first person in the ring is his
opponent. Nathan Frazier rushes down the entrance ramp past
Vinci as Vinci is posing, and Frazier gets into the ring
first. Frazier pulls a fast one, and he gets the title

NXT North American Champion Carmelo Hayes (with Trick
Williams) defeats Nathan Frazier to retain his title

Hayes pins Frazier after interference by Vinci. Instead of
wrestling in the match, Vinci provides guest commentary from
the announce desk. That leads to him interfering in the

This is arguably Frazier's best match since his debut on
NXT. Unlike past episodes, he also didn't look like a geek.
That is a welcome change. To his credit, Hayes also looks
great in the ring as usual.

In the ring, Hayes and Frazier kept a frantic pace early on
in the match. The pacing settles a little bit, only for the
pace to quicken soon thereafter.

Lots of flying and springboards, and plenty of fast-paced
action. This was the best showcase of Frazier's talent since
his NXT debut.

Frazier sails through the ropes to connect with a tope
suicida. He torpedoes into Hayes, causing Hayes to hit the
announce desk. The chain reaction causes a drink to spill on
Vinci as he sat at the annonce desk. Vinci is livid.

Vinci shoves Frazier off the top rope in retaliation for the
spilled beverage. Frazier takes a bump into the ring, and
Frazier then takes a guillotine legdrop from Hayes. The
champ then pins Frazier to retain his title.

An advertising tie-in with Sonic featured a hype video for
Solo Sikoa.

The summit with Bron Breakker & JD McDonagh

Wade Barrett hosts a "summit" where he sits at a table
between NXT Champion Bron Breakker and his next challenger,
JD McDonagh. The two meet in a title match at NXT Heatwave.

Turns out, "summit" is just a fancy word for a contract

Quite boring compared to what was on the show so far. Hot
matches give way to this unimaginative talking segment.
Mostly the same old hat seen in most of these contract
signing segments, aside from McDonagh signing in blood.

They cut promos on each other, and then they sign the
contract for their match at Heatwave. The highlight is
McDonagh saying the match will end in blood. McDonagh pricks
his fingers with a pen, and he signs the contracts in his
own blood. For some reason, Breakker is enraged by the

They both spring to their feet out of their chairs. McDonagh
offers a handshake with his finger still dripping blood.
Breakker holds up the title belt, thus declining the
handshake. The glare at each other to end the segment.

Apollo Crews offers words of encouragement to The Creed
Brother ahead of their title defense later tonight. Damon
Kemp enters to tell them Roderick Strong is running late,
but he assures them Strong will be there for the title

Toxic Attraction are upset and ranting backstage. McKenzie
Mitchell tries to interview them, but they want no part of

NXT Women's Champion Mandy Rose defeats Sarray in a non-
title match

Rose pins Sarray clean to win the match. Rose attacks Sarray
after the match, and Zoey Stark runs in for a save.

The match begins during a split-screen commercial break. It
is joined in progress when the show returns from the break.

Sarray got to shine, but she eventually lost clean as a
sheet. Rose lands a jumping knee strike, and Rose covers her
for a pinfall.

Rose grabs a metal folding chair, and she attacks Sarray
with the chair for a post-match beatdown. Rose is hitting
Sarray with the chair when Rose's next challenger, Stark,
runs down to save Sarray. Rose powders.

Tiffany Stratton is featured in a vignette. She is back to
being a gymnast, while also still being a spoiled rich girl.

Plugs and bumpers indicate the men's tag team title match is
next, but there are other plans.

Duke Hudson bullies Axiom, and Hudson slaps him. They brawl
around the backstage area, and they fight their way onto the
soundstage. They brawl into the ring, where Hudson is
manhandles Axiom. Hudson beats down Axiom, and Hudson leaves
him laying. Hudson on the house mic says this proves your
heroes will let you down.

Axiom rises to his feet, and he challenges to a match right
here and now.

Axiom defeats Duke Hudson

Axiom pins Hudson in an unadvertised impromptu match amid
David vs. Goliath psychology.

Much like the brawl beforehand, Hudson manhandles Axiom. He
sets up for a Razor's Edge, when Axiom counters into a
hurricanrana. Axiom then turns a tilt-a-whirl into a victory
roll, and Axiom scores a three count.

Wes Lee in a backstage interview challenges Trick Williams
to a "rounds match," where Lee invites Williams to bring his
boxing gloves.

NXT Tag Team Champions The Creed Brothers (Julius & Brutus
Creed with Damon Kemp) defeat Tony D'Angelo & Stacks (with
the D'Angelo Family) to retain the titles

Julius pins D'Angelo after interference by returning Santos
Escobar. Roderick Strong never shows up to second the

The match goes through a commercial break, and Brutus comes
in off a hot tag after the show returns from commercials.
Stacks takes a beating, but he eventually cuts off Brutus.

Stacks slam Brutus' hand on the ring steps. Brutus sells the
hand as the heels work him over. They work the hand, and the
heels target the injury. Brutus finally tags out, leading to
Julius cleaning house.

Julius is a house of fire, and he runs wild on the heels.
D'Angelo fights back, causing a double down. Julius tries to
tag out, but Stacks keeps Brutus from tagging by yanking
Brutus off the apron.

Brutus chases Stacks into the ring, and Brutus takes him
down. Meanwhile, Elektra Lopez at ringside passes D'Angelo a
crowbar. The camera pans over as D'Angelo grabs the crowbar.
When the camera pans back over, Santos Escobar has ahold of
the crowbar, keeping D'Angelo from using it.

