WWE MONDAY NIGHT RAW/USA NETWORK: August 2 results (F4wonline)

Posted on 8/02/122 by Bob Magee

Triple threat match: AJ Styles defeated Mustafa Ali and The
Miz (8:51)

There were some cool spots in the match including Ali giving
Styles a tornado DDT off the apron at hyper speed. As Ali
entered the ring, Miz caught him with a Skull Crushing
Finale but he took too long to make a cover and Ali kicked
out. (Miz’s midsection was taped up selling the table spot
from last night.)

Ali hit Miz with a 450 splash but his momentum sent him
right into the arms of AJ who gave him a Styles Clash onto
Miz for the pinfall win (Styles pinned Ali). The crowd
popped big for the unique finish.

(With the win, Styles will face the winner of another triple
threat and the winner of that will earn a US title match
against Lashley.)


Pearce and a trainer checked on Lynch in the trainer’s room.

Sarah Schreiber approached Bayley and company for comment.
Bayley said this wasn’t about Lynch, this was about them,
and everyone would find out more soon enough.

As they left the building, the Usos arrived. Schreiber asked
the Usos about having to face Rey and Dominik Mysterio just
days after being the Street Profits. Jimmy and Jey said
today would be no different than any other. They beat the
Profits again and they would beat the Mysterios again.


Seth Rollins segment

Rollins called tonight a celebration because we wouldn’t
have to see or hear from the original idiot Riddle. Rollins
said Riddle wanted to be so much like Randy that now he’s on
the shelf.

With Riddle out of the picture, Rollins wanted to turn his
attention to Roman Reigns and the Universal title. The crowd

The Street Profits interrupted before he could continue.
Rollins didn’t want to share air space with the biggest
losers in WWE and he wondered how many times they’ve lost to
the Usos. He suggested that they might as well break up.

Angelo Dawkins reminded Rollins that they beat him to become
tag champions. Montez Ford remembered that Rollins was the
guy who lost to Cody Rhodes with only one booby. Rollins got
upset and threatened to stomp them but he was smart enough
not to take them both on at once.

Dawkins asked the crowd if they’d like to see one of them
beat up Rollins tonight. They cheered. Dawkins suggested
rock paper scissors to see who would face Rollins so they
brought out a referee to officiate their game. As they
started rock paper scissors, Ford grabbed the referee and
sprinted to the ring so he could start the match.

Seth Rollins defeated Montez Ford (10:34)

Ford got plenty of offence and a few nearfalls — including
after hitting a tornado DDT and only getting a two count
because Rollins got a rope break. Rollins followed that with
a buckle bomb and falcon arrow for a nearfall.

Ford dodged a frog splash and went for one of his own but
Rollins got his knees up and hit a curb stomp for the
pinfall win. (Good match designed to make you want to see
Ford get another shot at Rollins.)

Rollins set up for another stomp but Dawkins ran down to
scare him off.


There was a Roman Reigns/Brock Lesnar video package, a plug
for Reigns vs. Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle, and
screenshots of SummerSlam media coverage.


Alexa Bliss vs. Asuka ended in a double DQ/no contest (2:32)

They were having a back-and-forth match when Bayley, Kai and
Sky attacked for the DQ/no contest.

It seemed like Sky was setting up for a moonsault with a
steel chair but Belair ran down to chase them off. Belair
demanded a match with any of them.

(We got our first commercial break at about 9:05pm.)

Belair vs. Sky was announced for later tonight.


Chad Gable cut a promo on his way to the ring saying he
would win this match, beat that ignoramus AJ Styles and put
this country on his back once again. He was a real winner
and not a cheater like the Houston Astros.

Triple threat match: Ciampa defeated Chad Gable and Dolph
Ziggler (10:28)

They went to break two and a half minutes into the match.
After the break, Gable put Ziggler in an ankle lock as
Ciampa applied a crossface. Gable kicked Ciampa aside but
Ciampa broke things up by giving Gable a leg lariat.

Ciampa gave Ziggler an Air Raid Crash off the middle rope
but Gable broke up that cover with a diving headbutt. As
Gable gave Ciampa a German suplex, Ziggler brought down
Gable with a Zig-Zag for a nearfall.

They all traded cradles and counters until Ciampa hit Gable
with a knee strike and Fairy Tale Ending for the pinfall
win. (Pretty good match but the crowd was fairly quiet with
Ziggler as the only babyface.)

Ciampa will face Styles tonight and the winner faces Lashley
for the US title.


Edge promo

Edge entered to a big ovation and he thanked them for that.
Edge said, “To be fair, for the past few months, I’ve been a
bit of an asshole. But that all changes now because now, we
both get what we want.”

Edge thought maybe he could pass on his knowledge of 30
years to Damian Priest and Rhea Ripley. It felt like they
were just getting started but their first taste of power
clouded their judgment. They thought they learned all that
they could but they were wrong. He didn’t see it coming when
they put one over on him with Finn Bálor and he admitted
that was rare.

Now it was time to kill what he created. He looked into the
camera and told them, “I am going to kill Judgment Day.”

