VINCE MCMAHON RETIREMENT: Ric Flair on Vince McMahon's WWE retirement, 'I hate it' (

Posted on 7/29/122 by Casey Carver

WWE legend Ric Flair isn't mincing his words when it comes
to his feelings on the retirement of Vince McMahon ...
outright saying he hates it!

76-year-old McMahon retired last week after decades as
Chairman and CEO of WWE ... so when Nature Boy joined the
"TMZ Sports" TV show (airing weeknights on FS1) this week,
we asked him if his former boss should've stayed on the job.

"Yes, I think he's one of a kind and I've said this," Flair
tells us, adding Vince has made a lot of careers thanks to
his genius.

"He's made so many people rich and he's literally has made
chicken salad out of a lot of chicken s**t. Mojo knows what
I'm talking about. He's made a lot of people rich."

Flair went on to say he doesn't condone the allegations
against McMahon (Vince is being investigated by a law firm
hired by WWE for allegedly paying off several former female
employees with whom he allegedly had relationships).

"I mean they're just trying to murder him now and who knows
and all. I'm certainly not defending anything that's
negative and I'm not taking a side on the issue that
apparently has been brought up but I know as a person and
what he did for me, there's nobody like him."

As for the future of the world's top wrestling organization
(McMahon bought the company from his dad in 1982), Flair
says the company is in great hands with Vince's daughter and
current WWE executive, Stephanie McMahon.

"I think Stephanie's a genius!"

As for Ric, it's a huge week for the 2x WWE Hall of Famer
... on Sunday, Flair will enter the squared circle as a
competitor for the last time in his incredible career.

More on that match from Ric coming soon ... stay tuned!

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