VINCE MCMAHON RESIGNATION: Linda McMahon on the defensive after reporter asks about Vince’s resignation

Posted on 7/29/122 by Colin Vassallo

At the America First Agenda Summit, the
chairwoman of Donald Trump’s Super PAC
America First Action, Linda McMahon, was
asked about Vince McMahon’s resignation from
WWE and the investigation into the alleged
hush money.

“Yeah, I’m not going to talk about Vince and
WWE. I’m here to talk about AFPI,” Linda
responded when the question popped up.

The reporter pressed, telling Linda he was
just wondering on her thoughts about him
leaving WWE as wrestling fans “can’t believe

After thinking about it for a second, Linda
replied, “You know what? He’ll just be
deciding on how he spends his free time. I
think that’s a good thing.

Asked again if she’s concerned at all about
the hush money investigation, Linda put her
hand in the air and said, “No. Come on, I
told you I’m here to talk about AFPI. Bye

Linda, who was appointed as Administrator of
the Small Business Administration by
President Trump in December 2016 and formed
part of his cabinet, resigned from her post
in 2019 and was tasked by Trump to lead
America First Action to raise funds for the
election campaign

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