D'Angelo looks like he sees a ghost. Escobar pulls D'Angelo
close, and Escobar hits him with a brass knux. D'Aneglo
staggers around and walks into the grasp of Julius. D'Angelo
takes a DVD, followed by a sliding larait, and Julius covers
D'Angelo for a pinfall.

Legado del Fantasma left with Escobar. Looks like the band
is back together.

Roxanne Perez in a vignette tells her side of the story
related to Cora Jade's betrayal. This was a really great
video package. Concludes with Perez challenging Jade to a
match at NXT Heatwave.

Jade in a backstage interview scoffs at Perez's challenge.
Mandy Rose interrupts Jade to offer a deal. Rose insists
that Jade wrestle Zoey Stark, so that Rose will be rid of
her. Jade scoffs at this too. She passes on the offer.

Rose convinces Jade to take the match by pointing at what
happens if Stark is unable to compete at Heatwave. Jade
would get the title match against Rose in that case, because
Jade was runner-up in the number one contender's battle
royal. Jade says she will think it over, and she gives Rose
a veiled insult. Jade then turns and leaves.

The new NXT Women's Tag Team Champions, Carter & Chance, in
an emotional interview celebrate their win.

Joe Gacy (with The Dyad) vs. Brooks Jensen (with Josh Briggs
& Fallon Henley)

Gacy steals a pin after interference by Pretty Deadly.

The Dyad stalk Henley at ringside during the match, causing
Briggs to come to her aid. As that happens, Pretty Deadly
run in. Jensen is able to thwart their interference, but is
distracted in the process.

Pretty Deadly is sent out of the ring as Gacy does a
handspring into a lariat. Gacy then covers Jensen for a
tainted and hallow pinfall victory.

Gacy breaks the fourth wall after the match as he looks into
a handheld camera. Gacy again invited Cameron Grimes to join
his cult (or whatever the Schism is supposed to be). Grimes
is seen watching on a backstage monitor.

Tony D'Angelo is in the locker room, and he is upset and
angry. Escobar again prank calls D'Angelo on a cellphone.
This skit leads to them setting up a match at an unnamed
location. Clever skit as the screen cuts back-and-forth to
them talking to each other over the phone. Next week they
face off in what is being billed as "The Final Accord."

Alba Fyre defeats Lash Legend

Fyre pins Legend after a Gory Bomb and a Swanton.

For the second time on this show, a women's match starts
during a split-screen commercial break. Legend is working
over Fyre as the show returns from the break.

Fyre blocks a superplex in the closing moments, and Legend
takes a bump off the ropes. Legend grabs Fyre's baseball bat
to use as a weapon.

Legend swings and misses with the bat, and she eats
superkicks from Fyre. Gory Bomb by Fyre, and she follows
with a Swanton. Fyre then scores a pinfall.

Carmelo Hayes & Trick Williams are leaving the building when
they run into three attractive women. Their car won't start,
and they ask Williams & Hayes to jump it off. To be

Nikkita Lyons responds to comments about her made by Kiana
James. Lyons challenges James to match next week.

Solo Sikoa defeats Von Wagner (with Mr. Stone) in falls
count anywhere match

Sikoa pins Wagner after a Superfly splash through the
announce desk.

While the match begins in the ring, the fight soon spills
outside to the floor. Sikoa is solidly in control until
Wagner shoves him into the ring steps. Wagner then puts a
section of the steps into the ring. Remember that for later.

Besides the steps, Wagner dumps folding chairs into the
ring. Sikoa feeds Wagner his back, and Wagner hits Sikoa
with chairshots. Wagner builds a bridge with two chairs, and
Wagner proceeds to slam Sikoa on the chairs.

The fighting again spills outside the ring. Sikoa gives
Wagner a Samoan Drop on the announce desk, but the table
doesn't break. Stay tuned for the table breaking.

They brawl away from ringside area, and they fight their way
out of the soundstage. Going outside the building, the fight
continues. Sikoa runs into Hayes & Williams, who are in
convertible car with the three women from earlier. Sikoa
shoves Hayes into the back of the car.

Sikoa resumes fighting with Wagner. They fight near a trash
dumpster, and Wagner throws Sikoa into the dumpster. Sikoa
gets out, and they fight on.

Cameron Grimes is exiting the building when Wagner pushed
Sikoa into Grimes. All three tumble back inside the

Wagner gives Sikoa a sidewalk slam through a table for a
near fall. Wagner is soon briefly blinded by a fire

They get back into the ring, and Sikoa is fired up. Sikoa
with receipts for the earlier chairshots, as he smacks
Wagner with a chair.

Wagner earlier in the match put the ring steps into the
ring. That goes on to backfire. Uranage by Sikoa plants
Wagner on the steps for a close near fall.

Sikoa climbs the turnbuckles, and Mr. Stone grabs Sikoa's
foot to block him from doing the Superfly splash. Sikoa
headbutts Stone, and Stone falls out of sight. Nonetheless,
the interference distracted Sikoa enough for Wagner to

Sikoa counters Wagner, and he posts him. Wagner eats a few
superkicks, and he falls back onto the announce desk. Sikoa
climbs the turnbuckles, and he leaps off the top for a
Superfly splash that puts Wagner through the table. Sikoa
then scores a three count.

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