Posted on 7/30/122 by Colin Vassallo

Arena: State Farm Arena
City: Atlanta, GA

A Good Old Fashioned Donnybrook match to see who faces the
WWE Unified Universal Champion at Clash at the Castle kicks
off the broadcast.

Drew McIntyre VS. Sheamus

Before the bell as Drew was making his way to the ring,
Sheamus attacks. They fight to the ring where the bell rings
and the match officially begins. Both continue hitting each
other with chairs and other objects. Sheamus goes for White
Noise on a stack of chairs, but Drew reversed and hit the
future shock DDT on the chairs but only gets a two count.

Butch gets involved and get a Claymore and Drew turned
around into a Brogue kick, but Drew was able to kick out at
2. Fans chant “This is Awesome.”

Sheamus goes for another Brogue Kick but Drew catches him
and powerbombs him through a table that was set up in the
ring. Drew catches Sheamus with a Claymore to end the match.

Winner: Drew McIntyre

After the match, as Drew was being interviewed in the ring,
Theory comes out of nowhere and attacks Drew with the Money
in the Bank briefcase right to Drew’s face.

As they showed footage of Corbin attacking Pat McAfee again,
we come back to live feed and find Corbin sitting at
ringside with a poster of McAfee with loser written on it
and said he bought a ticket to be there and there is nothing
McAfee can do about it.

After break they show what happened at Raw with Riddle and
Seth Rollins and announce Riddle is medically disqualified
from his SummerSlam match. We go back to Cole and McAfee
again and Corbin is throwing popcorn at McAfee. They go over
the rundown for the matches at SummerSlam tomorrow night and
you hear Corbin yelling over them the whole time. McAfee
stands up as Corbin continues to agitate him and then throws
the whole bag of popcorn on McAfee. Officials quickly come
out as Corbin jumps the railing and Corbin kicks McAfee in
the crotch area as officials push Corbin away, Cole yells
“what is wrong with you get out of here”.

Theory is walking in the back and is stopped by Kayla
Braxton and Theory says he is sick and tired of everyone
treating him like a punching bag. And he is going to win at
SummerSlam and cash in and win the WWE Unified Universal

As he walks away, he walks into Paul Heyman who begins
talking to Theory, but they cut away to Cole and McAfee.

Shotzi VS. Aliyah

Action spills out of the ring and Shotzi throws Aliyah back
in the ring and hit a finisher called “Never wake up” for
the win.

Winner: Shotzi

They show footage from last week where Adam Pearce put Sonya
Deville in a match and she lost to Raquel Rodriguez. During
the break she got a microphone and started yelling at the
crowd saying you boo me and cheer when I lose and says there
is not a person in that locker room that is going to make me
get out of this ring. Ronda Rousey comes out put Sonya in an
armbar and made her tap out.

As Liv holds the Smackdown Women’s championship in the air,
Natalya comes in and tells Liv to suck it up, suck up every
second of her final hours as champion because Ronda is going
to destroy her in record time tomorrow at SummerSlam.

Liv just says I don’t think so and Natalya says she is the
reason she has that championship because she destroyed Ronda
for to cash in. Sonya Deville comes in and says that it is
ironic that Ronda calls herself the baddest woman on the
planet yet last week she came out after Raquel had already
hurt her. Liv tells Sonya she’s a sore loser and Natalya and
Sonya begin to argue as we cut to the ring where Shotzi is
still there with a microphone in hand laughing.

As Shotzi begins to scream, Ronda Rousey’s music hits and
she comes out. Ronda tells her to get out of the ring and
give her the microphone and Shotzi goes to hit Ronda who
ducks and slams Shotzi and then gives her the Samoan drop
and rips the microphone out of her hand.

A fan heckles Ronda and she responded, “Oh shut up your mom
failed you” and continued to call out Liv Morgan to show
“these chicks” why they are fighting for the title tomorrow
night and not them.