This was a good, straightforward promo.


Kevin Patrick interviewed Rey and Dominik. Rey said they
were done with Judgment Day and now they have to deal with
Edge. He called Edge family after they won the tag titles
together. Tonight was all about one thing — beating the Usos
and becoming the champions in Houston.

They played clips of the tryout in Nashville over the
weekend. Big E was among WWE talent there. Corey Graves
mentioned Dwight Howard but they didn’t show him.


Schreiber interviewed Bayley and her buddies. Bayley said
these idiots have been on a downward spiral since she left
so she reached out to two women who have been waiting far
too long for their moment. Dakota Kai said they know how to
play the game. Sky said she would see Belair in the ring.

Non-title match: Bianca Belair vs. IYO SKY ended in a no
contest (17:16)

Sky hit an Asai moonsault and they went to break a minute
into the match.

Belair was in control following the break but Bayley and Kai
sauntered out and the slight distraction allowed Sky to
bring her down from the top with a hurricanrana. Sky slipped
out of a KOD and tried a dive off the apron but Belair
caught her and swung her into the barricade.

Belair wanted to throw Sky back in the ring but Bayley and
Kai sat on the apron to block her path as the ref just stood
there and yelled. Asuka and Bliss marched out to even the
odds as they went to another break.


Belair hit a superplex and a standing moonsault for two. Sky
fought back with a double foot stomp and running knee strike
in the corner. Belair bought her down with a spinebuster but
Sky got her knees up on Belair’s handspring moonsault

Bayley tripped Belair as Sky distracted the ref and Sky
tried a cover with her feet on the rope but Bliss knocked
her off.

Bliss and Asuka jumped in the ring to brawl with Kai and
Bayley which led to another no contest/double DQ finish. The
faces and heels brawled until officials broke things up as
the crowd chanted “let them fight.”


Miz hyped up Ciampa as Patrick approached them for an
interview. Miz told Patrick that WWE wasn’t a playground for
Youtubers. He was cheated at SummerSlam and blamed Styles.

Ciampa said he used to respect Styles and his path to WWE
but Styles chose to support a man who made a mockery of
their home so now would crush Styles’ US title dreams. Miz
said Ciampa would become a superstar under his tutelage.


Booker T joined commentary for the upcoming match and was
introduced to his hometown crowd who gave him a nice

Ciampa (w/The Miz) defeated AJ Styles to earn a US title
match (14:01)

The announcers noted that Styles seemed to be favouring his
neck following his earlier match (which happened before
Ciampa’s match did).

Styles was in control before a break but Ciampa countered a
Styles Clash and hit a series of strikes and a leg lariat
for two. Ciampa countered another Styles Clash but Styles
suplexed him into the turnbuckles. Styles went for the
Phenomenal forearm but Ciampa caught him with a high knee
strike for a nearfall. He followed with Project Ciampa for
another nearfall.

Ciampa set up for an Air Raid Crash but Styles countered
into a Styles Clash. Styles had it won but Miz placed
Ciampa’s foot on the bottom rope for a rope break.

Styles chucked Miz into the timekeeper’s area so Ciampa
drove Styles into the ring post before also chucking him
into the timekeeper’s area. Miz held on to Styles’ foot as
he tried climbing over the barricade to get back to the ring
and but the ref couldn’t see.

Styles just barely broke the ten count but he ran right into
a knee strike. Ciampa followed with Fairy Tale Ending for
the pinfall win. Really strong match.


Bobby Lashley told Patrick he would defend the US title any
time. He knew Ciampa was dangerous, especially with Miz by
his side, but he’d have no problem putting him in a Hurt


They showed a clip from after SummerSlam of Brock Lesnar
getting to his feet, putting on his cowboy hat, climbing to
the top of the ring, and tipping his hat to the crowd.

The Usos defeated Rey & Dominik Mysterio to retain the
Undisputed Tag Team Championships (15:48)

Dominik wiped out the Usos with a dive and they went to
break 40 seconds into the match.

The Usos worked over Rey until he made a hot tag to Dominik
who handed out neckbreakers to both Usos. After Jimmy
avoided a Dominik 619, the Usos caught him on a dive attempt
and drove him into the ring post leading to another break.

Rey got a hot tag following the break but Jey superkicked
him out of mid-air for a two count. Rey countered a 1D
before tagging Dominik and they gave Jimmy a double 619.
Dominik hit a frog splash but Jey just barely broke up the
cover. The crowd wanted a title change there.

Jey superkicked Rey outside the ring before Dominik wiped
him out with a dive (sort of). Dominik battled Jimmy off the
top rope and set him up for a 619 but Jey made a blind tag
and they hit him with 1D for the pinfall win. Usos retain.

— Bálor, Priest and Ripley attacked the Mysterios after the
match until Edge ran out to make the save. Edge gave Priest
a DDT before setting up Bálor for a spear.

However, Ripley pushed Dominik in front of Bálor and Edge
speared Dom by mistake. Edge chased away Bálor.

Rey and medical staff checked on Dominik (after he got hit
by a spear) as the show ended.

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