VINCE MCMAHON: Vince McMahon forfeits 38,519 in WWE stocks

Posted on 7/28/122 by Colin Vassallo

Former WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon
forfeited 38,519 in Class A Common WWE stock
in connection with his “retirement” from WWE
effective July 22. The documents with the
United States Securities and Exchange
Commission were published yesterday.

These were part of unvested stock units and
exclude the 100 shares of Class A Common
Stock owned individually by Linda McMahon
who Vince disclaims beneficial ownership of
those shares.

The 38,519 shares were worth over $2.6
million and McMahon still has 69,157 Class A
stock, which are different than the Class B
stock which gives him overall majority
ownership of the company. Those 69,000
shares are worth close to $5 million as of

McMahon resigned from his many roles on July
22 after running the company for the past 40
years. His departure sent shockwaves
throughout the wrestling industry as WWE
braces for more McMahon hush money stories
and investigations.

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