CANADA: Canadian Wrestling's Elite July 29 Winnipeg, MB results

Posted on 7/30/122 by Danny Warren

7/30- CWE 7/29 2022 Lethal Lottery,
Winnipeg, MB Results.

Canadian Wrestling's Elite returned to our
Transcona home, Rookie's Sports Bar last
night for the most unpredictable event of
the year the 2022 Lethal Lottery and it did
not disappoint!

The fans in attendance drew the matches as
they happened for an impromptu night of
wrestling action!

1) "The Canadian Crusher" AJ Sanchez d. "The
Boston Bruiser" Kevin O'Doyle by countout.

2) "Canadian Strong Style" Rob Stardom d.
"Toxic" Tyler James.

3) Adrien "Big Balls" Burton d. Tyler Rose.

4) "The Real Deal: James Roth d. "Fabulous
Creebird" Kevy Chevy.

5) "Hotshot" Danny Duggan d. Caveman Cole.

6) "Outlaw" Adam Knight d. "The Mastermind"
Kevin Cannon.

The winners were then re-entered into The
Lethal Lottery and drawn on to two separate
teams and competed in an elimination tag
team match until one man remained.

Team One was drawn as "Hotshot" Danny
Duggan, "Outlaw" Adam Knight, & "The Real
Deal" James Roth and Team Two as Adrien "Big
Balls" Burton, "The Canadian Crusher" AJ
Sanchez, & "Canadian Strong Style" Rob

7) "Outlaw" Adam Knight was the sole
survivor and winner of the 2022 Lethal

CWE returns to Winnipeg on Sunday, August
14th with the 2022 Elite 8 Tournament and to
Transcona and Rookie's Sports Bar on Friday,
September 23rd.

For full event information as it becomes
available stay tuned to

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