Ronda Rousey & Liv Morgan VS. Natalya & Sonya Deville

During the match Liv started refusing to tag Ronda in.
Finally, Liv pulls herself up on the ropes close enough
Ronda tagged her to come into the match. As Ronda goes for
the armbar, Natalya breaks it up and Liv comes back in and
hits Natalya with oblivion while Ronda locks an ankle lock
on Deville who quickly taps out.

Winners: Liv Morgan & Ronda Rousey

After the match Liv and Ronda have a brief stare down and
Ronda walks over and raises Liv’s arm. They then have some
words and another stare down.

The Street Profits come out for the “Referee Instructions”
with the Usos and Jeff Jarrett.

Jeff Jarrett comes out and says, “Double J has something to
say, Street Profits I have some words for you, and Usos I
definitely have some words for you.” The Usos quickly
interrupt and start asking if it’s a disqualification if
they punch Ford in the nose. Or is it a DQ if he grab both
these titles and wrap them around Dawkins’ head.

The Street Profits then started saying about laying them out
at SummerSlam and getting announced as the new Undisputed
Unified tag team champions. Jarrett finally got in between
the two teams and started trying to gain control of the
conversation. Jarrett says he is not here to contain them
today, but here to let them run wild. “I only have one job
tomorrow night and that’s when two shoulders are on the mat,
and I count 1-2-3. But that’s tomorrow night. But tonight it
looks like you have some issues and if any one of you guys
feel froggy why don’t one of you jump!”

Dawkins says Hey Double J, there ain’t going to be no
jumping but is it a disqualification…and both he and Ford
punch both the Usos at the same time. Both teams fight as
Jarrett sits on the top rope watching them. As they fight,
they got close to Jarrett as he jumps out of the way Jey
went for a super kick on Ford but Ford ducks and the kick
hits Jarrett. Usos look in shock.

The Profits are against the ropes looking in amazement, as
Jarrett slides back toward a corner, the Usos begin to argue
a little between each other. They go over to help Jarrett
up, Jarrett pushes Jey, and then pushes Jimmy. Dawkins then
runs and knocks both Usos out of the ring. Ford then runs
the ropes and dives over the top rope taking out the Usos on
the floor. Jarrett just stands at the ropes staring at the
Usos as the Street Profits first hold up the tag team titles
then drop them out to the Usos. Jey continues to say, “my
bad Jeff”.

Progressive Match Flo Show the Viking Raiders and New Day
issues from the past few weeks.

They show Maximum Male Models with Max Dupri this week.

The New Day VS. The Viking Raiders

Kofi gets power bombed by both Raiders for the win.

Winners: The Viking Raiders

After the match, the Raiders go grab their shields and a
chair and come back in the ring, Xavier comes back in the
ring where Kofi is still laid out and goes to defend Kofi
but gets smacked with a shield. They then throw Kofi out of
the ring, they place Xavier’s leg in the chair, high five
with the shields then hit both shields onto the chair at the
same time. Woods is in instant pain. Woods ripped his shoe
off and was in visible pain to an already injured left ankle
as officials come in to help him and Kofi crawling back in
the ring.

The Special Counsel’s Special Address is next.

Heyman says the Tribal Chief will be the last man standing
tomorrow night as 700 days as the Heavyweight Champion. For
35 years no one has ever gotten to 700 days in the modern
era. Brock Lesnar will not be the spoiler. He continues to
say after Roman puts Brock down for the 10 count we will be
done with Brock Lesnar once and for all.

Brock Lesnar comes out. Heyman looks like he is scared to
death. Lesnar gets in the ring and Heyman backs up and is
trying to hand Lesnar the microphone and Theory comes in and
smashed the Money in the bank briefcase against Lesnar’s
back, but Lesnar grabs the briefcase and begins to beat
Theory with it. Lesnar then suplexes Theory a few times.

As Theory grabs the briefcase and was trying to leave the
arena, Drew McIntyre hits a Claymore on Theory and lays him
out at ringside as Heyman looks on from the ramp and Lesnar
looks on from the ring.

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